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  1. So could you limit to one or two but only allow 3 rods and boats under 19' 6" I fished a number of derbies from an 18 foot boat 2 guys 4 rods ( Canada ) knowing we were fishing against boats with 10 or more rods bugged me but partner said we only need Kings not junk lines (cashed in a couple ) Could be big fish rather than big box and if people were kept up to date nonqualifiers could be released.
  2. I have a Starcraft Superfisherman ( they named it after me ) I have Scotty riggers behind which I have 36 inch Berts tracks I use Berts tube type rod holders for boards sometimes the riggers and the dipseys. I have Down Easters on track plates which I use for muskie fishing on the St. Lawrence for down rods and flat lines.They are occasionally used for dipseys if I need more rodholders but prefer the Berts as they keep the rod buts outside the gunnel. I love the versatility of this system only have to run what is needed and everything comes off when I put on the travel cover. My Berts mast fits in a 6 inch track at the bow and is only in place when needed but more and more I find I'm using inlines. If you cut a plastic washer from a sour cream lid and put it between the sections of the down easters you can raise and lower your rod tips when muskie trolling with a slight bit of pressure on the rod buts.
  3. The Banner is the statement it's from the government of Canada on the Department of Transport twitter feed. as well as several other places. Trudeau is not going to give you a personal phone call. Take your brilliant legal mind and go for it
  4. I sure wouldn't give advise but travel between areas is frowned on . I go out and run the back roads for about an hour a week just to get myself and my wife out of the house and see if the rest of the world is still out there. She feels guilty but we don't stop and interact with others so unless I run off the road and need a tow I don't.
  5. If you want to kill some time looking at some impressive boats check out the patrol and fire boats.http://metalcraftmarine.com/ I often see them doing sea trials when fall fishing on the river and eastern Lake Ontario
  6. Actually when I was stopped by Shiprider a US Coastgardsman said your guys have better boats. It is quite impressive to watch them launch and retrieve the ridgid inflatables off the big boat or watch the Big RCMP RIB scream by. A lot of the boats are built by a company in Kingston that have facilities on both sides of the river.
  7. Actually we can fish if we can get our boats in the water a few lucky individuals have private launches on their own property. Public and commercial launches are closed. We can fish with members of our household or by maintaining two meter distance from contact with others. You run the boat and I'll run the riggers and reel in the fish.
  8. Ask the authorities on both sides what weight your opinion has. Kevin posted the link from the people that mater which gave the definitive answer that should have ended the conversation but obviously people couldn't be bothered going to the link and would rather rely on hearsay. Even in good times the border is under constant surveillance both on the water and from the air. They know who is out and what they are doing. If someone told me they can read the small print on your fishing license I wouldn't doubt it. Even more than wanting to fish I want a haircut
  9. I would strongly advise people to not take legal advise from Mrpike59 and rely on Transport Canada. It is not an imaginary line the Horsemen know exactly where it is and you should too or be prepared to loose your toys or I have no doubt in these times spend considerable time waiting for a bail hearing.. THE BORDER HAS BEEN CLOSED BY BOTH CANADA AND THE US. The Shiprider boats have personel from both countries and I know my boat won't out run it.
  10. If you take the time to read the link Kevin posted Transport Canada @Transport_gc You may only travel between #Canada & the #US on your boat for essential purposes. You will be denied entry if you are travelling for non-essential purposes, like tourism, recreation, and entertainment. If you do go, you must report to border services when crossing the border.
  11. I think most of what is posted here pertains to normal times and I wouldn't depend on it with the border being closed to non essential travel. Fishing bull boards are probably not the place to seek legal advise in these trying times.
  12. Believe Stretch 20, 25, and 30's made by Mann still see some around.
  13. I'm just wondering why anyone would consider replying to a two year old add but it seems to happen all the time. I would just assume if it still hadn't sold there are issues.
  14. Just thinking out loud but I would figure any boat for sale for 2 years would have been looked at by enough people to have determine that there were problems and not worth wasting my time. That being said I think with the hit the economy is going to take with this covid issue and many people being left with much less disposable income our toys are going to be worth much less than they were 6 months ago. Ontario has just mandated the closure of all public and private recreational facilities. This includes parks, playgrounds, marinas , launch ramps, among many other things I fear this may be the fishing season that wasn't..
  15. Army still calling for 9 inch rise in the next month
  16. We didn't have a lot of snow along the north shore but you don't have to go too far north and they had a lot of snow most of that northern melt goes to the Ottawa or the Severn . The upper lakes are very high but much will depend on the severity of spring rainfall. Unless this Covid 19 issue is resolved faster than I think it will be I can see with water levels even at last years levels marinas and launches particularly municipally owned not even opening.
  17. They are stocked every year at Finkles (spring ) and Millhaven wharf ( fall ) I was thinking more of drawing and holding them .
  18. If there were no gulls this year that would be a good thing. I was present the last 3 or 4 years and that wasn't the case. It will be interesting to see what happens when the new power plant is fully running with a much stronger warm water discharge. I remember fishing at the Sisters at Port Credit 35 years ago when visiting relatives in Toronto . I have heard of the odd brown caught in front of the Lenox.
  19. My question would have to be where are the thousands stocked every year at Athol Bay and Finkles Park ending up? South Shore Cormorants Gulls (I have been present for several stockings and the Gulls already have the email as the stupid little buggers swim around the surface waiting for someone to feed them. We are not getting a return on investment. At least in my opinion they should be trying night stocking. Unfortunately this spring the world has much bigger issues to contend with. Stay Well..
  20. You want to end up at your motors recommended wide open throttle recommendation for RPM's Run the motor wide open with your normal load and note the RPM A 2 inch increase in pitch will reduce RPM 300 to 400 decrease in pitch will increase rpm going to a 4 blade will reduce speed slightly in most cases but give a better hole shot and allow planing at a lower speed. A diameter change will also affect RPM I believe bigger diameter less RPM If you buy a new prop from a local prop shop they will let you try till you find what you want tell them what your looking to do and let them recommend. BUY LOCAL but go to a prop shop.
  21. I was going to attend a fishing show this weekend but have decided to take a pass. Too bad I wanted some new toys.
  22. You are limited to fewer rods per person 2 on the open waters of Lake Ontario and 1 when you are east of the eastern ends of Howe and Wolfe Islands
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