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    Salmon Fishing, moose hunting, camping at St Catharines Marina and Northern Light Lake, west of Thunder Bay Ontario
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  1. I'm wondering what mapping comes preloaded on a Gen 3, is it a basic C-Map or Navionics? and what would be the best mapping for the southern Ontario/Canada Thanks
  2. bobwarner

    Meat Rigs

    MC Rockets, order some and try them
  3. bobwarner

    Wireless smart man overboard system

    true, i just attach to my life jacket or in a pocket mostly in the spring, but will try to do this all the time from now on is -i wear my life jacket, so will everyone else -put my cell phone in a water tight case with a lanyard around my neck -attach auto tether to my clothes or in a jacket pocket. should have a chance if i go over
  4. bobwarner

    Wireless smart man overboard system

    https://www.autotether.com/ I have this installed and works well
  5. Fished solo on Sunday from port weller to the bar. marked quite few fish along the way, started catching lakers, 6 for 8 closer to the bar. 50 over 55 stayed along that 50-60' line. ladder back spoon and SD with MC rocket purchased new HDS 9 with auto pilot, what a dream. changes the whole solo fishing entirely. im sure anyone who has auto pilot would agree
  6. bobwarner

    New set up

    Standard? I didn’t mean I invented it! Just used hooches instead flies. But thanks for educating me, won’t bother next time Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. bobwarner

    New set up

    Any comments? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. What’s your cell number ? I can text you
  9. Hi, these still available? I have replied 3 times and it has not shown up in this post Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  10. hi, I need 2, is that possible?
  11. bobwarner

    Lowrance Autopilot

    hi, just spent the dollars on s HDS Gen 3 9 structure scan and 3D with auto pilot. now just have to install it and see if my wife will speak to me again this year
  12. bobwarner

    Lowrance Autopilot

    Thanks for the info Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  13. Hi, want to get into some tournaments this year. How would any winnings be divided amongst the team. Not that I plan on winning anything, but you never know. Usually the captain has all the money invested in the boat and gear Thanks
  14. bobwarner

    Lowrance Autopilot

    Anyone have info on lowrance autopilot? Apparently there is 2 different versions. The second version being much improved. In Canada version 1 is $1350. Version 2 is $1800 Also looking at the HDS Gen 3 9 with totalscan including 3D, anyone have one and do you love it!?? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app