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  1. Never was able to figure out why we drive on a Parkway and park in a Driveway.
  2. Take it to court and point out to the judge it's called a PARKWAY
  3. Wave predictions never seem to agree what I'm looking at on the water. I keep a chart in my head that tells me for different conditions that tells me when I can fish and when I should pray.
  4. Failing all else order direct from Mike Cain. At least check out his website.
  5. i own scottys and like them but they do seem to take up more real estate than cannons
  6. Anyone successfully using these. I bought 2 of these sets but my mounting hold down knobs are such a tight fit they will not go in far enough to tightly mount the downrigger.
  7. Loyalist Cove Marina at Bath Ontario
  8. Was told at the marina yesterday that they have purchased some sort of probe that they can walk the docks every morning and determine if any boats are leaking any stray current.
  9. I have a Starcraft Superfisherman ( they named the boat after me I think ) great deep and wide boat boat but the Fishmaster with the full height splashwell might be even better..
  10. So is the anode on the motor also protection for the boat? Can't say I've ever seen an anode on the boat. should I be leaving my lower unit in the water I've always tipped my motors so they didn't grow fur.
  11. MC Rockets work at times better than bait. I'm not convinced the tongue out of your sneakers wouldn't work and stand up better than bait. Freedom Lures makes a plastic cutbait in many colours and some friends did well with them last season( and loaded up on this year) something I will definitely try but really wish they had put a rattle in them
  12. Canada does not control water release, it's the Joint Commission and after they finish their joint they will consider the problem
  13. What's the displacement of a 20 pound king or laker could the problem be too many fish
  14. Rumor has it that the New York State and Province of Ontario governments are about to mandate the removal of all pleasure boats and commercial boats of less than 45 feet from Lake Ontario till July 15 2019. This should lower water levels 4 inches and lessen potential flooding. I'm starting this rumor pass it on
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