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  1. I found this article, too. Guess the walley they have stocked may help control the alewives. Population_dynamics_of_rainbow_smelt_Osmerus_morda.pdf
  2. I love them battered and fried. Thanks for the information. I wonder why the decline? I chased some salmon this Summer who were attacking a silvery with brownish top baitfish out in the lake near the Oswego powerplant. Wonder what they were. I assumed smelt. Grew up fishing the Gulf of Mexico and I have a boat now and attempting to learn boat fishing up here.
  3. Hello, Does anyone know where to net some smelt in New York? I know they used to run the creeks of Lake Ontario and the Finger lakes, but it seems they aren't fished for much anymore. And I have never tried. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris ps. A Snook 30" I caught in Florida couple weeks ago. Unfortunately the season has been closed because of last years Red tide. So it was released successfully. 😊 for next time.
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