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  1. It's not. It boils down to ones own conscious. You either have a conscious that wasting game hurts or you don't. I have thrown out meat gone bad and it sucks. I've had goldeneye in the freezer for years. Now I just don't hunt them even after doing a 90% pork 10% goldeneye sausage that sucked. I don't like eating stream browns, but will eat one a year for eggs. If I can massage eggs from a brown and release it, I'll do that. Once someone takes possession of a fish, brings it home, I feel it is their business-once you start imposing yourself upon that, it is too slippery a slope in my opinion. Tying up eggs for bait seems like proper sportsman etiquette-akin to using antlers from a previous buck harvest to rattle in next years. Regulating away the use of real eggs as bait or real antlers as a game call takes too much away from the activity if you ask me.
  2. When I was 13-14 years old I used to wear sweat pants and sneakers and run the streams with a spiked baseball bat until I couldn't feel my feet. Not pertinent to the discussion, but wanted to get that off my chest. Already feel better, should have confessed that 24 years sooner.
  3. I just got a 73sv Echomap in the mail. No input on usage, but what I chose after all my research/price analysis. I was able to get last years model for 475$ so couldnt pass that up. The big difference between this years and last years is the transducer. The newer transducers have a single dedicated down element for down imaging and the older transducers have two elements that combine to form the image. Relative to my style of fishing, rather shallow, trolling-i will not be able to notice any effect between the two.
  4. They are around and the occasional bi-catch, but I figure if a tooth hits the line 12 or 20 its going to snap. The bi-catch is relatively low, but if I am specifically targeting them I do switch leaders to be sure.
  5. If you were in a lake with fleas would you still use the braid?
  6. I am very tempted to use braid, not really so much to get lures deeper, but to drive that hook home. I fish May/Early June/Late July/August primarily and late July/Early August the fleas would really do a number on braid I think. I can trust 10lb, but I think over the course of a season maybe a bit of wear and tear on ten lb from boards would create issues. Im really liking the above suggestions for heavier lb test lines that have the equivalent of lower lb test dia. Thank you for the input. I'll compare McCoy diameters to big game diameters.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Never heard of sunline. Will look into it.
  8. Forever I've just used 15 lb big game on my inline board reels. Whats the consensus for east end walleye setups? Thought about braid, but do a lot of August fishing and the fleas would be brutal.
  9. That's why I said in a generation or two and why the democrats are so hell bent on an open border/amnesty/no voter registration push...
  10. California and New York have the largest numbers of people fleeing to other states because of their policies. Stripping the electoral college process and giving these states more influence over the country's policies as a whole doesn't make any sense. This is or at least was a Republic, ensuring the dumbed down masses couldn't crush the minority, which will be country folk in a generation or two.
  11. Never apologize or capitulate to the left...EVER. These people hate you.
  12. Come on Guffins Fisherman, tell us again that the first charges were b.s. and these as well amount to nothing...
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