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  1. Kingfisher06

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    Populations cycle. Are there more guys with beagles around my house when cottontail numbers are exploding-yes. Do they disappear when numbers crash-yes. Are they the underlying cause of these boom bust cycles-no. Maybe the DEC could recognize this and stay more on top of limits like they do with annual surveys for waterfowl. We are talking razor thin profit margins for folks who obey laws and sell perch here. Humans do/can have major effect on populations. Usually it from habitat loss, say removing mountain tops and placing them in ravines will cause the loss of salamander populations for example. Big commercial operations do too-like the market duck hunters in the Chesapeake way back when. But the hunters under a limit with recreational gear, even with all the guiding pressure in the Chesapeake is not the underlying cause of the population cycles for ducks in that area. Likewise, I'd say the recreational gear used to play the profit game as is in the Finger Lakes under the law is not a population driver.
  2. Kingfisher06

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    The 50 limit, I'd have to imagine is the regulation that limits the sale of perch on the Finger Lakes. The profit margins for anyone traveling farther than someone in the town of Canandaigua would be non-existent over the course of time. No one likes game hogs. Not a lot of folks like to snitch either, but if you are a local who cares about the populations and see the local who can feasibly obtain a profit margin within the 50 limit parameters abusing the daily limit regulations-document it as best you can and pester the DEC for action. I really enjoyed the video. Local fishing shows are sparse, but I like them the best. Al Linder doing his thing on the Minnesota walleyes is ok, but watching a show that was filmed in my backyard is far more entertaining.
  3. Kingfisher06

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    There shouldnt be any reason for back straps to stink bad from a bad gut job if butchered that quickly. I have done my fair share of bad gut jobs and ruined the inner loins, but there is too much separation from gut cavity to back loins to contaminate them in that amount of time in my opinion. Benefit of the doubt to butcher, maybe the deer was injured from a car accident or something that caused an infection to back straps, but it sounds like a bad deal.
  4. Kingfisher06

    canadian rules around charity shoals

  5. Kingfisher06

    canadian rules around charity shoals

    you try any trolling?
  6. Kingfisher06

    Has anybody else seen these this year??

    They're basically just pests not killers, but hemlock woolly adelgid can be tree killer on hemlocks.
  7. Kingfisher06

    3 D gun printing

    There are already laws against these weapons on the feds books. The reason it is in the news is the blueprints themselves and whether the feds can restrict their existence. Are you advocating for super-duper duplicatitive laws against these guns or something? https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2018/07/10/court-victory-legalizes-3d-printable-gun-blueprints/amp/
  8. Kingfisher06

    3 D gun printing

    Not that I own or am interested in books like the Anarchist Cookbook, but I do believe in the protection of first amendment rights. The blueprints should not be illegal. Soon enough, once we go down this road of curtailing the first amendment, we'll see Mark Twain's books be banned because they used the n-word. You cant budge on the first amendment.
  9. Kingfisher06

    My new ride Commander 2050

    Congrats, dream boat of mine. Surprised you didn't go with the bench style seats.
  10. Kingfisher06

    3 D gun printing

    The blue prints themselves are free speech 1st Amendment protected. There are already federal regulations against plastic, homemade guns on the books.
  11. Caught two musky, some monster perch, white bass, and pike out walleye fishing-they got to turn on sometime...
  12. Kingfisher06

    Chamount bay walleye

    It was a big wind storm that did that to those set of docks. Talked to park guy yesterday, dock ought to be in today or tomorrow. Surface temp was 48 off Salubrious.
  13. Give Chaumont Hardware a call...
  14. Kingfisher06

    Blue Deer Pee?

    It’s from eating buckthorn berries. Happens to cottontails more so often.