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  1. Figured it would go quickly at that price!
  2. Easy to tow and light weight. Fuel efficient with the 4 cyl motor should be a good boat for someone out there.
  3. Heads up Dunkirk NY Pier closed 4/8 to 8/10/19 for renovation project, the first in over 40 years. Boat launch and other things in the immediate vicinity remain open as they have been.
  4. MCF

    Trailer bunk slides for 19' deep vee.

    There has also been a product that snaps over the bunks made of some composite material or pvc that has been commercially available for over twenty years.
  5. MCF

    Crestliner Sabre 1989

    For years foam floatation was not required for boat manufacturers in the US if the boat was over 20 ft. I don't know if that requirement has charged in recent years, so this boat is likely over 20 ft and was built during that era.
  6. MCF

    Johnson outboards

    When OMC, the parent company of Johnson and Evinrude was in financial difficulty the last time, from the late 1990's til they went bankrupt there was a bunch of bad product produced using inferior parts and parts suppliers. Tarnished the brands. When Bombardier took over it has literally taken them years to build or rebuild a brand image as Evinrude only. In the last years of OMC, Johnson was presented as the budget brand with less bells and whistles than Evinrude, but often those bells and whistles weren't that great. The picture of a 1999 or 2000 Evinrude V6 in a boating magazine at time comes to mind with scorched paint because it caught on fire.
  7. Self draining cockpit and the term fiberglass liner are interchangeable. This particular boat, the 20 ft pursuit was made from the late 70's until the early 90's with no real major design changes. I have an 89, it is a great boat. As far as this boat being an I/O, it has the Mercruiser V6 which is better than some other options for power in terms of having parts readily available.
  8. I have had a four stroke Mercury 90 hp 2003 which I thought was a great motor but I think it is edged out by the E-tec which I have had for two years. If I was looking at a new repower, the Evinrude is on the same plane as the four strokes by every one else so I don't know which way I would go. I guess it boils down to price and who and where is it going to get serviced if there is an issue. 10 year warranty offered on E-tecs thru 3/31/19.
  9. I am interested in the motor. Obviously second in line here. Call me Mark 716-224-2338. Thank you.
  10. Bought one last winter, 1973 (they year before the called it a Montauk) looked for several years to find the "right" one. Hard to find.
  11. It outlines how the legislative process will work under one party control. Whatever andrew wants he will get
  12. For the first time in decades, the NYS State Senate is controlled by the Democrats. The Governor, the Assembly and the Senate are all controlled by the same party. Legislation in both houses are controlled by the majority caucuses. There has been no substantial ethics legislation signed into law for decades, regardless of the controlling parties. NYS has lost the most population in the past two years of any state in the union meaning that several more Congressional seats will be lost due to the 2020 census. For example currently Tom Reed represents the Southern Tier of NY, a district which starts in Ithaca and goes to the Western state line beyond Jamestown and up to Lake Erie. Can any representative be expected to reasonably represent a district that large covering that big of an area? We have serious problems to deal with in this state and it is not coming from either party and hasn't in decades going back to Rockefeller. The population of NY all needs to become informed about how our government works and should work
  13. Collins is charged with a Federal Crime, will be going to a Federal Prison if convicted. Martha Stewart got convicted of a similar charge.