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  1. Those are the new style on there. Those won't work with his older style, rigger side cable. I have 3 of the old style complete cable sets in great shape I would part with if tin cup doesn't come through with enough.
  2. I have 3 of the older style cables but you may want to contact Cannon because they replaced all of my old style cables with the new ones for free, and the new yellow connectors do work with the flush mount adapters.
  3. Tyee II

    White board on boat helps to keep track

    I have a similar drawing to yours with a boat and just about every rod option drawn in so I can just write in what l plan to run the night before. This really helped me sleep better at night before fishing. During and after fishing I write down other pertinent information on the back side, and sometimes I will write down fishing report info from previous days or previous days' weather info. I would love to know what other guys who have been following trends have found to be the most valuable bits of info to keep track of.
  4. Tyee II

    Wanted Brass Beef

    Do you have any Worm Silver spoons you would part with? Any idea why they stopped making these spoons?
  5. Tyee II

    Traxstech Contact

    It is definitely a love hate thing with Traxstech for me. I finally got my custom parts and I really love the whole system I built with their components. I get nothing but compliments from everyone that sees my boat. I really hate the way I feel like I was lied to and strung along in the process of getting custom parts made. I can't imagine doing shows yeilds them more business than guys trying to order stuff online or over the phone, but that is where their priorities apparently are at. The girls that answer the phones have always been great to me as well. Extremely nice and very helpful, unfortunately they don't deal with anything custom.
  6. Tyee II

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    Having the option to run as many as your boat can handle is the way I think. I am set up with 4 on both my Lund and my Grady. 4 is nice for a 12 rod spread, 3 is perfect for a 9 rod spread, and 2 for the 6 rod spread. I tend to run 3 most times with 2 riggers on one side working a team with a slider on the higher rigger rod so I am covering 3 depths close together. I feel naked running only 2 riggers since I added the other 2.
  7. Tyee II

    Wanted Brass Beef

    If anyone has any of these I will buy them!!
  8. Tyee II

    Wanted Brass Beef

    Joesmo is right. They made Brass Beef and Silver Beef in the Half Moon series. Both were discontinued years ago. They also made Lemon Seeds, Brass Seeds, Worm Silver, and I believe Silver Anchovy. They were great spoons that caught lots of fish, but the paint starts to come off quickly with every fish. That may be why they were discontinued?
  9. Tyee II

    Cannon Digi-Troll TS 10 Problems

    Thank you for the info. I have not had this problem yet, but my new boat has chirp and I probably would have eventually. So many times I search for info on forums and usually can find someone with similar issues, but rarely do they ever post their solution, so thanks again.
  10. Tyee II

    Net Bag Tamer/Strap

    This is what I have in my big net. Works great but wrap some electrical tape on the handle before you zip tie. Keeps the zip tie from sliding.
  11. Tyee II

    Stackers on riggers

    Thanks J.D., I will see how this works for me on Lake Michigan.
  12. Tyee II

    Stackers on riggers

    Does anybody use a fixed slider for their MUP rigs, or mainly just stacking? I used to stack but haven't had a need since I started running 3 or 4 riggers. Also, how long is your typical stretch on the lower, smaller spoon from the ball?
  13. Tyee II

    Trolling Boats and Your Dance Platforms

    Here's a few pics of my Grady Gulfstream I just rigged. I'm loving the wider beam and rigging layout so far.
  14. If your top priority is fishing, a walkaround with lots of fishing room gets my vote. I'm loving my new/old Grady Gulfstream. Outboards are a must for me because some of the best fishing can be early or late in the season.