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  1. 2 48” berts tracks in good shape. One end cap on each. $180obo plus shipping or pickup in herkimer
  2. Used Yamaha 703 control with 10 point wire harness and backer plate. Used but good condition. $225. Shipping available
  3. So I just picked up depthpower pro packs but I hate the standard nylon rod holders that come on the base. Besides the silver tube styles that come with the nicer model, what are some alternatives? I would like a dual axis type holder if someone has it figured out.
  4. Looking for the following: 2x 4’ single side planer masts with reels. (Cisco or traxtech) 2x 6” track sections 2x traxtech 3” Scotty downrigger track mounts 2x 36 or 48” track sections please pm me with what you have available. Thank you.
  5. I asked their Facebook page about redesigning back in 2019 and they didn’t have any plans. Asked them again today and they kind of gave a neither confirm or deny type answer. In my opinion It just needs to be like a sealine lc just built up with better materials.
  6. Looking for a set of otter boats. Please pm me. Thank you
  7. Looking to buy daiwa regal strike rods with the yellow wraps. Any model 8'+
  8. im open to reasonable prices for what the motor is, year, model, use etc
  9. anyone looking to upgrade and have a good shape terrova they would be interested in selling? need 80lb 60" 24 volt. thanks
  10. Looking for 2 of these. Figured I would ask here first
  11. Hey guys, looking for new slide diver rods for kings. I picked up some of the 10ft eagle claws for now but they pretty thick and I know have limited durability. Wondered what guys are using for slide rods out of the current selection we have in the market. Was debating the blue diamond 9 6 med or 10ft medhvy? They tend to run on the softer side but still have the power in my experience with the other models I own. Looking for some thoughts. Appreciate your input!
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