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  1. Anyone have some cannon mag 15 hs or 20hs is good shape? Also I wouldnt mind Scotty's. Thanks
  2. Mayb4

    Tracker fuse panel

    I was hoping to wire in 2 finders at about 3 amps each and a stereo with 2 speakers at some point. Maybe some extra LEDs on the deck so I need 4 more fuse slots. I could run inline fuses and run off the posts off the back but I'd prefer to just put a new panel in at this point. Am I able to swap the boxes out and run the same wire, which I think is 8 guage, back to the battery? Or will that be drawing too much out of one 8 guage wire? Slightly confused why my 5 year older tracker had 30 20 10 and a couple 5 amp fuses and this one is so low. Am I able to just wire 2 finders into one wire clip and switching to a 5 amp fuse or 10? Will that hurt?
  3. Mayb4

    Tracker fuse panel

    Here's a couple more pics. It just seems underpowered to me. I would like to add in 2 fish finders and a stereo at some point but I'm not sure where I would plug them. I'm not familiar with this type of panel.more of the hot in one side cold out the other across from it
  4. Mayb4

    Tracker fuse panel

    So l have a new to me 06 tracker 18ft and Im adding a new finder and so other things. My issue right now is I'm not understanding this fuse panel and I don't have any paperwork for it. Can anyone enlighten me what I have going on here. Only one 10 amp fuse? 3s and 5s?
  5. I've only used the duals. Why do you like the singles more?
  6. Anyone able to inform me how much these will lift? Just got two with a new boat
  7. Anyone have some cannon dual or single axis rod holders they came sell? New rig so I'm asking here before I buy new
  8. not to hijack, but how are the helix units for trolling? i want to link my terrova up but was going to do garmin units.
  9. Is there a way for these to fit the older style mag 10s?
  10. Hey guys looking for a fish hawk x4 transducer before I buy a brand new one online. Anyone have one?