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  1. Tyee II

    Third downrigger location?

    A picture of the back of the boat might help elicit some advice. It's hard to say without seeing your rig. My Lund has 4 long boom Cannons mounted and although I mostly use 3 of them, I have no issues with netting fish.
  2. Tyee II

    Boat Re-wired & Other Repairs, Before & After

    Mission accomplished. With a shakedown of your magnitude, if everything works on the boat, catching fish would just be a bonus. At least you know everything works and you will slay many a fish with your new weapon. Congrats!
  3. I would buy these if you could ship. My Tyee had these exact seats when I first bought her.
  4. Tyee II

    Tons of Spring Kings

    Maybe there are more Alewives than they know of? I've heard some positive news of some big schools of bait in shallow water this year that were visible with the naked eye. Also, I have caught my share of Kings with Gobies in their bellies. They are definitely not the dumb fish that only knows how to eat Alewives that some might want you to believe. I give them much more respect than that.
  5. Tyee II

    Tons of Spring Kings

    Not really the case over here. They are being caught on both sides of our southern basin and even further north to some degree, and the size of the fish are unusually large for spring fish in Lake Michigan. Makes for some exciting fishing while targeting smaller fish on lighter gear.
  6. Tyee II

    Opinions regarding aluminum boat in slip

    A friend of mine had to change his anodes because his Hewescraft had salt water anodes and they practically disintegrated from the stray current in the harbor. I can't remember what was originally on the boat, but I'm pretty sure he switched them to magnesium. He also bought 2 magnesium anodes to hang over the gunwales when the boat is docked, which are clipped to a bolt in the gunwales with an alligator clip.
  7. Tyee II

    Tons of Spring Kings

    We are experiencing the same on Lake Michigan this year. Lots of Kings over 20 around the southern Basin being caught...coincidence?
  8. Single Seastar ram. I don't think you can do a dual ram, but not positive.
  9. Tyee II

    Airmar In-hull transducers

    I ended up installing a TM 150 instead. It really ticked me off that I finally have a boat that can utilize a shoot thru and I can't because of Lowrance. What also aggravates me is the secrecy surrounding this issue Lowrance has... I may still install a P75 someday if they figure it out.
  10. You just need to make sure your steering ram isn't too big for the pump 1 that comes with Lowrance Outboard Pilot. I installed it with twin 150s.
  11. Tyee II

    Wille Side-Liner Planer Boards?

    I use Wille sideliners for pulling short cores. They work well. They have BB rattles in them also. I believe Big Jon makes these same planer boards now.
  12. Tyee II

    Downrigger stacking, help

    Chamberlain's stacker release is the way to go for stacking, IMO. They are easy to set in any position on you cable, and release when they hit your pulley. They are easily adjusted for heavy or light tension so you don't drag fish.
  13. Sounds like the caulk was used sparingly on yours. You should be okay, hopefully. Just have some good vice grips handy in case
  14. Jigstick, I did the oversize and epoxy method with every hole I have drilled in my Grady that is drilled through cored fiberglass, and I drilled and epoxied every old hole that had 5200 inside. I could see on existing holes where I removed stuff on the gunwales that was installed by previous owners that the core had been getting wet. Those all got over drilled, epoxied, then gel coated over. This method is time consuming and tedious, but gives me great piece of mind for my first ever slip boat. My boat had a small leak on the port scupper through hull fitting. I was worried I would find rot in the transom when I pulled it off, but luckily the hole for the scupper drain had been prepared with the same method and the wood never even got wet inside the hole. Everything is solid as a rock still. Those screws for my P66 did come out, luckily, but it was a PITA because the transducer was still stuck to the transom with whatever caulk (probably 5200) was used and I had to work around it.
  15. When I pulled the screws for my P66 out to mount my transom saver board, the 3 screws all broke and luckily I had enough sticking out to grab with vice grips and remove completely. They all had caulk all over the threads which I am assuming was 5200.