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  1. The population of the state(at least the upstate) has dropped over the past 40 years. Broken up homes. Anti-fishing and hunting groups. General trend away from outdoor activities. The decline of interest in it started 25 or 30 years ago, now we are seeing the result.
  2. Hope it works out well for you being right at the towing capacity of the Highlander.
  3. I have owned Mercury four strokes and just this summer an Evinrude E-Tec. I would choose the E-tec or at least give it strong consideration in your decision making.
  4. The Grumman 17 or 5.0 was a wide body, a very wide boat for its size given that era or even now. Made in the mid to late 80's I believe, center console, side console, I don't know if they ever did the walk through. Then came the 16, which was conventional and led to a later 18. Then OMC bought them up and slid the Sea Nymph into both the Lowe and Grumman lines, for the 17 and 19 footers.
  5. Based on recent experience buying one and selling a couple in that age range-within the last year in Western NY, you can start at 1000-1150, you are probably going to sell it in the 850 range.
  6. He has been fishing the Oak for decades.
  7. There is a 1992 26 HT Thompson on craigslist Erie PA for 7200.00 Boat looks good in the pictures. No trailer.
  8. Over the past 30 years, the manufacturers have attempted it, several times for Volvo and Mercruiser has done it at least once. The initial cost and the less available diesel at a marine location have turned potential buyers away, at least in the under 30 ft class.
  9. Just a question, have you looked at the American Angler series by Smokercraft?-they are their west coast line.
  10. This is a highly subjective topic, everyone has their favorite(s) and a budget to work with. If you are several years away, start looking at other boats and see what works and what doesn't Ask the owners what they think. The Carolina Classic, Tiara, Whaler, the above mentioned Dyer are just a couple of the lines that are out there.
  11. If you are looking at Sea Rays and Regals, you need to also look at the Cruisers Inc and the Carvers of that same era.
  12. Just sold a 19ft Sea Nymph I had for six seasons. There is no easy fix on this one as it does not have the deepest V in the world compared to Lunds Crestliners and later model Starcrafts. Also Lunds and Crestliners weigh more. I concur with the above comments, slow it down and put a little trim in the mix so the bow rides a little higher. Have had a mix of boats over the years, the reality struck last week when driving my new to me Pursuit which is only a foot longer, but is fiberglass, weighs at least 1000lbs more and has a deep vee. No comparison.
  13. Take a look on the engine where the controls connect and see if everything looks well connected there.
  14. Been an outstanding year when you can get out, either dodging wind or rain on most weekends.