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  1. Up at the mouth of the Larry water levels are low, but not so low that it’s out of the range of previous years in last decade. Getting a good three days of rain beginning today that ought to replenish most opening day duck spots. Remember when the IJC jackals told us to just wait for the deluge coming from upstream lakes that will substantiate this new norm of high water caused by global warming? LOL
  2. Thanks for report. Bunch of EMS glassing the isthmus shoreline Saturday evening looking for a distressed sailboat. Never heard the outcome of that. Got nasty quick out there Saturday.
  3. Yes. Pay to attention to temp and water color in the 8-20ft range until you find them.
  4. Right now you can launch to stony creek and fish in front of sandy ponds in close for browns.
  5. If a cop jacks you up for not having a mask, argue that you were only there (doesn’t matter where) ‘trying to buy a mask’.
  6. If you drive all the way to Wal mart and forget your mask, you can quickly turn whitey tighties into a mask.
  7. Right Gill. Now is the time to get fresh air, vitamin D, stay off junk food, exercise, and get some good ol virus killing UV light. Be careful if you live in suburbs, but if like me, out in Jefferson County get outside and stay off crappy old eating habits. Cooping up is bad after an already cooped up winter.
  8. If I know NYS, temporary quickly turns permanent.
  9. We need re-education camps. We need state enforced curfews. We need to learn the difference between flossing and lifting. This is the new normal!
  10. This is too far. Being in the sun and fresh air is the great protection and healthiest option.
  11. $5/lb No bones or your money back. Need Vitamin C money. When I got off the plane from China customs said I didn’t need a test. Hours? I can catch a pal an hour.
  12. Go buy gift certificates from these tackle shops. They’ll need the liquidity short term.
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