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  1. Caught two musky, some monster perch, white bass, and pike out walleye fishing-they got to turn on sometime...
  2. Kingfisher06

    Chamount bay walleye

    It was a big wind storm that did that to those set of docks. Talked to park guy yesterday, dock ought to be in today or tomorrow. Surface temp was 48 off Salubrious.
  3. Give Chaumont Hardware a call...
  4. Kingfisher06

    Blue Deer Pee?

    It’s from eating buckthorn berries. Happens to cottontails more so often.
  5. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    Hey Whaler, maybe the Mods are actually smart men and won’t just ban somebody because you poop your own pants.
  6. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    Sorry for giving a crap bandeaus.
  7. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    You didn’t take the time to read Hare’s studies whaler. You just don’t care very much.
  8. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    You miss everything I say Rofl-op. Remove the aggressive genetic phenotypes from the population and you’re left with hand lickers like yourself who are wrought with Stockholm’s syndrome.
  9. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    It is a mistake to chime in here. I’ll resign from further discussion, my apologies, truly do not mean any harm.
  10. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    That’s a sad statement Gill-T
  11. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    I, in fact, understand the problem very well fergie. It is the domestication cycle of societies. Animals, in which we are, can be domesticated over 2-3 generations as demonstrated by Belyaev and his foxes, which is beautiful science. Domestic animals by definition are non-aggressive, hence head to a master. Excellent self domestication hypotheses have been brought to the forefront for primates by Dr. Hare at Duke ( bonobos vs chimp studies). I don’t agree with much he has to say, but his studies are fantastic, his interpretations are ****. You see, strong, aggressive men build new societies so people can be free, they flourish upon this freedom, generations pass, they get spoiled, and separated from the struggles of their ancestors and give way to people like sk8man and gator who echo the Political Correctness, which is sharia, albeit Jewish sharia, but nonetheless Sharia-definitely not US Constitutional ideology. Don’t be good little goyim boys.
  12. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    Gator, if you really believe change is constituted on behalf of full consensus then you truly don’t understand how change manifests itself. I am aggressive in speech, it’s my nature, big deal. Does not mean my ideas are crap or understanding of societal dynamics are bunk. Actions speak louder than words; an old adage gets old because when it’s true. Time, technology, change are not elements that ought to justify curtailment of our rights. Aggressive men wrote those amendments, it’ll take aggressive men to uphold them, that which you evidently are not.
  13. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    Get bent Sk8Man, you’re a perfect example of what I’m talking about-‘shield your eyes from kingfisher’s message guys, it’s different than the limp wristed narrative we’re trying to push here’. You need steroids so bad.
  14. Kingfisher06

    Florida school shooting

    The boomer generation really needs to kick the bucket here quick. I’ve never read such low testerone ramblings in all my life. What a knitting circle, holy Moses. Solution: Exercise your rights, especially the 1st Amendment. If the knitting circle screams hate speech or that your views are killing innocent children, you know you are on the right path.