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  1. Nice job LakerTaker! How fast were you trolling with both different rigs out?
  2. Do these have the finger trigger on them? Any pics?
  3. Depth Raider is a fine unit and much less expensive than the fish hawk, but you have to use the coated cable. The fish hawk requires that you add an additional transducer. Coated cable units give more instantaneous readings to your display, provided your cable is in good shape, but they also have more blowback because of the extra diameter the coating adds. I used to have a moor subtroll, now I have a cannon speed n temp. Both are coated cable units and both have worked well for me as long as I keep my cable in good condition. We use the depth raider on the tournament boat I fish on, and it works great too. Sometimes we have to use a wet rag on the antenna, but the fish hawk failed, and the quicker updates the depth raider gives are nice.
  4. Tamiron, those videos are very cool! How did you construct your testing tube and how are you gauging the speed? Thanks for the connection tips!
  5. This^^^
  6. I have 4 riggers on my 16.5 Lund and run them deep on the inside, and higher on the outside. I rarely use the 4th now for fishing, sometimes I just use it to drop a camera down to survey structure where I'm fishing. I find 3 riggers to be the perfect number these days...3 riggers, 2 divers and 4 board rods seems like the perfect spread on most days with the 9 rod limit I usually have on my small boat. I have cannon adjustable booms that extend to 54 inches and I always fully extend them when using 3 or 4 riggers. With 3, I usually swing the inside rigger behind the motor, and swing it back out when I get a fish on. On my outside boom riggers I either run a short lead or a really long one. A 25' or so lead will usually tangle into the cable that is swaying back on my deeper inside rigger on turns. These days I mostly run SWR rods on my boom riggers since they are more productive most days in our gin clear water over here on Lake Michigan. I never have tangles with this setup, and I always stagger my depths by at least 10 feet depending on what baits I'm running.
  7. Another case of "can't believe everything you read"...sometimes you gotta actually try something to see if it's really possible. I hope you guys running 57s on your riggers have gimbals on your rods and holders. I'd be going crazy repositioning my rods all day as those big reels keep pulling themselves down and out of position, lol.
  8. I'll take the second lot of 9 dodgers. PM sent.
  9. Great video. Thanks for taking the time to promote the efforts of everyone involved.
  10. What model is the silver Diawa reel on the bottom left?
  11. I'm interested in the ugly stik and the reel that's on it. Will you ship?
  12. If the deal falls through I'll take the dodgers
  13. That is a great deal but those reels would be better served as long line or lead core reels because of the fast retrieve and large capacity. They will work fine as rigger setups, but you could get away with 27 size reels for riggers.
  14. Depends on the layout of your rig but I have mine mounted in the rear right next to the rigger employing it.
  15. You definitely need to lift as you are locking them in. Then, when you raise them they will unlock when they hit the boom pulley.