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  1. I had to read the ad again because I didn't think I made something up. just for the record, if you don't want to ship next time you are selling something on here then don't put a price on shipping. Problem solved. Sell it to your local guy!!!!
  2. Again, floor done, transom done, steering done, and the four stroke motor. So good for many more years of use. let's talk. Really don't want to store it over the winter unless I have to.
  3. If that transom seem keeps splitting, that is a sign. Two weeks ago a Blue Fin of similar vintage came racing in with that issue, full split taking on water.
  4. you will notice some transom flexing. Some boats you can look at the wood from the inside. If the boat is over 25 years old or so, it is a candidate.
  5. No on just the motor. Need to move it as a package and much easier for me to try and sell it as a package. Thanks for the inquiry.