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  1. 7' light or medium light Ugly Stiks are my favorite BT rods. The 8'-3" Ugly stiks are perfect too.
  2. You won't be disappointed. Been using mine all summer and I agree...almost as good as my AA. Let's hope they're as reliable.
  3. Good deal for a great knife. My American Angler knives have served me well for many years. I would buy this if I didn't have two of them myself! Did you get a Bubba cordless?
  4. Grady White 232 Gulfstream with twin 150 Yamahas. Lowrance outboard pilot. Trolls great in anything under 5 foot waves. Struggles going into big waves, but works fine going with them. The lazy S turns have caught me lots of fish on tough days, and the circle back has helped me recover lost tackle.
  5. I agree. My buddy has a 22' Sea Runner and would like to add 2 more riggers but doesn't have many options for doing that with those brackets. He saved a bunch of money though, buying a leftover boat from the west coast, and does just fine running 9-12 rods with his rigger placement.
  6. The new Hewescraft boats have those rigger brackets welded on right from the factory. Theyre quite rugged just like everything else on their boats.
  7. What I was saying was the Alewives were not interested in the Perch eggs close to shore because they were out in 350fow eating shrimp, so the Perch were able to have a strong hatch...
  8. I forgot to mention, the return Garry got is red on his HDS. wouldn't that signify a pretty dense return that wouldn't be red if it were just a thermocline? I mark thermal breaks all the time that my probe has proven (to me) to be and they are always just dotted streaks on the screen. Garrymny's return is darker red than his rigger ball just beneath it.
  9. Not necessarily true. The year of the perch (2015) was the year prior to the shrimp explosion we had. The next spring the Alewives were out in 300fow and didn't even come in to spawn until the middle of July because they were too busy feasting on the shrimp buffet out there. When they did come in there was an upwelling close to shore right after, and there were ****loads of Ales trapped in all the harbors (almost jumping in your boat) and a dieoff slick from Milwaukee to almost Chicago close to shore. Hardly what would make me think there was a greatly reduced Alewife population...and after they spawned the bait went right back out to the buffet far away from the Perch eggs. Just when you think you have it figured out, Mother Nature throws a curve ball at you.
  10. Look in the plumbing department at a hardware store for silicone spray or grease, or even faucet grease made for faucet o-rings.
  11. I was getting this exact return on my HDS about a month ago on Lake Michigan. Perfect horizontal spirals. Might be a coincidence but the fleas were horrible every time I was getting those returns.
  12. Yeah, definitely not gonna break the bank, lol. Even if it did start to corrode, you could just sand and paint it. Once again, great idea! They probably make them in stainless too.
  13. That's a mineralac clamp. Great idea but it will eventually start to rust.
  14. If you catch any fish in the area, check stomach contents. A few years ago we had a similar phenomenon on Lake Michigan. We cut some fish open and found them full of baby Perch that were schooling up suspended over deep water. Dense schools that showed up continuously like you were seeing. We also had the same thing happen with misis shrimp.
  15. What model digitrolls are they and do you have any pictures? Thanks
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