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  1. What’s your cell number ? I can text you
  2. Hi, these still available? I have replied 3 times and it has not shown up in this post Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. hi, I need 2, is that possible?
  4. Lowrance Autopilot

    hi, just spent the dollars on s HDS Gen 3 9 structure scan and 3D with auto pilot. now just have to install it and see if my wife will speak to me again this year
  5. Lowrance Autopilot

    Thanks for the info Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. Hi, want to get into some tournaments this year. How would any winnings be divided amongst the team. Not that I plan on winning anything, but you never know. Usually the captain has all the money invested in the boat and gear Thanks
  7. Lowrance Autopilot

    Anyone have info on lowrance autopilot? Apparently there is 2 different versions. The second version being much improved. In Canada version 1 is $1350. Version 2 is $1800 Also looking at the HDS Gen 3 9 with totalscan including 3D, anyone have one and do you love it!?? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Hi, I have a brand new never used, just hooked up once transducer, realized they ordered the wrong one and they refuse to take it back. so I had to order the correct one. Airmar TRIDUCER P58. Manufacturer Part Numbers Raymarine—A102138——Airmar—31-714-1-01 asking $125.00 thanks
  9. nice to see no lamprey marks
  10. Spoon Storage

    cut off pool noodle works good for flies, i put wooden dowels in a plastic container and screw them down through the bottom of the box, wrap the flies around the noodle and place the noodle onto the wooden dowel
  11. Kidney Disease? Eatable?

    Good day, went fishing out 50 Point sunday went 3 for 4. Managed to land a 20lb king. Problem is went to clean it and noticed very old lampray mark but it seemed a little different. Then went to gut it and noticed the kidney (just below the spine from front to rear) was full of very hard off white particles, and milky liquid stuff coming out. Wished i had a camera. Anybody seen this before and is the fish still edible. BTW, caught a Lake Trout, 50' over 120' on a fly. Thanks Bob
  12. Hi, i have fished out of Bronte the last 2 summers, we would head straight out to 75-150 fow, troll parallel to shore. Fish riggers 30- 80 feet down. Spin docter/ fly combo, green, blue. Flasher and herring strip, fake or real, i'm not sure if the real herring strip are out in the bait shops or not. Fake ones work well. Make sure you test the action before you drop it down. spoons will work also, speed 2.5-3 Good luck
  13. Good day, i have been running the fly behind a flasher, "mostly blue" and "mostly green" flys. They have been our best luck this weekend. Although we were fishing this morning, had some luck on flys and herring strips, but i put on an old forest green lyman, 3 for 4 from 9:30 to 10:30. Fish never touched anything else. Bob
  14. Blue Water

    Thanks for the info
  15. Good day, i am new to fishing Lake Ontario. Buddy and i have been fishing out of Bronte. Have done pretty good the few time we have been out. I hear people talk about fishing the "blue water". What is it, where is it and whats good and bad about it? Thanks Bob