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  1. MCF

    evinrude water pump issues

    If you are talking the stream coming from the upper end, that may be clogged with a bugs nest etc. need to check with a wire.
  2. MCF

    Cheap Chineese Kicker

    Unless you have a cheap way of fixing it I would try to sell it for parts etc on Craigslist or somewhere and take the potential $1000.00 and find a good used kicker. And who knows, once you get into it, it could be more $$$
  3. MCF

    Older Lund w rotten flooring

    You should also be looking at the transom, if the floor is going bad the transom should be checked as well.
  4. I have no relationship to this posting:
  5. I have no relationship to this posting:
  6. MCF

    My Old Boat

    Nautilex is one manufacturer of the vinyl, used it on a boat I did last year. A source for this is Rochford Supply in Minnesota.
  7. not Yamaha, but two used 250 Evinrude E-Tecs w/25 in shaft Craigslist Cleveland
  8. MCF

    Tire ??

    As agreed with the above post. Most people typically drop a size or two for winter tires with no issues. Like I have on my Silverado. You are just doing it year round.
  9. MCF


    Snow on the way for Friday, next 10 days or so colder than it is has been but no deep freeze.
  10. MCF

    Sea nymph help

    Aluminum floors got phased in on these boats, 1992 may have been the first year to have it.
  11. After the OMC bankruptcy, many parts are not available for Evinrudes and Johnsons. I have been successful with in finding items 800-209-9624 Also Parma Marine in Parma Ohio, long time dealer.
  12. All entities in NYS want to collect that property tax! Myopic politicians and officials.
  13. I would ask the seller prior to jumping to conclusions. If there is an estate involved, DMV will be helpful in accommodating the paperwork issues, I have witnessed that happen myself with a marina auction. Secondly, none of these pieces have a title, just a transferable registration. That is a whole lot easier. As always any buyer of anything should follow and check the paperwork and contact DMV before forking over the cash. Again, buyers need to use their heads first and communicate with the seller and DMV.
  14. MCF

    Hydrofoil recommendations

    Your boat will be up on plane sooner.