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  1. My Wille double boards are even with each other front to back, so apparently there was a third school of thought. They pull perfectly for me and are easy to retrieve as well.
  2. For a 00 dodger I use 12 to 18". 22" for 0 size dodgers.
  3. Typically 22" behind the flasher.
  4. Find where 55-60 degree water intersects the bottom and run your baits close to the bottom. If you can find that with some structure associated with it, all the better. Run your baits on long leads. Like 60 to 80 foot for mono/flouro and lead core setups to match your depth. Slide divers work well for Browns, but don't be afraid to run a standard diver if you don't have slide divers though. Browns can be very aggressive at times, yet very weary most of the time. I have had success with many different types of baits for Browns. Cranks like Hot-n-Tots, Shadraps, Flicker shads, and even smaller J-plugs have done well. Smaller spoons like Stinger Scorpions in colors like Gold Monkeypuke, Helmut, Purple Pooh Bear, and Razberry Dolphin are some good ones. Copper and Gold blanks seem to work best for me. I've caught them trolling with casting spoons like Cleos, Krocodiles, and KO wobblers as well. Some of my biggest Browns have come on 0 size dodgers with 2" flies behind them, or fly/spin-n-glo behind running on short setbacks behing riggers running right off the bottom... just like I use fishing for Lakers. In the colder months if you find a warm water discharge into colder water, the Browns will be there. If you find them where they are actively feeding you can have a blast just anchoring and casting spoons, cranks, jigs, or blade baits to them. They fight like the crazy, and can be quite memorble on lighter spinning tackle. Good luck and hope this helps you get your first Brown!
  5. Aren't these spinning rods, not casting rods?
  6. Okay, thanks for the reply. Good luck with your sale!
  7. Would you sell just the reels, and if so will you ship?
  8. The out the side method as described works great if your leader is equal or shorter than your rod length. If you want to use longer leader lengths or slide divers you will have to deploy off the back of the boat. What I do in these cases is let out my leader off the back, on the same side the dipsey will be placed but inside my rigger. Then raise the rod tip up high, drop the diver to just above the water line, and do a slow pitch to the side and past my rigger before dropping the diver into the water. Thumb the spool with clicker engaged til you are a safe distance out (maybe 20-30 feet depending on diver setting), then place in holder, engage anti reverse, loosen drag and let it creep to my desired depth. This is also how I set my outside diver if I'm running 2 divers on 1 side.
  9. You're totally right Pap, and kudos to you for saying it. It would be easier for the seller to give as many details as possible right away instead of having to answer multiple requests for info...and the extra time it takes for all that, it could be sold already.....seems fishy to me too.
  10. Interesting...Thanks for sharing.
  11. for sale : usa

    Very nice looking rig. Any pics of the cabin?
  12. How much to ship to 60177? If its reasonable, I'll take them...
  13. Great read so far!