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  1. Selling 4 daiwa accudepth 47 LCBL. These are in like new condition only used once after being purchased early 2018. I ugraded so no longer need them. Left hand models with no boat rash. 250 buyer pays shipping.can send pics if needed
  2. i have those rods also. currently using them for chinook divers. i noticed they were a little softer also its not that i want to switch things up, more of i dont want to be undergunned in the small boat. you never felt like you needed more backbone with a big paddle and big fish on?
  3. Hey guys I'm trying to put together a couple new 30lb rigger flasher meat rig rods. I have 2 daiwa great lakes 8'6" mediums 12-20 rods but I'm wondering if they may be a little lacking in power and beef to not get beat bad by 20lbers. Does anyone have experience using this rod? I also have a few accudepth rods. 2 are the med heavy 15-25s but they feel pretty cheap and I'm anticipating them breaking. Please let me know your input or ideas on what I should do. Thanks
  4. Sk8man what 150? Drag&snag is a buddy of mine messing with me
  5. Herkimer. Willing to meet up reasonably
  6. Selling a clam kenai pro in good shape.has otter runners seat hammock and cover. Shanty was always dried out and stored in my basement. does have a few small spots where an auger cover fell off. they are very small and were patched easily from both sides.barely noticable. i am upgrading so need to sell. Looking for $250
  7. i have a frabill ambush DLX thermal with tow bar and otter runners id let go if the price was right
  8. How much grease did you out on the washers? Thanks I appreciate it
  9. Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone has replaced the drag washers with carbons in convectors. I'm really good with pulling reels apart and putting them back together I just haven't messed with the drags at all. It's as simple as replaced what i assume are felt or leather drag washers? Do I leave the carbons dry?
  10. So I took it out today and ran the probe. Im getting a probe speed. I set it to my son speed and guesstimate my actual speed
  11. Yeah from the front back.getting an ok temp still 0.0
  12. I have a pair for sale also
  13. Just did the out of water probe test. Not picking up that speed either
  14. I had spoke to them while I was on the water once before and they had me do a few different things then just ask to use the head unit on someone else's boat. This unit worked without issue for my buddy who owned it previously. I'm thinking I have a broken ducer
  15. Yeah I planned on having it tilted with the wheel up a bit more. Had moved it down for testing
  16. The last pic is how I let it down for the bucket test. It had been tilted up and a little in-between
  17. At the boat. I haven't even tried it with the probe yet
  18. Ive ran the boat twice with 2 different anlges on the ducer
  19. Hey guys, I have a new fish hawk x4 with a brand new ducer. It will read temp but doesnt read boat speed.i haven't even tried the probe yet but this should be functioning without it correct? I even put it in a. Bucket of water and spun the wheel and it kept a 0.0 speed. Wondered if anyone may have input on this type of issue
  20. Anyone have some cannon mag 15 hs or 20hs is good shape? Also I wouldnt mind Scotty's. Thanks
  21. I was hoping to wire in 2 finders at about 3 amps each and a stereo with 2 speakers at some point. Maybe some extra LEDs on the deck so I need 4 more fuse slots. I could run inline fuses and run off the posts off the back but I'd prefer to just put a new panel in at this point. Am I able to swap the boxes out and run the same wire, which I think is 8 guage, back to the battery? Or will that be drawing too much out of one 8 guage wire? Slightly confused why my 5 year older tracker had 30 20 10 and a couple 5 amp fuses and this one is so low. Am I able to just wire 2 finders into one wire clip and switching to a 5 amp fuse or 10? Will that hurt?
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