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  1. Advanced Taxidermy in Ontario, Canada. https://www.advancedtaxidermy.com Best replicas around. They will take awhile and they won't be the cheapest, but worth every penny. I have 3 pieces done from them - one of them is a lake trout.
  2. any chance you would/could get a price too Ontario?
  3. as a frontline first responder during this pandemic and an avid angler. I would 100% suggest going to the store and purchasing a thermometer and taking temps prior to going out. A fever is a big thing with this virus. Yes you can be asymptomatic and transmit it. Takes an extra 5 mins to take temps. Be ready to offer a refund should someone have a temperature. Try and purchase disposable gloves for people to wear. Depending on the size of the boat perhaps reduce party size for the charter. This has the potential to spread like crazy and already is. The extra cost for the thermometer and gloves is a small price to pay for the added professionalism to your business. Let also your insurance coverage and your conscience factor into the decision as well.
  4. you could do that, but you will have quite the sage in the line from the rod tip to planer board release depending how far you send the board out. Also, throw in if you are using inline boards as opposed to big boards. Its a lot of knots and a hassle. I was faced with the same dilemma as you and this is what I have done. I have two setups (I use weighted steel instead of copper - same principle) A 200 and a 300 set up. I put 150 yards of 40lb braid backing then i put 150 metres (165 yds - the full spool) of 40lb Diawa metered J braid (colour changes every 10M or 33 feet. Then add the 200 and 300 copper/weighted steel. Those two set ups for arguments sake get down 40 and 60 feet. if I want them deeper I just use Torpedo weights - I have both the 2 oz and 4 oz versions. They come with a depth chart. I have tested the depths with a fish hawk td and they are pretty accurate. so lets say I need two lines out 70 and 80 feet. I take my 200 steel - let it all out - clip on a 4oz torpedo weight once i get to the braid. Then I let out roughly 75 feet of the metered braid. That gets me in the ball park of 70 feet - depending on spoon/flasher/fly speed etc. I adjust based on all that. for the 80 feet - do the same thing for the 300 steel - attached weight and then let out 35 feet and make the same adjustments based on lure, speed etc. When done - attached to the board and you are all set. The weights attached to the braid with an or16 clip so you just unclip when winding in. I compliment these with 3,5,and 10 colour lead cores.
  5. There is a reason they have the nickname "Cracker". They sell more because they are cheap. The number of warranty claims on cracked welds is ridiculous. I had to get something welded on my boat and they guy I used was the warranty guy for Bass Pro shops (Tracker dealer). When I went to his yard there was at least 8 boats waiting to get welded. There is a reason why you don't see welded airplane wings. Yes Rivets leak, but they are much cheaper to fix than a cracked hull. True craftsmanship in welded boats cost top $$$. Look at Kingfisher if you are set on a welded hull. Crestliner is not anywhere close to top dog in this category.
  6. you can do that if you want to use a snubber. I don't use snubbers.
  7. you can, but having done it and faced the consequence of losing a couple diver setups, i switched to the small section of braid (80lb) and have never lost one since
  8. Anyone know any place that carries/anyone want to sell the large Moonshine Plugs? Im in Ontario, so shipping would be needed as well.
  9. offshore tackle puts out a podcast once a month that touches on Great Lakes topics occasionally - Lake Michigan predominately
  10. it just started to fuzz up and fray. Talking to a couple other people who had it set up the same they actually had it fray off attaching there 30/40lb backer to the steel. No issues since switching to the heavier braid.
  11. uni-uni knot your backer to a 2 foot section of 65 or 80lb braid - then albright knot the braid to weighted steel. do the same for your leader - albright steel to 2 foot section of 65/80lb braid and then uni-uni that to your floro leader. never had any issues yet with plenty of good kings taken. the key was the 65 or 80lb braid - tried using 40lb braid and it didn't hold as well.
  12. ditto on the interest - feel free to pm details on cost etc - looking for 2 in the 15-17lb range
  13. Quinte soft water - check out Lloyd Duame with U and Me guide service. I know he primarily fishes the Bay in May and then September to December. He's part of a network of guides that run out of Picton harbour inn (Scott Walcott) Switching over to the salmon/trout in June-September http://www.bayofquintewalleyefishing.com As for Ice fishing Simcoe all the way if you are looking for perch, lake trout or whitefish. Perch spots are pretty much good to go no with operators starting this weekend. if you are looking for an amazing whitefish/lake trout experience - check out Fatal Force Outfitters on facebook. For Perch, there are tons of operators. Pm if you want I can recommend one based on whether you wanna do a bungalow on ice exprience or just a day hunt rental. I grew up religiously ice fishing Simcoe and put over 40 days on the hardwater there during the Jan 1- March 15 season
  14. no you don't. just go to the entrance and let them know your in the school. They will look your name up on a master list and give you a wrist band i believe to get in. good for everyday. Thats what i remember from last year
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