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  1. Originally had 15 edited post to 11 must have gotten screwed up in the process LOL. Have 9 left with 2 more sold so only have 7 now. Thanks for catching that. Jeff
  2. More sold have 9 left now
  3. Post edited 4 sold 11 left. Thanks
  4. 9 Bert's ratcheting polished rod holders. All in great condition. $65.00 per holder plus any shipping costs.
  5. I will take some pics and post them later tonight. Thanks, Jeff
  6. I have a Furuno 582L color sonar with mounting bracket, cover, all necessary wires, and an Airmair transom mount tri-ducer. All in good condition. Asking $350.00 plus any shipping costs. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Bandit makes a deep diver as well and they work great when they want them.
  8. Nice machine got the pics.  This is 4X4 right?


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    2. Jeff J

      Jeff J

      yes I am where are you located?


    3. Trouthunter


      In Hammondsport its my buddys if interested can meet if u would like to see it


    4. Trouthunter


      jeff you can call me at 2012075402