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  1. 1 Cannon black Digitrol 5 rigger including swivel base, rod holders , cover. Etc. $600.00 plus shipping if necessary. 1 Berts swivel base #MF2979 $85.00 plus shipping. 4 Cabelas rod bags they will hold 4-6 rods and reels. $20 each plus shipping. i can send pics just let me know.
  2. Post has been updated and pics sent if they were not received let me know and I will send again. thanks
  3. Tom tried calling went right to voice mail. Was pretty sick last couple of days so sorry for the delay. If today is still good let me know can meet this afternoon some time.
  4. I have an 1165I think that was going to be used by past owner of my boat but never really was and I haven't used it at all. No ducer just head unit, cover, and mounting bracket. If interested let me know. Thanks, Jeff
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