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Tyee II

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  1. Tyee II

    Airmar TM260-BL or TM260-9N for HDS gen 3

    You will need to connect to the 7 pin on the head unit so I would say the blue connector is what you need. My TM150 came with the 9 pin and I had to buy an adapter to convert to 7 pin blue to get my HDS9 to recognize the ducer.
  2. Are the reels size 40? Would you take 300 for just the reels?
  3. Tyee II

    Flasher ,3 dodgers

    Hey Danny, I will take this lot...check your PMs please.
  4. Tyee II

    Flasher ,3 dodgers

    PM sent
  5. Tyee II

    web site

    I have the same problem garryny has. Been like this a while now. I also get pop ups on here saying I won a prize...same with the GLF website.
  6. Tyee II

    Diver in Chute

    When I had just 2 riggers years ago I used to run the deep six on wire down the chute regularly and it was very productive. If we had a big fish on another rod we would just pull that rod, and it was quick and easy to do. I did start using a stern planer this year and I love it so far. Like Hard Knox said, you can just drop it back and out of the way and your lures will stay at the same depth.
  7. Tyee II

    Diver in Chute

    I think a diver is a good chute rod because you can clear it quickly if neccessary. I would use a big deep six diver, but a directional diver on 0 will work fine.
  8. I will trade my yellowbirds for Jensen smoke dodgers.
  9. Those are the new style on there. Those won't work with his older style, rigger side cable. I have 3 of the old style complete cable sets in great shape I would part with if tin cup doesn't come through with enough.
  10. I have 3 of the older style cables but you may want to contact Cannon because they replaced all of my old style cables with the new ones for free, and the new yellow connectors do work with the flush mount adapters.
  11. Tyee II

    White board on boat helps to keep track

    I have a similar drawing to yours with a boat and just about every rod option drawn in so I can just write in what l plan to run the night before. This really helped me sleep better at night before fishing. During and after fishing I write down other pertinent information on the back side, and sometimes I will write down fishing report info from previous days or previous days' weather info. I would love to know what other guys who have been following trends have found to be the most valuable bits of info to keep track of.
  12. Tyee II

    Wanted Brass Beef

    Do you have any Worm Silver spoons you would part with? Any idea why they stopped making these spoons?
  13. Tyee II

    Traxstech Contact

    It is definitely a love hate thing with Traxstech for me. I finally got my custom parts and I really love the whole system I built with their components. I get nothing but compliments from everyone that sees my boat. I really hate the way I feel like I was lied to and strung along in the process of getting custom parts made. I can't imagine doing shows yeilds them more business than guys trying to order stuff online or over the phone, but that is where their priorities apparently are at. The girls that answer the phones have always been great to me as well. Extremely nice and very helpful, unfortunately they don't deal with anything custom.