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  1. Holes in sides (Gunwales) how to cover?

    I build custom aluminum plates and brackets with neoprene inserts to mate against fiberglass. Plates mount to existing holes while affording new mounting options on top. The plates for tracks also supply rigidity and spread the load. Jason
  2. Black bear with 5 cubs!

    Nice photo! thanks
  3. Lake Erie Walleye

    jimski2, What paid back better, largest single fish or most total weight over 3 days?
  4. erie bite out of buffalo or sturgen? results posted

    Thanks for the reports, Keep'um coming Larry. We did a 3 man limit by 10.30am late last week off the windmills dipseys and core.
  5. eire 6-10-14

    Nice job Fishon, we were out Tuesday night too. We caught 9 but only 4 keepers, some big sheepies and a 5lb smallie.
  6. Dunkirk NY Report

    Thanks for the report RD9, I don't want to give up on them yet.
  7. Dunkirk NY Report

    I was out sunday out of the cat. boated only 2 walleyes and 1 steelie, lost 1 wally at the boat. Also picked up a few nice perch. Perch may be at the top of the menu for me next time out.
  8. Dunkirk NY Report

    Was out saturday the 24th, boxed 16 with dipsey,s and core same program as you guys. Scattered bite.
  9. Lake Erie Perch

    Any word on the perch this side of the line?