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  1. You're totally right Pap, and kudos to you for saying it. It would be easier for the seller to give as many details as possible right away instead of having to answer multiple requests for info...and the extra time it takes for all that, it could be sold already.....seems fishy to me too.
  2. Interesting...Thanks for sharing.
  3. for sale : usa

    Very nice looking rig. Any pics of the cabin?
  4. How much to ship to 60177? If its reasonable, I'll take them...
  5. Great read so far!
  6. I would try it elsewhere, for sure. How are you rigging them up? Good luck and hopefully you post your results here.
  7. Also, Becholds makes a paddle with flashing lights on it. I would think it is perfectly legal. A guy I fish with has what I think you're using. If I remember correctly they look like jewelry that blinks underwater? Like a short section of bracelet?
  8. The bottom tracking is very simple on my older digi 4s. It does work, but I don't really use it much. The jig feature on the digitrolls is what I use a lot and it does catch fish, and can be used for bottom bouncing. My riggers are far from slow, but I can change the speed on them, which is another nice feature on the digits. I can't imagine the newer digitrolls are any slower than mine.
  9. Nice job LakerTaker! How fast were you trolling with both different rigs out?
  10. Do these have the finger trigger on them? Any pics?
  11. Depth Raider is a fine unit and much less expensive than the fish hawk, but you have to use the coated cable. The fish hawk requires that you add an additional transducer. Coated cable units give more instantaneous readings to your display, provided your cable is in good shape, but they also have more blowback because of the extra diameter the coating adds. I used to have a moor subtroll, now I have a cannon speed n temp. Both are coated cable units and both have worked well for me as long as I keep my cable in good condition. We use the depth raider on the tournament boat I fish on, and it works great too. Sometimes we have to use a wet rag on the antenna, but the fish hawk failed, and the quicker updates the depth raider gives are nice.
  12. Tamiron, those videos are very cool! How did you construct your testing tube and how are you gauging the speed? Thanks for the connection tips!
  13. This^^^