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  1. I've been waiting for your riggers to go up for sale like I normally see every year. I'm thinking maybe they went with the old boat and it's not happening this year?
  2. Wow...climate change is decreasing King size over there? It seems to be doing the opposite for the Ales and Kings over here on LM
  3. There was one on ebay for 60 bucks about a week ago and someone actually bought it 😳
  4. I made some Shad strips to try out this year. I'm betting they will work
  5. Haywire twist is for copper, not stranded steel wire.
  6. I'm not sure where you are using crimps on a wire dipsey setup. I just thread the swivel on the wire and tie an overhand loop knot with the swivel in the loop. Also put a bead before the knot.
  7. If the economy tanks worldwide there will be much more suffering than from any corona virus. Nobody even remembers that almost 14000 Americans died from H1N1 in 2009...it's like it didn't happen when you ask most people if they remember. How can we have such mass hysteria this time around?? The media. Why is everybody hoarding unnecessarily?? The media. If people are freaking now, wait til they find out their job isn't there anymore after their caronavirus holiday is over.
  8. 1/4" tubing is as easy as it gets to not have leaks. The real solution to not having leaks most people neglect is to strap the tubing to the wall and the back of the fridge with a 1/4" one or two hole tubing strap so when you slide the fridge in and out you don't twist, cock, or loosen your connections. Also leave an extra coil or 2 of tubing to act like a spring when you slide the fridge in and out.
  9. Brad's cut bait is one of my favorite baits here on Lake Michigan, and can't see why they wouldn't work on LO. I run mine mostly with a 42" leader behind an 8" Jensen dodger or a Big Al's type rotator. I've fished with guys that do well with the Alderton's rotating dodgers too. They can be run clean as well, but I've had more success behind a dodger. My best colors are Mountain Doo, Seahawk, and Lucky charm. Had some success with Twisted Sister last year. I use garlic tuna in mine, pack them full so the tuna is bulging out, and change the tuna after every fish or if it's been soaking for 1/2 hour or more. I didn't do well with the Brad's til I switched from plain tuna to the garlic stuff. A lot of guys here make their own garlic tuna but Starkist Select roasted garlic is the stuff you want. If you like tuna you're gonna want to eat the stuff yourself...it smells so good! I've had days where I was missing most of my fish until I broke out the Brad's with garlic tuna. The tuna seems to make them commit better on those days. If you give it a fair shot in your spread you will likely not regret it.
  10. Primus- John the Fisherman
  11. I used Ugly Stik 6'-6" medium Tiger rods for my inside mag braid dipsey rods until I set up my 7' Talora wire roller rods. They worked great and were a blast to fight fish on. I've since converted them to 300 and 250 copper rods and love them for that purpose as well.
  12. Maybe the unusual Goby that is swimming away from the rest of the Gobies is easier picking and the one the fish grabs first (and last)? Fish don't stop and think "wait...this easy meal is not supposed to be here...better look for something else"
  13. Isn't that after Bombardier bought OMC and fixed the issue with the FICHT motors?
  14. Lake Michigan Angler in Winthrop Harbor stocks them and sells online as well.
  15. I think you will like the fixed trees. I have adjustables and prefer them because I can fold them down to make them shorter to fit under my 8' garage door, but honestly I usually set the holders all at the same angle when fishing. The fixed holders have an extra straight tube at the top which is nice to store an extra rod, or even your net. I use mostly inline boards, but still like to use my big boards in the spring and fall when my baits are running at similar depths. I think they work equally as well for both types of planer boards. I would make sure you get trees that can swivel so you can turn them in for docking and trailering. Most manufacturers have this as either a standard or available option.
  16. You might be best served matching your AP with your electronics on your boat so you can control your AP without adding another head unit just for the AP. Most manufacturers make AP systems that work well and can be controlled by their multi function displays. I would recommend having your AP connected to your main motor and it will turn your kicker without running your main. I went with the Lowrance outboard pilot and I'm very happy with it's features and performance. The system came with the tees and adapters to connect to just about any baystar or seastar helm, which made it fairly easy to intall myself, you just have to check the capacity of the hydraulic ram on your steering system (connected to your outboard) to make sure it is compatible. My guess is yours is compatible. Good luck! I wish I would have gotten mine much sooner, and would hate to be without it now that I have it.
  17. Either way, as you stated, that cheese got shredded!
  18. Yes...boring. But hey, I'm drinking Budweisers too!
  19. My kicker sits too low, I would never trailer with it down.
  20. Well, I could see why that would make a guy not want to use one, but just saying there are ways for those that do want to use a TS to do so without marring their lower unit. I installed one on my kicker as well several years ago after a buddy had his kicker lock break while going over a railroad crossing.
  21. Maybe it's the type of transom saver I have? It's got a thick rubber vee on it and I have no blemishes whatsoever on my black Mercury lower end.
  22. Why would your lower end get scratched up? I've been using a transom saver on my outboard for over 20 years and not a scratch.
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