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  1. Transducer combo question - networking

    Okay, sounds like I would be able to connect both the p95 and the Totalscan to my HDS 9, just can't use them at the same time unless I have a carbon unit? With Carbon you can display both at the same time?
  2. Transducer combo question - networking

    After a bit more research, it looks like the P95C-M-BL would be the right ducer for my Grady, which has a 20 degree deadrise at the transom, and is solid fiberglass hull. Anyone with experience with this in-hull ducer connected to a gen 3 HDS? Is it the 7 pin, or 9 pin that I would connect to for CHIRP? Sorry Superhawk18, I have never heard of anyone using a thru-hull with a Fish Hawk. What transducer were you hoping to do this with?
  3. Transducer combo question - networking

    Thank you Wallyandre for all your advice.
  4. Transducer combo question - networking

    The LCX came with my boat and is in really good shape. The P66 is a good ducer that reads bottom at speed, so I was trying to use it any way I can. I thought I may be able to keep the LCX with the 66 connected to it on the dash for cruising, then use the 2 HDS 9 units with the totalscan connected to the unit at the rail for fishing and searching for fish. All 3 units will be connected VIA ethernet and N2K. Now I am considering adding an epoxied thru hull in the bilge that will help maximize my CHIRP capabilities, and keeping the P66 on there for redundancy (which I believe to be a good thing with transducers) and because it has speed and temp. Is there a TM150 equivalent in a thru hull that isn't a drill-through?
  5. Transducer combo question - networking

    Couldn't I also run the P66 in 50khz on my LCX to save interference? This is all new to me as I have always just intalled the ducer that came with my unit and ran. Now I am trying to figure out how to make 2 seperate ducers work together, while trying to merry an LCX with an HDS system, lol.
  6. Transducer combo question - networking

    My HDS 9 is gen 3. I was more curious as to how the chirp in the totalscan was inferior to that of the airmar 150.
  7. Transducer combo question - networking

    In what way is the totalscan chirp inferior to that of the airmar 150? I would think mostly in durability, but that's just a guess. My boat came with a Lowrance Lcx113chd with an airmar 66 with speed and temp. I connected an HDS 9 to it VIA ethernet and N2K, and they seem to be working flawlessly together. The airmar is connected to the LCX and I am in the process of installing the totalscan to connect to the HDS unit. I will be installing another HDS at the back of the boat as well. I do find use for sidescan in shallow water at times, and downscan is nice to get a detailed view of wrecks or shallow water structure too. I've even used sidescan to catch fish under debris trapped in a slick. I'm thinking I will be happy with the airmar66/totalscan combo for what I do.
  8. How to update a Lowrance

    Hey Andre, thanks for the video! It would be great if you did another for uploading to the unit...
  9. Best 110v spool winder?

    I have 2 of the EGO nets and I love them. I've had the larger rubber dipped net for several years now and it's my go to net for average sized fish, and I bought the smaller all rubber net 2 years ago for spring coho and real small fish. Only issue is the threaded adapter at the end of the pole can come loose and I lost a nice fish because of this so I put some thick thread lock on the pole threads as s fix.
  10. Wire diver rod with leader

    This is how I run my wire slide diver and have never had issues with the extra knots. It's a necessity with the slide diver, but I have been thinking about doing the same with my standard divers because I have never had to cut off wire because of a pigtail on my wire slide diver. It's a great idea, IMO. Heat shrink is a must on the wire knot or you risk abrading your flouro or mono.
  11. for sale : usa Sold

    Just drop him a private message. I did and he got back to me promptly with pics of his Lowrance units and all his spoons through text...
  12. Which Auto Pilot To Get?

    My outboard pilot is up and running! I'll have to test it on the water next spring, but the installation, bleeding, and commissioning went well. The biggest hiccup I had was having to get additional wiring up to my hardtop compartment for the HDS 9 and soon to be radar. Found some good splice solutions for the ethernet and NMEA cables in the process. Everything was really plug and play as advertised for me other than my wiring complications.
  13. Which Auto Pilot To Get?

    No problem. I'm really pulling for you to get AP on your new to you rig! I went without for over 20 years on my Lund and told myself I wouldn't go without it on my new to me boat. I'm sure after fishing the new rig next year I will have to do the Lund up with AP next winter, lol...
  14. Which Auto Pilot To Get?

    Just an FYI...if you buy from Hodges, it is 1170.00ish for the cable outboardpilot. It says 1300.00, but when you add to your cart the price drops. No tax and free shipping as well.
  15. Which Auto Pilot To Get?

    You can get them with or without the ducer, which is good considering guys might want to use their humminbird for a locator, but need the HDS to run autopilot only, or chartplotter/radar/autopilot (like me). Or if you want a second unit like me, why buy 2 ducers? Also, too many different ducer options to say "this is your transducer...hope you like it".