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  1. You won't need any bracket to mount the motor. It will work hanging off the back on the transom like the previous owner had. On a 16ft, you could go down as far as 6 hp if one appeared.
  2. November 10, 1975, a deep low pressure system sets off gales on all the Great Lakes and the Edmund Fitzgerald sinks in Lake Superior with all 29 crew members lost.
  3. MCF


    With the decline in the number of Johnson and Evinrude dealers post the OMC bankruptcy, some that just wont work on old outboards period, and it being the middle of October, my advice would be to get in line somewhere and hope they can fit you in. If someone is not busy this time of year, I would ask why not or at least think about it. I had a problem with my Evinrude in August and expected when I made the phone call that I would have to wait, which I did ten days.
  4. One of the 16 or 17 aluminum Crestliner, StarCraft, Smokercraft, Lund, Sea Nymph etc. Aluminum, Outboard. If a 19 will fit in your garage by all means go for it. You won't regret that choice. In the marketplace, if you don't want to go full windshield, side or center consoles can be found for a little less money. The other choice is a 17 fiberglass center console or a fish and ski/open bow. You will be getting a boat with a better ride than aluminum. I have had a couple of both so send me a PM if you have any questions, or post it here.
  5. MCF

    17' too small??

    Pick your days, keep an eye on the weather and you will be fine. Sea Nymphs are great boats. I concur that if it is too rough for a 17ft, it is either already too rough for a bigger boat or it will be very shortly.
  6. Sold 9/27/19 Location is Dunkirk NY. Will fit 16 to 18 ft boat. New tires this summer-no miles on them. Near bearings and seal on the side that needed it. Ready to roll $500.00 or best offer-I have the registration for it
  7. Go to Craigslist Buffalo-either in the boat section or the marine services section, the posts are just appearing but in the past couple years there have been several entities posting and doing it in the immediate Buffalo area.
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