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  1. Hey guys I'm looking to get some better holders for my little boat I can run a bit of small dipsey and Chinook divers out of and I found these Scotty strikers. I've seen them in a few videos I'm just wondering how they've held up for other guys. I'm a weekend guy and maybe get 6 to 12 trips trolling a year on my little boat. Not looking to spend big money on this boat as I plan on upgrading after this season.thanks for the feedback.
  2. Hello im looking for 2 10lb pancakes for a good price. Appreciate it!
  3. ISO 6 inch traxtech and traxtech vertical net/rod holder Hello im looking for a 6 inch piece of traxtech and a vertical traxtech netholder or rod holder. If you have any of these I'd gladly buy them.thanks guys!
  4. Looking to get a new finder input please

    Anyone have overheat issues?
  5. Looking to get a new finder input please

    how accurate is the paddle? I know the fishhawk and alike units use them. Also anyone have their you units overheat? Just feeling some of them in the store they pump off some screen heat
  6. Looking to get a new finder input please

    Anyway to change from sog?
  7. Looking to get a new finder input please

    I don't have a speed impeller just a ducer.running off GPS speed
  8. Looking to get a new finder input please I currently have a lowrance elite 7 chirp on my small is very inaccurate for speed and temp.speed bounces all over. Im looking to upgrade with tax time and everything. I was originally looking at the new low. Elite 7 ti. I really like the touch screen.ita easier for me. After standing in bass pro messing with it I was directed towards a Garmin unit. The appears to me to be a better unit but isn't touch the side scan looks very clear and the map looks great with the contours.ive since found the touch model the 942xs but haven't got hands on. I like how they have the active mapping also for the smaller waters I fish and would like to map out.Anyway im looking for your opinions on which units I should be looking at. I know the demo mode doesn't do them justice.
  9. Rod combos

    Sent you a pm
  10. Thanks but I just need one black base plate. Bump
  11. I'm looking to buy a black big Jon mounting plate, 2 sets of thumb screws and if anyone has the allen head bolts that mount a swivel base to the plate, those too.thanka fellas