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  1. If someone pays the seller what they want for the boat and tries to make a few bucks so be it. This boat in particular has been on here for months and the price kept getting lowered so plenty of people on this site had there chance and finally someone bit at $1000.00 I get ticked off every time I see the trolls do this on Craigslist. If someone else wants to take the risk and try to flip something, more power to them. Its America and free enterprise. I have flipped a few and also have gotten burned on a few I tried to flip.
  2. Late 90's-early 2000's 21-23 ft aluminum boat Looking for late 90's - early 2000's 21-23 ft boat. Outboard preferred. My ideal is a Crestliner 2150 SST but will look at any of the manufacturers. Cuddy cabins also considered. Price range up to mid twenty thousand dollars. It is only January, let me know if you are making a move this year and need to sell Mark
  3. As I stated up above, I was told by an officer of LOTSA no. It is not listed on the website for this show. I had a table at every one of them, every year it got worse in terms of items being sold. Last year was a disaster, the room was not anywhere near full and most people didn't know we were there. As with other swap meets in the past, it ran its course and maybe it gets revived at some point in the future.
  4. This needs to be clarified-I was told no.
  5. Have heard the humming cables since 1983, have used it years ago before the advent of trolling speed indicators being common as a sign that I was at the correct trolling speed. A non issue as far I am concerned, still use cable and still here the hum.
  6. There has been quite a few Sea Ray Sundancers on the various craigslists sites in Ohio this fall in your price range. Also a handful of Weekenders and Amberjacks.
  7. If you are coming this far then you need to also investigate Chautauqua Lake which is another hour or so for you. There has been a continual musky post on this site for Chautauqua Lake.
  8. Attempting to sell for another week or so until it gets put away. Then will revisit this in the spring. Not interested in separating this package now..
  9. at $2999.00, it is well under the market. It in fact is priced in the range now of small fishing boats(like the one I am trying to sell). There is risk involved in buying anything that is 30 years old but right now, the trailer is almost worth 1/2 of the price.