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  1. Tyee II

    Tekota drags

    There is a difference between a star drag and a lever drag, and there is a difference between a carbon drag washer and a dartanium drag washer, but a reel could have both a star drag and a dartanium washer. Shimano at some point switched to the dartanium II drag washers, which are more like carbonex, but for whatever reason they still called them dartanium. It's pretty confusing, as is the fact that you have to upgrade the drags on the Takota reels right out of the box or they will start sticking and slipping after they get wet a few times or after a few good runs from a big fish. I haven't tried the new Takotas, but my Diawas are great right out of the box.
  2. Tyee II


    Thanks! I made it for much cheaper than expected thanks to the LOU classifieds and member LakerTaker. I bought the swivel from him and it turned out he had everything I needed to build my mount except the table and the V-lock mount, and he gave me great deals on it all. Thanks again David (LakerTaker), and thanks LOU!!
  3. Tyee II


    I didn't make my table, but last weekend I made a custom swiveling/sliding/removable mount with a V-lock mount and a swivel downrigger mount. I can slide it side to side and/or swivel it into different positions for better access to my fish box. Haven't used it yet, but it should be sweet...
  4. Tyee II


    You can use woodworking tools to cut or shape HDPE board. They sell a mat that keeps fish from sliding while filleting fish. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/fillet-away-fish-mat
  5. Head first always, and never leave the net hanging in the water. A quick netting stab exucuted at just the right time is what you want. If you have a deep basket you either need a clip to hold it, or hold it in your hand until you make your stab. Communication from the netman to the person on the rod is imperative no matter how you choose to net.
  6. Wow, nice lot of quality spoons for a great price! In your misc. mag bunch, top row, 5th spoon from the left, looks like a Jimmy Spoon. Would you happen to have more of those you would part with? It's the green/chartreuse one with the rattle blades. Any colors are welcome.
  7. How much for the REV in the background? JK...looks like a well kept machine you have there.
  8. Tyee II

    Diawa sealine reels

    Sealines will be fine for Kings. Jumping up in size doesn't give you anything but more capacity, which you really don't need for rigger rods. I typically downsize my rigger reels compared to my board rods because I don't need the capacity.
  9. Tyee II

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    It probably wouldn't be a proper test. Maybe I could try it one rigger at a time, but fishing circumstances might end up different that way, and I don't know if I could handle only using one rigger for too long, lol.
  10. Tyee II

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    I use a camera on my downrigger and have heard the engine noise and cable hum. The cable hum gets magnified on my setup dramatically because the sound is conducting into the camera housing through the termination swivel. Using an isolator on the connection greatly reduced the noise in my footage. I'm one of those that thinks fish are very curious to noise, and often times the hum of the cables and engine draws fish into my spread. Depending on the fishes "mood", they will either come in to have a look and leave, or aggressively strike your bait. I may have to set up a second camera rigger with braid to test if there is a noticable difference on camera in strikes or interest from the fish.
  11. Are they adjustable holders or the fixed ones?
  12. Tyee II

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    One rigger bouncing or near bottom with a short stretch for Lakers, another rigger on the same side 10-20ft. above the bottom rigger with a SWR, and a probe rigger on the opposite side that changes depth with conditions is what I run most often in the gin-clear waters of Lake Michigan. If I am avoiding Lakers and not running the deep rigger close to bottom, I will still keep the tail gunner second rigger just above with the SWR, and don't have to worry about short stretches spooking fish down deep. The fourth rigger gives me other options that still work in clear water like running a rod right in the prop wash for aggressive Coho. We are lucky to have multiple species to target for much of the summer in the southwestern basin of Lake Michigan and Grand Slams of 5 species are common at times. Having more riggers gives me more options to target more species, and you can pull it off in clear water if you can spread them out into productive areas of the water column.
  13. I found a similar deal on saltist reels on Amazon a couple months ago. I bought several of them and it took a couple weeks, but the company selling them cancelled my order and offered me 10 percent off a future purchase. Just a heads up, that tube order will likely be cancelled. It's in the user agreement that they can change or cancell an order any time, and if it's price wrong way below market value, they surely will.