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  1. use 60 inch scotty releases. then just reach over with the rod and scoop it up with the eyelet on the rod. you'll never have to bed over again
  2. I have talked to Humminbird on the phone a few times. With the new g3n mega si you can not use a transducer switch. I run two humminbirds on the console. there solution to me was to link them together with ethernet and then on my g2n hook up whatever transducer i want and it will show on the g3n. leave the mega si transducer hooked up to the g3n and just turn sonar off when not using it and when u want side imaging u just turn sonar on. They are pretty helpful at humminbird but its in alabama and they get super confused when you say trolling on the great lakes lol
  3. oh man - I wish i had a p66 for the transom for the new helix units. After having the g3n mega SI out a few times now on lake O, IMO it is not a good unit at all for the application. I guess i should reword and say that the mega imaging transducers and the new transducers with the G3 and G3n units are not good for the application. with the new dual spectrum chip on the wide mode I think the lowest frequency you get is 120, which only gives you a 40/42 degree cone - which is awesome for riggers from the top to 70 feet down (That i have found). Once you start running riggers deep in the 100-160 feet range they disappear into the abyss on the screen. I run 16lb balls. last night i ran the older 83/200 transducer off the back on a portable clamp and at 2.0 mph at the ball with an 11 inch rotator i could pick the ball up down to 150ish feet and then with one click back on the transducer bracket i got it down to 215. I stopped there as i was getting nervous with the amount of cable out lol
  4. Dave, 100% know the g3n is transducer as 2d, but I absolutely hate the changes made to the 2d sonar in the g3n models. Even with the "Wide" the cone angle is very narrow. I prefer the wider 2d cone with 83 or 50 kHz. In fact if someone gave me a good deal i'd take the g3n right off the boat and put in a g2n. Currently i have the mounting board on the starboard side with the Si and fishawk transducer. Just from the input here hoping to hear that mounting the 2d sonar on the port side won't be issue. You seem to not have issues. So that's some confidence for me!
  5. I have three transducers I need to mount. 1. Humminbird 2d sonar 2. Humminbird Mega Si+ 3. Fishhawk X4 What would be your recommendations or input on mounting these? All are transom mounts. and I have a main engine and then a kicker on the port side Is there an issue or any one have any issues mounting a transducer on the Port side of the motor? The fish hawk manual has them having the sonar between the kicker and main motor on the port side, but the fish finder manuals have it exclusively on the starboard side. My original though was to mount the Fishhawk and Mega SI together on the starboard side and then the 2d sonar on the port side. (two separate the potential for frequency interference and because the fish hawk is already install on that side on the transducer board. cheer!
  6. Hey Guys, I am new to Salmon fishing and well addicted. This has been my first "off season" I have been watching and reading over numerous charter captains reports on facebook and online. I have noticed guys say in there reports they fishing the 28N to 31N and 12-16W. I know it has to do with where abouts on the lake. My question is what is this a reference too? I probably just asked a huge rookie question, so I am ready for the hazing!
  7. Care to share your settings? I'm trying to dial in my helix 7 but I can't seem to get my 16lb torpedos to show up past 80 feet without the sensitivity almost being maxed
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