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  1. This boat sold last winter, not to me. Was for sale again briefly by the new owner on Craigslist
  2. This boat was made 1996 to 2003 I believe by Sylvan. Deeper, wider, a little longer than the older 22 they built for years.
  3. need to get on Craigslist, there have been several in the past month within 3 hours of Buffalo. Also the Crestliner on here.
  4. There are also two right at exit 59 of the Thruway.
  5. MCF

    A-Hole with fireworks

    I have never understood the interest by the general public in blowing off their amateur fireworks.
  6. Been through the process before, thought I had the buyer several weeks ago was a talker instead have placed it on a couple other channels in the past couple days.
  7. Worked for a veteran car dealer once, following his path of adjusting to the marketplace verses giving away the store.
  8. Was sold to and moved by this latest purchaser. Has not been a hot item as it has sat on land for most of the past couple years. You can ask whatever you want for something, doesn't mean that is where the market has valued it.
  9. MCF

    96 trophy 2002 wa

    Lots of choices of boats like that, Seaswirl is one that pops in my head first, but in that age of boat Sea Ray made a 21, Wellcraft made a 21 etc. there were also bigger aluminums like the Lund, StarCraft, Crestliner. If I can be of assistance send me a PM. More than happy to help! Mark
  10. Thanks for the tip, it has been on there. Getting some interest the past couple days
  11. MCF

    96 trophy 2002 wa

    Not the best, not the worst. In a 20 year old boat the concerns are stringers, the floor and the transom. If you are serious and think this is the boat for you, have a knowledgeable boat surveyor look it over. Good investment to have it done for piece of mind
  12. Sent you a PM this morning. Mark