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  1. horsehunter

    Thought our tribs saw alot of pressure.......

    Great video...not my cup of tea but looks like lots of fish for those that choose to participate
  2. horsehunter

    Planner Board Tow Eye Placement

    I'm using them with the eye above center the way I see most other boards, to my way of thinking the previous owner of the boat who I have lost contact for must have marked the boards for facing the stern and setting lines. My initial question was what effect does moving the eye forward and back and up and down?
  3. horsehunter

    Planner Board Tow Eye Placement

    How about vertical placement I see most homemade boards the tow eye is above center Cannon folders are on center would lower positioning cause the outside board to dig more?
  4. What is the best downrigger weight for bouncing bottom for lakers
  5. horsehunter

    Planner Board Tow Eye Placement

    Occasionally used for muskie but more often for muskie I use Hose Fatties behind a modified church walleye board . The big boards will be mostly for trout and salmon.
  6. horsehunter

    Planner Board Tow Eye Placement

    Watched a video on You Tube guy trolling on Arrow lake i BC. His attachment was about a 5 inch chain mounted on both ends so he could attach anywhere along its length.
  7. How does tow eye placement affect the running of boards both vertical and horizontal. My boat came with a pair of homemade boards that were marked left and right and I have been running them as if they were marked for facing the back of the boat otherwise the tow eye would be mounted really low on the board which just didn't look right to me. They pull ok the way i have run them with the tow eye above center. The Cannon folding boards I have been hoping to stumble across used and that i have used on a friends boat have the eye vertically centered. . Curious about the fore aft positioning.
  8. horsehunter

    Folding Planner Boards

    Anyone have plans for homemade folding boards
  9. horsehunter

    Folding Planner Boards

    Any opinions on the folding planners and any difference in the Cannons or Rivieras. I have a set of homemade boards that pull like mules but take up a lot of room in an 18 foot boat. Thanks
  10. horsehunter

    Do I need a Fish Hawk

    Have any of you guys ever ran your probe at the surface and compared speed with your GPS i've never had a lo of faith in paddle wheels.
  11. So my understanding is that leadcore sinks at about 5 feet per colour so a 5 colour would go down 25' and a 10 aprox 50'. What I'm thinking is the line would continue to sink as you let out more backing and if you had enough you could get the 5 colour much deeper. Any thoughts on this ? What is the life of leadcore how often do you replace?
  12. horsehunter

    Peanut rigs

    If you could only run one for the rest of your days would it be the peanut or the spin & glow?
  13. horsehunter

    Peanut rigs

    How do you fish the peanuts is it the same as the spin & glo's behind a cow bell? What size?
  14. horsehunter

    What do you consider a trophy steelhead?

    So if it's caught out in the lake trolling is it a Rainbow or a Steelhead? I've always figured they were only Steelhead in the river and tho I've caught a fair number trolling never one in the river so the first would be a trophy ( never kept ).. My brother in law out on the west coast says we don't have steelhead only rainbows because our fish have never gone out to salt.
  15. horsehunter

    8x10 Tilt Bed Trailer

    "wife wont let me keep toys in the driveway." guess we know who the boss is If that was in Ontario I'd be all over it