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  1. Are You a fan, and if you prefer the clock not to change would you take standard time or daylight savings? Think I might prefer staying on standard time less time to wait till magic hour and getting home before being placed in the dog house.
  2. I see now that the World Health Organization is advising people over 60 and people with respiratory conditions to avoid crowds
  3. So If they're trolls you want to repeat can you just not record them with your trolling motor and recall them when you want to repeat and just use the best chart you have.
  4. Look forward to seeing you both
  5. I'm counting on being sold out in 40 minutes and muskie guys being too tough to get sick.
  6. With the apparent spread of this covid virus are you thinking about avoiding crowds? With the Toronto Sportsman Show and smaller but still large shows In Peterborough and Belleville Ontario I'm wondering how they will be affected . I'm kinda committed to working a booth but at 77 I'm wondering if this is such a brilliant idea.
  7. Sorry I guess I didn't hear about them moving Olcott to the north shore.
  8. I'm confused I thought you had 3 lines per angler on the New York side of the puddle.
  9. Doesn't sound like that's allowing me to break down rod . 10 foot rods don't fit my rod lockers or truck cab.
  10. I muskie fished many years with a guy that would need to be let off on an island. He rarely went home wearing socks.
  11. So why would I even bother with the mono and not just run braid directly to the dipsey and run the snubber I have always run behind the dipsey I have bulk spools of both 80 and 100 pound power pro. I'm only trying to get all the wire on the reel for break down.
  12. Can you not just wire to mono and eliminate one knot also I'm thinking fleas on the braid. What about using a small swivel
  13. What about the other banana shaped one I think it's called "Superbait"
  14. Any hints on suggested colours if left on my own I think I would lean towards silver green with a bit of black silver blue with a bit of black watermelon or firetiger
  15. I know they have a following on the west coast has the jury reached a decision for Lady O? I have never seen them at a store in eastern Ontario so Amazon would be my only outlet. Not a fan of online shopping because of the damage done to the small local retailers.
  16. I see reference to braid to mono but not braided wire to mono
  17. I am considering adding 10 or more probably adding 15 feet of 50 lb big game to my 7 strand Dipsey reels to allow me to wind all the wire onto the reel and brake down the rods for transit or storage. When I break down the rods now I end up somehow with a little curl even tho I am careful not to put a hard bend in the wire. This is a curl and not a kink but it scares me. What would be the best knot or connection for my purpose. I do have some tiny Spro swivels rated for 80 and I think 120 pounds that would easily go through the guides (hopefully without catching ) but they sure don't look as substantial as the ball bearing swivels I normally use on terminal ends.The other benefit I can see to this would be being able to clip the terminal end and switch the reel to a 7.5 or 8 foot rod when fishing alone without constantly clipping the wire. Your thoughts please.
  18. If you don't do it as above and replace the clear coat it won't last but sometimes a dull worn confidence spoon can be your best friend
  19. If you just want to troll at 2.5 mph anything will do but if you want to get back in when the going is heavy a 15 OR MORE is probably preferable . My boat is only an 18 footer and when looking at kickers and wanting a Suzuki I discovered the weight difference between 9.9, 15, and 20 was negligible and only the 9.9 and 20 were available with trim tilt and controls . I do a lot of muskie trolling in big water at speeds to 6 mph and over the years fishing with friends discovered that when it was lumpy they had to shut down the kicker and troll on the big motor. I went with the 20 hp long shaft weight, cost, and fuel consumption are not much different than a 9.9. and it will bring me home. edit: my kicker has an available fuel line from the main tank but I normally run it from a plastic portable tank in the splash well figuring if the main was down because of a fuel issue the kicker on the same tank is little help.
  20. Back in the 60's my boat was in a covered slip next to a guy that guided for lake trout. The only lure he used was a 6 inch Williams whitefish back then they had a white plastic tail covering the hook. Once a lure caught a fish he would remove it and put on brand a new lure. At one time I had about 3 six quart baskets full of whitefish he had given me. Fishermen get some funny ideas and superstitions. I'm thinking the upcoming season may be challenging as my fishing hat made one too many trips through the washing machine.
  21. I'm glad you solved your problem. I'm failing to understand how the post slipping back creates more gap rather than less.
  22. More commonly done on the west coast? I've never been able to locate non ultra Lemon Joy in eastern Ontario.
  23. Just heard that the number of Canadian Pens remain the same with a 20% cut to the numbers of fish in each pen. Can't see this helping the alewife situation. What is needed is a MASSIVE cull of the flying rats.
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