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  1. i own scottys and like them but they do seem to take up more real estate than cannons
  2. Anyone successfully using these. I bought 2 of these sets but my mounting hold down knobs are such a tight fit they will not go in far enough to tightly mount the downrigger.
  3. Loyalist Cove Marina at Bath Ontario
  4. Was told at the marina yesterday that they have purchased some sort of probe that they can walk the docks every morning and determine if any boats are leaking any stray current.
  5. I have a Starcraft Superfisherman ( they named the boat after me I think ) great deep and wide boat boat but the Fishmaster with the full height splashwell might be even better..
  6. So is the anode on the motor also protection for the boat? Can't say I've ever seen an anode on the boat. should I be leaving my lower unit in the water I've always tipped my motors so they didn't grow fur.
  7. MC Rockets work at times better than bait. I'm not convinced the tongue out of your sneakers wouldn't work and stand up better than bait. Freedom Lures makes a plastic cutbait in many colours and some friends did well with them last season( and loaded up on this year) something I will definitely try but really wish they had put a rattle in them
  8. Canada does not control water release, it's the Joint Commission and after they finish their joint they will consider the problem
  9. What's the displacement of a 20 pound king or laker could the problem be too many fish
  10. Rumor has it that the New York State and Province of Ontario governments are about to mandate the removal of all pleasure boats and commercial boats of less than 45 feet from Lake Ontario till July 15 2019. This should lower water levels 4 inches and lessen potential flooding. I'm starting this rumor pass it on
  11. So do the troupers chase you down without creating a wake or is it like the Canadian police chase with the robbers and police pushing their cars through the snow?
  12. The meteorologists have a difficult time forecasting tomorrows weather and they sometimes get as close as dark tonight and light tomorrow. Now your telling me to go with a magazine compiled over a year ago and written in a way that's so vague they get the odd day close,.you might as well just read chicken entrails. If I had realized 20% was a pass I would have stayed in school and become a meteorologist
  13. So I wonder why mortality was much greater for Huron than Superior given the same water temperatures.Yet they were similar between 50 and 60
  14. Contractors with chainsaws on lake Muskoka cutting the roofs off boat houses to get antique wooden boats out
  15. To me it looks like the eyebolt should be moved up to the center line or above.Possibly drill three holes for the eyebolt so you can easily adjust the position and experiment to find your best running. I have often wondered why so many homemade boards have the angular cut from top to bottom I believe you are removing the wood that would give the most pull . This area is not removed on the Offshore or Church inline boards and we shift the weight fully forward to get maximum contact of this area to the water and get the best side pull
  16. Quebec is offering people flooded out $200,000. to move rather than rebuild every few years if they don't take the money they will be on their own. Would be nice to see areas than regularly flood turned into parkland or green space. If the global warming forecasts are correct it won't get better..
  17. So the insanity is building in the flood plain and rebuilding every couple of years and expecting different results.. Glad I don't have to forecast if we get snow or spring rains how far we can safely draw down and still have safe navigation or generate hydro . Imagine the screaming if your dock or marina was 20 feet from the waters edge in August. It happened in Georgian Bay years ago.
  18. Can't believe there hasn't been more noise about this as it affects the GPS of HDS GEN2 or GEN2 Touch and all Elite units and some Hook units. Elite units are still in the stores.
  19. They have removed the patch which was on the website last week and now have nothing ready. Not one word on Lowrances Canadian website. All Gen 2 and Gen 2 touch units plus many others affected. HAPPY NOT TO BE ON FACEBOOK
  20. I find it odd that someone with 5 posts asking how to troll spoons is billing himself as a charter ( aluma charters) I guess if you got a boat you can be a guide.
  21. One thing I do know is a friend broke off a laker one day and the following day recaught the laker with his rapala still attached 17 miles as the crow flies from where it broke off
  22. When trolling for browns is it preferable to use inline boards as opposed to big double boards?
  23. Seems to to me some memory from the past tells me it's bad mojo to rename a boat without going through some sort of special process and ceremony . Wat's your take? i'm not normally superstitious nothing has ever happened to me because of superstition knock on wood. My fishing hat is 9 years old.
  24. Great video...not my cup of tea but looks like lots of fish for those that choose to participate
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