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  1. Smart Troll

    My swim platform is the same on the port side as it is in the picture. So right under my scupper is the ideal location (between the starboard edge and trim tab)? Is there an advantage to either port or starboard since my port prop is counter rotation? Thanks again and I wish I had grabbed one of your deals you had going last fall....
  2. Smart Troll

    That's a good idea, scobar. My problem is I will be leaving my boat in the water for the season and I really want to get mine right the first time. This is the best shot of my transom I have without unwrapping the boat...
  3. Dipsy rigs

    Haha! The things we will resort to to win a tournament...
  4. Flasher box

    I bought a 16" by 16" slab of mini cell foam and carved out the shape of my weights with a fillet knife and grinder disc. I also cut them to fit tightly in my gunwale compartment.
  5. Trolling with carbed two stroke?

    Yup, trolled many hours on my ' 90hp merc with no issues. I've had a few trips now with my '92 150 Yamahas and they haven't had any issues slow trolling either.
  6. Flasher box

    If it's the stuff I'm thinking it is, I just made some downrigger weight holders out of it. Guys use it to make kayak seats as well. I have a few other ideas using it and now I have another. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Flasher box

    That looks great! Is that minicell foam you used for the flashers? Did you glue it in somehow?
  8. Dipsy rigs

    I used to run a deep six diver off my wire rod down the chute and it was very productive. Only stopped when I added a third and fourth rigger to my spread and it was in the way a lot of times. Another productive method for Lakers is running pound balls on wire and bouncing bottom with dodgers and spin n glos. A lot of guys on Lake Michigan bounce dipseys off bottom to dredge up big Lakers as well. I wouldn't try it with braid because you will surely lose your dipsey. Plus the wire gets the diver deeper than braid will.
  9. WTB Grady white 232

    I just bought one back in September and I love it. Mine has twin 150 Yamahas on the Grady drive bracket. Good luck with your search.
  10. Smart Troll

    Thank you sir. I will definitively send a picture once I clear the fresh snow off my tarp.
  11. Smart Troll

    That's good to know. Thank you floatmanmike!
  12. Smart Troll

    Thanks for the input guys. I was hoping with the bracket, the motors would be far enough back for clearance, but didn't realize the transducers were so sensitive to vibration as well. Sounds like it may be tricky on my boat with the trim tabs being located right where I need to mount the ducer. It also sounds like the smart troll will only perform well on one side of the boat, which is not a huge deal since that's how my probe is now. I was envisioning being able to clip the probe onto any line I was running, but that's not the case apparently.
  13. Smart Troll

    I am seriously considering adding a smart troll to my arsenal. I have a Grady 23 Gulfstream with Grady Drive and twin outboards. I'm wondering where I would need to mount my transducer for optimal performance? My p66 is located a few inches starboard of the drain plug and works really well on plane and while trolling, so I was thinking a similar location, maybe the same distance from the drain plug to port, would be okay? What do you guys who have had issues with your transducer location for your Smart Trolls think?
  14. How are you sending a wifi signal through the water?
  15. Lowrance Autopilot

    There is a hydraulic version and a cable steer version of the outboard pilot. The cable steer is more expensive because it requires different components.