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  1. Spring may be early!!! I do have access to where she is stored if anyone wants to see her before the weather breaks. Jeff
  2. Boat is still on the market and I have access to it if anyone wants to see her before spring. Thanks, Jeff
  3. She is out of the water and all cleaned up. I will have access to her if anyone wants to see her over the winter. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Last bump. Only a few more days till she's out and winterized let me know if anyone once to see her before that.
  5. Had some more interest so I've decided to leave her in 1 more week. Coming out next Sunday for sure. Able to show before Friday or on Sunday if anyone is interested. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Mark answered your PM. Call me if you have any questions or if you want to discuss. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Last chance to see her before winter coming out on Friday or Saturday. Let me know if anyone wants to see her before then. Jeff
  8. Had some more interest so leaving her in till next weekend.
  9. Last bump will go back on the market in the spring. Thanks, Jeff
  10. Last week she's coming out next weekend unless someone wants to see her and sea trial. Jeff