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  1. Run mono or flouro. The diver can slide down with braid...
  2. Nice Atlantic... Well done!
  3. I've done it with 15 and 20# big game with no issues. Biggest thing is it will be "loopy" from line memory, but that will work itself out after a day of fishing.
  4. Also should say...it is sad that a fish like that had to die in a gill net. So many years that fish spent only to end up tangled to death in the end.
  5. Wow...that fish is truly amazing. That thing could eat my dog, no problem! You'd need a very large bait to entice that fish with hook and line...it could fit a spawning King in its gullet!! Imagine the size of the crap that fish would take in your boat, lol.
  6. The "dead Perch" that were sighted by 1 individual supposedly occurred like a week before the discharge of toxic Chemicals in Indiana.
  7. Bouncing bottom is a very effective way to draw fish in, but it is definitely an art. You really have to hover over that rigger to be prepared for making depth adjustments. It helps if you have a locator on the rail somewhere so you can watch your depth and still be close to your bottom rigger. A lot of times when resetting, I will drop my weight right to the bottom until it hits and let the blowback lift the ball up off the bottom. I have footage of Lakers charging in to take a look as soon as the ball hits. I also have lots of footage of bouncing off big and small boulders and coming out unscathed. I don't recommend doing this and I'm sure it will bite me in the ass someday...
  8. For spoons I prefer weighted line, but keel sinkers are my next choice. Next after that is snap weights. At times I'll have all 3 methods in play to see what presentation is working better on that particular day. I really like to run a keel sinker in front of my J-plugs just to keep them from wandering into other lines on turns. Keel sinkers also make a nice stopper to keep your in-line boards from smacking into the fish if you set them to release (which I like to do with my higher outside boards).
  9. This was a picture that was posted on FB by one individual and the news outlets ran with the story even though nobody else, including people who were fishing the area, witnessed any dead fish in the area. The OP of this story hasn't come forward and cannot be contacted despite the efforts of the DNR, and there are many in my area that think this story is somehow jaded...
  10. Well...it happened! Not something I want to experience again. Bilge pump running with waves coming over the bow onto the tonneau cover. I definitely gained a great respect for Lake Erie that day...but my Tyee II got me back to tell about it!
  11. I have the next year model tyee II. What a great boat it has been. She's seen 8-10 footers on Lake Erie and handled them better than I did, lol. Still putting lots of fish in the box! Good luck with your sale...I've never seen one for sale before...
  12. Vetting nailed it. It's so your flasher/dodger can impart more action to the fly behind it.
  13. Very creative idea...thanks for sharing it with all of us!
  14. I started running an echip on my gopro housing clipped above my rigger ball because I felt like the proximity of the bait to the camera might be spooking fish. The first time I put the camera down with the echip on it I got more fish footage than I had gotten in two years prior...in just one day. Since then I always have one on somewhere, and I definitely see more fish on camera now. I'm not sure if an echip will make a fish bite your lure over a non echip lure, but I do believe that they will draw fish in to your spread to investigate. I think you could just clip one behind your rigger weight, or run paddles with them to achieve the same results without changing the action of your flies.
  15. Yes, those stinger umbrella rigs catch big Lakers here on Lake Michigan. Spoons or spin-n-glos behind them seems to be most popular over here. Not too different than the old six packs or schoolies which I have had success running spoons around 3' behind as well.