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  1. Selling 4 daiwa accudepth 47 LCBL. These are in like new condition only used once after being purchased early 2018. I ugraded so no longer need them. Left hand models with no boat rash. 250 buyer pays shipping.can send pics if needed
  2. i have those rods also. currently using them for chinook divers. i noticed they were a little softer also its not that i want to switch things up, more of i dont want to be undergunned in the small boat. you never felt like you needed more backbone with a big paddle and big fish on?
  3. Hey guys I'm trying to put together a couple new 30lb rigger flasher meat rig rods. I have 2 daiwa great lakes 8'6" mediums 12-20 rods but I'm wondering if they may be a little lacking in power and beef to not get beat bad by 20lbers. Does anyone have experience using this rod? I also have a few accudepth rods. 2 are the med heavy 15-25s but they feel pretty cheap and I'm anticipating them breaking. Please let me know your input or ideas on what I should do. Thanks
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