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Tyee II

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  1. Tyee II

    Casting For Spring Browns

    Cleos and KO wobblers. I use the 2/5 oz. Cleos and the 1/2 oz. Wobblers mostly. Orange and Gold, Gold, Wonderbread, and Red/Gold are productive colors for me. The slowest possible retrieve while still getting a wobble from your spoon works best most days.
  2. I sent you a PM before the first 2 replies saying I would buy this...
  3. Tyee II

    for sale : usa Items for sale

    I will take the dodgers. How much to ship to 60177?
  4. Tyee II

    New Bill introduced in ny assembly

    Jimski2, This is your best post ever! I totally agree with you on everything you said. That bill is crazy and will never pass, but sounds like you guys over there need to start gearing up for more of this nonsense...scary stuff.
  5. I'll take one if you plan on making more. Looks like a great size for a spoon box!
  6. I have never seen these for sale used which says something about their quality. I bought 4 of these last year and I love them. They were tough to buy brand new...they were backordered for 8 weeks when I bought them. Good luck with your search!
  7. Awesome! Glad you survived the storm!!
  8. Got it. Funds sent. Good luck with your snowstorm...I can't wait for winter to end and the trolling season to begin!
  9. I will take them and you can ship with my dodgers. Let me know if it costs a bit more to ship both. Thanks
  10. Payment sent. Address is in your PM and in the notes on paypal. Thanks again, Ron Vallas
  11. I'll take them. Let me know how much to ship to 60177 and PayPal address. Thanks
  12. Remember this commercial, LOL? So true. I have 2 old 7 footers with wood handles that I still use as rigger rods. They just don't quit!