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  1. Craigslist Buffalo and Craigslist Rochester, several 16-17 aluminum of various brands under your price range.
  2. If it has never had the steering cable replaced, it probably needs to be replaced.
  3. I will second that, steering cable needs to be replaced.
  4. The situation on this boat will be complicated by the fact there are no id numbers on it. If you go to the DMV site, there is a segment on getting the process going.
  5. I have a 195 Sea Nymph-the 8 hp will move it all over the lake.
  6. Get a phone number and call US headquarters and explain your situation. Not saying it is going to change the outcome but at least you have made the best attempt rather than just a letter that lands on a desk or in the trash.
  7. You are going to want to set your liability limits, any additional coverage for riggers etc, and establish the value of the boat. Work with the rep. If you own a house, you may want to look at packaging house/cars/boat-that could save some money as well.
  8. Just did the shopping within the past month, Progessive came in the lowest priced.
  9. It is free market and free enterprise. If it doesn't go, the seller has options on pricing. See this kind of comment on Craigslist all the time, if you don't like the price, don't buy it or take the risk and wait.
  10. Just for those that don't know, that was/is a well constructed unit.
  11. You would generate more interest if you listed all the details and the pictures and where the boat is.
  12. I have a bunch of GLs I use every year, I don't fish a lot but the newest of them is 25 years old. Parts still available and they can be fixed.
  13. Anchor Marina Grand Island NY(near Buffalo) two or three on their site, Wheelhouse Marine in Buffalo-30 ft Weekender on that site. No flybridges.