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  1. Big Matt 7 

    Some free advice ! Get a 25 watt ship to shore Radio for safety as well as talking to other fisherman

    With the new Radios they all come with emergency systems and you get a number that identifies

    you if you are ever in distress!  You have to register your vessel through Boat US but it is worth it! 

    The radio can be hooked up to your GPS and when you hit the red button your position is broadcast to the Coast Guard and we will come get you !


  2. I’m looking for a Bimini top for my 16’ starcraft. 6’ beam
  3. Big Matt 7


    Unfortunatly I don’t have a radio! Thanks though
  4. Launching out of Hughes tomorrow, any and all tips would be AWESOME. Trying to get my father in law on some kings
  5. Big Matt 7


    Anywhere from bear creek to sodus, sorry New here
  6. Anybody been out for Browns lately? Any info would help me out big time
  7. Big Matt 7

    Wayne county ?

    Hello everyone, they call me Big Matt. I fish out of Wayne county for salmon and trout (or I try too). I have a 16 ft Starcraft with a 75hp Evinrude. Anyone else fish out of Wayne county?