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  1. You might be best served matching your AP with your electronics on your boat so you can control your AP without adding another head unit just for the AP. Most manufacturers make AP systems that work well and can be controlled by their multi function displays. I would recommend having your AP connected to your main motor and it will turn your kicker without running your main. I went with the Lowrance outboard pilot and I'm very happy with it's features and performance. The system came with the tees and adapters to connect to just about any baystar or seastar helm, which made it fairly easy to intall myself, you just have to check the capacity of the hydraulic ram on your steering system (connected to your outboard) to make sure it is compatible. My guess is yours is compatible. Good luck! I wish I would have gotten mine much sooner, and would hate to be without it now that I have it.
  2. Either way, as you stated, that cheese got shredded!
  3. Yes...boring. But hey, I'm drinking Budweisers too!
  4. My kicker sits too low, I would never trailer with it down.
  5. Well, I could see why that would make a guy not want to use one, but just saying there are ways for those that do want to use a TS to do so without marring their lower unit. I installed one on my kicker as well several years ago after a buddy had his kicker lock break while going over a railroad crossing.
  6. Maybe it's the type of transom saver I have? It's got a thick rubber vee on it and I have no blemishes whatsoever on my black Mercury lower end.
  7. Why would your lower end get scratched up? I've been using a transom saver on my outboard for over 20 years and not a scratch.
  8. My 7 footers are medium power, fast action Talora roller rods. I extend my Cannon rigger arms to 3' and turn them back on a 45° angle, and my dipsey holders are far enough forward that the short wire rods are not an issue. I usually don't go less than a 1-1/2 setting on those dipseys. The only drawback for me is if I want to dredge a dipsey off the bottom, it's much harder to differentiate between a bottom bounce and a strike with the short rods. To compensate, I have a 10' Talora wire setup for dipsey dredging only. I think the shorter rods make for a better experience while fighting fish too!
  9. I use 7' Talora roller rods for both my wire and my wire slide diver rods. They work great and much easier to net when solo.
  10. Not a weird thought at all. All of my coppers have 2 colors in them. It really helps rookies set coppers and, I believe, imparts a more desirable action to my coppers.
  11. No, the Mussels hurt the baitfish populations so they reduced the predator numbers to compensate. The baitfish have rebounded very quickly since the lake came back up and the Zebras tapered off. Lake Huron was over stocked intentionally to eradicate the Alewives. They still plant hundreds of thousands of Chinook in there even after the crash and count them towards our stocking quota in Lake Michigan.
  12. Just saw this Boats For Sale forum. What a great addition!
  13. The best I've seen is on the Musselhead rigs which is a small peice of tubing inside a crimp sleeve placed over the line and crimped. You can easily adjust your twinkie flies, but they stay where you put them.
  14. 7' light or medium light Ugly Stiks are my favorite BT rods. The 8'-3" Ugly stiks are perfect too.
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