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  1. All entities in NYS want to collect that property tax! Myopic politicians and officials.
  2. I would ask the seller prior to jumping to conclusions. If there is an estate involved, DMV will be helpful in accommodating the paperwork issues, I have witnessed that happen myself with a marina auction. Secondly, none of these pieces have a title, just a transferable registration. That is a whole lot easier. As always any buyer of anything should follow and check the paperwork and contact DMV before forking over the cash. Again, buyers need to use their heads first and communicate with the seller and DMV.
  3. Hydrofoil recommendations

    Your boat will be up on plane sooner.

    Unless you are running a bank of electronics and four electric riggers you are fine with a regular starting battery
  5. Fishing Expo Niagara Falls
  6. Starcraft Fishmaster 196

    8 hp long shaft Honda is long enough.
  7. mxz670ho99. You are looking in the 3 hour range if he has it in Macedon.
  8. This is a show geared to fishing first, not a show with hunting stuff, outfitters etc. It is a fishing show.
  9. As far as price goes, you are in the ballpark. Age will slow potential customers down. And trust me, there is no pot of gold to be gotten in the spring. If someone wants to buy, time of year is irrelevant because right after the first of the year, fishing shows will start and buyers will start to think.
  10. That boat is a 1984 from the way it looks, there is a tag on the back, right side on the transom that should have an 84, 85 or 86 in the number. Likewise from the pictures it looks like it is a 21 ft-you should measure it if you haven't already, just looks longer than 18 to me. The Blue Fin Royal Line first year I think was 1984-I know it was not 1980. That information should help you sell it.
  11. Woman walking dog shot by " hunter "

    The community is a tight knit community, she was well known in it and by all accounts was one of those people with a heart of gold. He only lived a couple blocks away from her and the families know each other. It was dark when he shot at what he thought was a target that was at least 200 yards away. Again very said and the only thing that could come out of it is a teaching moment for all of us to think before we act.
  12. Woman walking dog shot by " hunter "

    If it is the one that was shot Thanksgiving eve in Sherman NY, she passed away on the way to the hospital. The hunter has been charged with criminally negligent homicide. Sad situation and stupid. It was 45 minutes after sunset.
  13. 1992 galaxy 21 ft worth buying?

    Galaxy was a cheap boat back in its day, I would not be surprised if you found structural issues. If you are getting it for hundreds, that trailer is worth more than that.
  14. Kicker motor questions

    the 9.9 pro kicker should handle the Cobia no problem. Had a regular 9.9 push the 23 Grady Gulfstream(the wide one) all over the lake with no issues.