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  1. The Bert's rod holders are sold. I thought the mounts were for downrigger but they are electronic mounts sorry. Post edited. Jeff
  2. Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone. The Berts are ratcheting. I will post pics here tomorrow have another trip in the morning so wont be till after that is done. I can be reached at 814-823-1622 later on tomorrow e wants to talk. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Have 2 Berts rod holders, bright, they do have some marks in the finish. $50.00 each Have 4 Berts 3.5 inch bright electronic mounts 2 are still in packages the other 2 have ball holders on them. $35.00 each Have 6 Trax Tech adjustable rod holders satin finish. $65.00 each All are track mount. Plus any shipping charges. Thanks
  4. I will take them sent you a PM
  5. Only have 1 left all the rest sold PP. Let me know if anyone needs 1.
  6. Originally had 15 edited post to 11 must have gotten screwed up in the process LOL. Have 9 left with 2 more sold so only have 7 now. Thanks for catching that. Jeff
  7. More sold have 9 left now
  8. Post edited 4 sold 11 left. Thanks
  9. 9 Bert's ratcheting polished rod holders. All in great condition. $65.00 per holder plus any shipping costs.