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  1. I am interested in the motor. Obviously second in line here. Call me Mark 716-224-2338. Thank you.
  2. Bought one last winter, 1973 (they year before the called it a Montauk) looked for several years to find the "right" one. Hard to find.
  3. It outlines how the legislative process will work under one party control. Whatever andrew wants he will get
  4. For the first time in decades, the NYS State Senate is controlled by the Democrats. The Governor, the Assembly and the Senate are all controlled by the same party. Legislation in both houses are controlled by the majority caucuses. There has been no substantial ethics legislation signed into law for decades, regardless of the controlling parties. NYS has lost the most population in the past two years of any state in the union meaning that several more Congressional seats will be lost due to the 2020 census. For example currently Tom Reed represents the Southern Tier of NY, a district which starts in Ithaca and goes to the Western state line beyond Jamestown and up to Lake Erie. Can any representative be expected to reasonably represent a district that large covering that big of an area? We have serious problems to deal with in this state and it is not coming from either party and hasn't in decades going back to Rockefeller. The population of NY all needs to become informed about how our government works and should work
  5. Collins is charged with a Federal Crime, will be going to a Federal Prison if convicted. Martha Stewart got convicted of a similar charge.
  6. MCF

    115 mariner

    There is a tag on the motor bracket, right side of the motor when you are looking at it and it is mounted on the boat. Looking at the motor from the back(water side).
  7. Cuomo and the Democrats now control the governors office, the assembly and now the state senate as of the results last night. No ethics reform, no check on runaway spending and forget about any changes to NY Safe. Not good. I would urge anyone to do research on how controlling the party caucuses are both of these branches to find out what the true impact of this will be. A representative of the minority party in either branch will have little if anything that they will be able to get pushed through, even in the last week of the session when a lot gets pushed and passed.
  8. Senator Heitkamp is the incumbent Democrat Senator from North Dakota who is down 10% to her Republican challenger. This ad was promoted by the Democratic party and should state that you can only declare residency in one state. Honest citizens know that and it is an insult to them and all citizens who have the right to vote. The ad is a blatant lie. Non story non issue move on to the next campaign half truth or lie.
  9. The owner can confirm but I can tell you from the pictures and the model that it is a 20 inch long shaft.