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  1. I asked their Facebook page about redesigning back in 2019 and they didn’t have any plans. Asked them again today and they kind of gave a neither confirm or deny type answer. In my opinion It just needs to be like a sealine lc just built up with better materials.
  2. Looking for a set of otter boats. Please pm me. Thank you
  3. Looking to buy daiwa regal strike rods with the yellow wraps. Any model 8'+
  4. im open to reasonable prices for what the motor is, year, model, use etc
  5. anyone looking to upgrade and have a good shape terrova they would be interested in selling? need 80lb 60" 24 volt. thanks
  6. Looking for 2 of these. Figured I would ask here first
  7. Hey guys, looking for new slide diver rods for kings. I picked up some of the 10ft eagle claws for now but they pretty thick and I know have limited durability. Wondered what guys are using for slide rods out of the current selection we have in the market. Was debating the blue diamond 9 6 med or 10ft medhvy? They tend to run on the softer side but still have the power in my experience with the other models I own. Looking for some thoughts. Appreciate your input!
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