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  1. horsehunter

    What do you consider a trophy steelhead?

    So if it's caught out in the lake trolling is it a Rainbow or a Steelhead? I've always figured they were only Steelhead in the river and tho I've caught a fair number trolling never one in the river so the first would be a trophy ( never kept ).. My brother in law out on the west coast says we don't have steelhead only rainbows because our fish have never gone out to salt.
  2. horsehunter

    8x10 Tilt Bed Trailer

    "wife wont let me keep toys in the driveway." guess we know who the boss is If that was in Ontario I'd be all over it
  3. horsehunter

    plans for building planer boards

    Any idea what the result of having the back of the two boards even would be? This would allow the boards to stand on end. Still looking for plans for collapsing boards. Where are Paul's plans?
  4. horsehunter

    Modifying boards

    Wouldn't being high lift the inside board and make the outside dig?
  5. horsehunter

    Modifying boards

    The plan I saw was not clear and I read the bill of materials as 1x8 The homemade boards that came with my boat are 7 inches tall and about 2 inches shorter and the pulls are either very low or very high. The leading edge is not compound cut and the angles are metal covered. I have yet to run them. I have only used Church inlines or Cannon collapsible which I like. The Cannons belong to a friend and I would like to find a good used pair
  6. horsehunter

    Modifying boards

    On the homemade boards is your tow point above or below center. The way I read the plan its below but in the diagram it looks above
  7. horsehunter

    Modifying boards

    I question the need for what I think you mean by a compound angle . Wouldn't leaving more material on the bottom of the leading edge grab more water and pull harder. Also someone suggested adding weight to the back of the boards. On my Church inlines I move the weights forward to keep the leading edge deeper and pulling. Neither the Church or Offshore inlines or the Cannon collapsible have what I think you refer to as a compound angle.
  8. horsehunter

    Reviving old planer board line

    What could possibly cheaper than new shower curtian rings
  9. horsehunter

    suzuki EFI 9.9

    Tohatsu make the small motors for Mercury and Evinrude . Yamaha and Suzuki still make their own. I have a 2017 20 hp Suzuki Kicker which is really the same motor as you are inquiring about and I'm most satisfied . I can run mine from my main tank or the portable and get 2 full days plus on the 2.5 gal tank at muskie speeds. My main motor is a 2012 115 hp Suzuki 4 stroke. and I previously owned a 60 and a 70 never a hicup or problem. Although I have never had an issue I live within 25 miles of a great dealer. If good dealerships were a long way away from you I would consider Yamaha myself I'll stick with Suzuki.
  10. horsehunter

    Best Before Dates

    Question for those that run cores . How often do you replace your mono backing and whats the life of the lead core itself? I replace my 20 foot leader at least yearly but have never replaced the backer . my cores are 3 or 4 years old. If I wanted to segment a 10 colour how much mono should I put between the 2 5 colour segments ?
  11. horsehunter

    Bunk versus roller guide one

    Neo 1945 I like your roller . What did you use and where did you get it. I have side boards but I know someone that that would help.
  12. horsehunter

    Bunk versus roller guide one

    I have seen more than one boat roll off onto the concrete launch apron and 2 roll off onto a highway.. I also think rollers are pressure points especially on bad roads. One of my friends has a roller trailer and i don't ever think i have seen his boat level on the trailer and have watched him have to stick his boat back in the water for a second try.
  13. horsehunter

    Bunk versus roller guide one

    The best loading trailer I ever had was an Eagle bunk trailer. I think the secret was it had 4 bunks and the inner 2 angled toward center. I t also had 2 short side centering boards at the back of the trailer. It was impossible to not have the boat centered unless you backed in much too far. I see a lot of people try to load with the trailer much too deep and personally I think bunks give better support than rollers.
  14. Companies should not be able to file for bankruptcy stiff the creditors , employees and pensioners then reopen with a clean slate.
  15. horsehunter

    plans for building planer boards

    Bringing this back to the top in hopes of your thoughts and especially finding plans for collapsing boards Thanks in advance