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  1. Whitetail Institute Pure Attraction came up great for me this year. Planted the first week of September.
  2. I shop at the small shops as much or more than anyone else. When I'm trying to find an obscure ram rod holder mount or rigger pedestal, etc I sometimes hit a roadblock for availability. Thanks for above suggestions.
  3. Other online stores? I know of fish307 and fishusa, but what other online stores are out there that have tons of gear for sale (besides cabelas/basspro).
  4. Hey old man, appreciate the offer, but I figure I ought to start building a musky tackle box. I live round here. Just hardly never fish musky.
  5. Cool, thanks! I got a few depth raiders, but was looking for something different from the guys in the know. Much appreciated.
  6. Musky Lure - Cape Vincent Area Plan on fishing walleye in cape vincent this weekend, but would like to run one rod for musky. What would be the go-to lure youd choose for waters in the 30-50' range? Preferably something that is available in thousands island bait shop. Many thank yous.
  7. Love me a good venison stock. Do just about the same exact thing you do. Got one in the fridge now. Just finished my favorite parts, liver, heart and inner loins.
  8. Don't call me a misinformed idiot!!!!!!
  9. Is this place a knitting circle or what?
  10. Soft-minded is polite, respectful terminology. I can offer up synonyms that are disrespectful to prove my point, but won't. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe, the stance you are taking can be frustrating, and anger folks as much or more so than harsh words. I did offer a persuasive stance; that mollycoddling a certain set of folks one way deteriorates a blind justice system, but you cannot get beyond being called soft-minded or feeling bashed to address that. You simply wish to reinforce a politically correct granny vernacular that stifles good debate.
  11. Reply in the form of a prayer, amen.
  12. The polarization is a result of the soft-mindedness you display. Rather than hold a blind justice system accountable, it seems from your post you'd like a justice system to bend to your relative opinion that certain groups have a reasonable basis to be excused from responsibility. And if we don't adhere to your whimsical reasons, well, then we are on our way to Sharia Law or whatever you're getting at with your reference to the Middle East. It is important to present logical, historical, lawful precedence as a means to debate and change people's errant opinions. That discourse is crucial, even if you are scared someone's feelings will hurt.
  13. Excellent point. These measures should have us all in a roar.
  14. Does anyone have experience with the reliability of Ruger's mini thirty and cheap surplus rounds (non-brass)?
  15. There is no place better. Im all about American exceptionalism and believe in the Constitution. I have no shame in sticking up for it either. An by the way Sk8man, youre the one that has had to go back and edit your posts toconceal your true feelings on entrepreneurial profit that certainly flew in the face of any charter business, guiding service, hunting lease, or trapping endeavors.