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  1. No problem! Also if you search sitex autopilot on LOU I wrote a page about my install of that unit. If you ever get one and need help just reach out to me.
  2. No I'm afraid not. You would need hydraulic steering for this to work. Your best bet would be the octopus drive with the sitex 110 computer. I have put one of those setups in a boat I had that was not hydraulic. They are great units. Total package is around 2000. Hope that helps!
  3. You can do it. The toughest part is bleeding the hydraulic lines afterwards honestly. As far as the electronics go its pretty much plug and play with these newer ones. There are also videos on you tube of the installation as well as bleeding lines. Hope that helps!
  4. 1000 shipped final price. I'll just have to install it before I would go lower!
  5. Yea someone will be happy saving some money!
  6. Have 2 satin and 2 buff bright left
  7. Cannon uni-troll 10 stx, 2 of them with dual rod holders and single rod holder on back. One has coated cable the other is standard wire. These work awesome with a 5 to 1 retrieve ratio. Cheapest new is 280 each without dual rod holders. Will sell for 450. If need shipped 15 extra. Thanks