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  1. Berkely Gulp is a water soluble scent
  2. I use Church Walleye boards with Offshore locking clips fishing for muskies they will pull 10 inch baits but when fishing alone I would go with big boards on a mast so I didn't have to stop fighting the fish to remove the board.
  3. Years ago before I ever thought about salmon I watched a video where the guy dipped his baits in oily bilge water and caught fish. I know a guy who rinses his lures in dish detergent.
  4. Dr Bruce Tufts said that for a scent to work it would have to be water soluble. Back in the 60's my slip was next to a well known Lake Simcoe lake trout guide. One afternoon while having a beer on his boat i spotted a small bottle and asked what it was he said fish attractant. When I asked if it worked he said " It works for me I sold over $3000 worth at the sportsman show" In the 60's 3000 would buy a new car. He said it was Cod Liver Oil he bought in bulk however I never saw him use it while fishing
  6. There are modifications suggested by Blood Run however the boards are manufactured by Church Tackle. Church have changed the forward clip to a locking clip sometime towards the end of last season . On mine I made stainless pins for the back and cut the foam to allow me to stack the two weights one above the other at the front of the boards. I pull hard pulling muskie lures that dive like loons at 5 mph.
  7. I'll take the findings of the researchers ahead of the merchandisers thanks.
  8. Fish strike for reasons beside sight. They can hone in on vibration, and scent, providing it's water soluble 80% of my fishing is for muskies and I know I could get a reaction strike from a fish with a socket wrench given the right time and location. Location and timing are the two most important factors. if the fish aren't there doesn't much mater what you use
  9. in conversation with Dr. Bruce Tufts Queens University ( Tufts Lab ) he told me fish don't see UV. As most of his research was with warm water species I asked if this applied to trout and salmon and he said it did.. Further searching on the net looking for scientific articles it said that salmon fry could see UV while in the rivers but lost the ability when the smolt and enter the ocean or big lakes.
  10. So your running the long leaders right off the ball?
  11. pinch pad releases So I'm seeing a lot of pinch pad releases with long leaders up to 5 feet. What is the idea here and how do you reach it for resetting? I see about half or more come with a metal clip for attaching to rigger cable. Do you feel this clip would damage rigger cable?
  12. One thing I did was move both weights to the front that keeps the bevel in the water to make it skate. Just modify one board till you get it to do what you want before making changes to the other boards. you probably haven't done anything that can't be undone. the new boards are now coming with a locking clip. I run Church boards with offshore locking clips
  13. I guess i listened to two dealers that said they were basicly the same motor. The 6 year warranty and the fuel injection is what sold me. I have two boats with Suzuki 4 strokes and just sold another a year ago. My only issue is I launch and start the motor and when walking back from parking the truck i always think the motor quit because I can't hear it. I love my Suzuki Edit: Suzuki Canada site shows 108 lbs for both 9.9 and 20
  14. Like I said 20 weighs exactly the same as the 9.9 and I frequently troll at 5 mph
  15. 80% of my fishing is muskies on big water trolling at 4.5 miles per hour. I have friends that have to use their big motor in the wind because their 9.9 don't cut it it. With Suzuki which is the same as my main 9.9, 15, and 20 are the same weight but the 15 isn't available with remote control. The 20 will only be running at the low end of it's RPM range.The nice thing about the Suzuki is it's fuel injected.