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  1. The zinc anodes on the aluminum boat/outboard/outdrive are placed on them as a protection against this.
  2. It is deeper in the water then when you had it in the water with no floor. I think you are heading in the right direction with filling the transom holes.
  3. Dry Net: You should not be adding grease every time you put the boat in -that just puts addition pressure on the inner seal causing grease to leak out and seal failure which means water comes in. If you jack up the trailer and the wheels spin quiet you have no bearing issues. Any type of roar, that signifies an issue.
  4. Not saying that theft doesn't happen but bearing failure will heat that entire hub and that could have dislodged everything. Bearing buddies will not protect against inner seals failing if too much grease is added. Inner seal fails, inner bearing gets rusted. Outer bearings partially protected by the bearing buddy in that scenario.
  5. Oak Orchard, mouth of the creek up to the Parkway bridge-I know you can be successful in that area-I am sure you could go farther up too.
  6. If I was in that situation, I would try and sell the 2-stroke bracket and get the 4 stroke bracket. Those brackets take a lot of stress and why chance dropping an expensive motor in the lake?
  7. I am pretty sure they are rated to 140hp. Mine had a 90hp four stroke which was plenty of power.
  8. 2nd wettest spring in the last 40 years in WNY.
  9. MCF

    lake erie walleye

    Same tactics will work for early season walleye on Lake Erie and any of the far eastern areas are the areas to try it. Also if you are not aware of it, Lake Erie has probably some of the best bass fishing in the country, so if you want to try that with them that may be worth the try also. Bass fisherman from all over the east have already started to converge on Dunkirk for the spring trophy season.
  10. Had a 1978 with the old Mercury 115 hp tower of power. That boat would really move down the lake. With a newer 130 on it, thing should tear it up.
  11. Difficult to find, not saying impossible but the outboard versions of the Starcraft, Sylvan and Smokercraft were far less sold than the I/O counterpart. Becomes more apparent as time goes on because the Sylvan and Smokercraft ended production in 2003. More Crestliners were sold. And there were Lunds and Sea Nymphs built as well. Need to search and when you find one that you want, you need to move on it.
  12. For those who have never heard of the brand, it is Canadian and been in business a number of years.
  13. Easy to tow and light weight. Fuel efficient with the 4 cyl motor should be a good boat for someone out there.
  14. Heads up Dunkirk NY Pier closed 4/8 to 8/10/19 for renovation project, the first in over 40 years. Boat launch and other things in the immediate vicinity remain open as they have been.
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