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  1. I see West Marine has the Garmin 78sc Marine handheld for 100 bucks off for their black Friday sale. $179.99 from Nov. 22nd-26th.
  2. Tyee II

    Daiwas, convectors or coldwater

    I have a 300 and a 250 copper on Clarion 55s that are 3 yrs. old and I notice when running big inline boards on them, the drags either slip or are too tight for my liking. Having the drags too tight with big inlines set to not release will definitely rip some lips and lose some fish. My Diawas seem to have a more finite drag adjustment, IMO.
  3. Tyee II

    Down rigger mounting

    Thank you Sk8man! It was my labor of love last winter, and it really worked out well this season.
  4. Tyee II

    Down rigger mounting

    I think you will be happy with your decision. I am very happy with my Traxstech raised track system. Jeff made me some custom hinged track risers that were the icing on the cake for what I needed on my Grady. Just be aware if you need something custom made from Traxstech it will take some time, but it will be a quality product in the end.
  5. Tyee II

    Down rigger mounting

    Without building a raised track system, which would give you more options but at a high price, your back corners look like the best option. Only thing is it looks like your fuel fill is there. Is that bait/cleaning table an opening compartment?
  6. Tyee II

    High speed reels for leadcore

    Saltist or Seagate depending on your capacity needs.
  7. Go with Garmin. They made the first hand held GPS (which was huge, and I still own and use on my small boat) and they still lead the industry today. I also own a newer Garmin Colorado that I bought for hiking, snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, and mountain biking. Both of my handhelds have card slots for maps. I have Lake Michigan maps for both, and snowmobile maps on the newer one. Handhelds evolved into very small screen devices that are difficult to see and don't lend themselves very well as a primary GPS on a boat, but would be smart insurance as a backup. My Colorado is decent. It has a touch screen that is gimpy (which I heard they fixed in newer models), an altimeter, and an electronic compass so you can tell what direction you are facing when standing still. It also has a camera as well for taking pictures along the way. Most of them have Geocaching capabilities if you're into that kind of thing. I found mine for cheap in the bargain cave. I recommend checking there if you have a Cabelas nearby.
  8. Tyee II

    Daiwas, convectors or coldwater

    I like the drags better on the Diawas. The higher gear ratio on the Saltist and Seagate is nice for copper and leadcore,and even dipseys too. The Sealines are perfect for getting started on a budget.
  9. Tyee II


    Check into the lowrance cable steer outboard pilot. I think I remember reading that guys installed them on IO boats and they work great. My hydraulic outboard pilot works great with twin outboards even though Lowrance says it won't.
  10. Tyee II

    Yes it is!

    Sometimes I wonder though...
  11. Tyee II

    Weird Steelhead Skeins

    Here's some that I found in a Brown in 2017. The mature eggs looked like they had eyed inside the fish, and there were tiny immature eggs mixed in. Also, there were several white chunks inside the skein that looked like little pieces of garlic to me.
  12. Tyee II

    Fingerlakes tackle

    Seaquest makes a Goby pattern spoon in several colors that has been working great for shallow water fish over here on Lake Michigan.
  13. I agree...the media is out of control.
  14. That's funny because your avatar looks like someone from a Geico commercial. You libs are becoming the minority, Trump is improving our country and trying to do everything he said he would, only to be obsructed by people like katydid. The minority liberals control the media so they all think they will win...ha-ha-ha! The majority that matter have figured out that they are being lied to by the minute and have tuned out the media.
  15. Tyee II

    $2,000 limit graph

    What transducer are you running with your Carbon 9?