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  1. I have two Captains Pak Manual riggers that are in need of repair. I will be calling Big Jon service soon because I am having a tough time finding the parts I need online. Is there anywhere local that specializes in Big Jon service locally? The service work seems very simple, but I am having a terrible time finding the parts online.
  2. Thoroughly impressed. One of, if not my favorite hauls.
  3. Any live well lines busted?
  4. Show me where the Environmentalists of 2014 predicted water transparency changes caused from a rise in water levels. Never saw that discussed. Why would would new water transparencies be expected to be permanent? I agree with bluegiller that disturbance is causing the transparency changes. Are we rooting for further disturbance to maintain these levels of new water transparency that benefit fishing? Because I'd guess that be subsequent new higher highs.
  5. We never made it to the salmon waters but should have. Launched at isthmus. Trolled every walleye spot I know of for 8 hours on Monday and did not get one fish. Should have motored straight to Stony. Probably would have had a better chance at walleye fishing trout in those waters.
  6. Anyone fishing the Henderson area for trout/salmon willing to share a report?
  7. Someone stole stainless screws from your transom???? WTF
  8. Thank you very much for this. I've watched it 20x.
  9. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but when I last used it, an 18ft is fine and once you leave the narrow cattail channel go tighter to the right side of creek mouth while following/finding the channel out to the lake.
  10. Its high and rising every day. Its over its mean water mark. Luckily, many of the vulnerable areas that were exposed two years ago have added infrastructure now, but nonetheless folks with property on the shoreline are worried history repeats itself.
  11. Hopefully there isn't a hurricane the night before the opener like last year. All of the floating debris and colored water made it tough. After the opening weekend the bait showed up and made the fishing extremely difficult. I am not sure what the bait was composed of, but I think it may have been ciscoes. Enormous clouds of bait and over long distances. Hard to catch a walleye that has three cisco tails hanging out of its mouth. The few times I did catch multiple fish in an outing it was away from the bait believe it or not.
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