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  1. I would want to hear it run. Doesn't need to be a sea trial but have it fired up to temperature and shift the gears at least-unless it is some type of project that you know what you are getting into.
  2. Do a visual check of the inner seal, and inner side of the wheels-if there is no grease splatter that is of course good. Jack up the trailer and spin the tires. Quiet is good. Bad bearings give off a roar, so that is a sign of an issue.
  3. Buying any boat you need to have a survey done. Buying a Baha-have a survey done.
  4. Contact Bow and Stern Marine in North Tonawanda. Had my Sea Nymph done there five or six years ago. They have someone they work with do this type of work. I thought the price was fair and the job was excellent.
  5. Mount on a board going across the boat.
  6. Sold 12/12/2020 1982 Evinrude 15hp short shaft pull start $600.00 or best offer. Starts, runs, shifts, pumps water. Average cosmetic condition. $600.00 or best offer. Comes with tank and hose. Stand does not come with it. Location Dunkirk, NY
  7. Dealer service has been an issue for the boating industry going back to the 1970s at least. This same story, dealers don't stay with the line, companies go in and out of business, companies get bought up by other companies. Perhaps the latest example is Evinrude leaving the market this year, and what happens down the road a couple years? I have two E-TECs myself so it is a concern that gets more of a concern for me every year. Older long time dealers continue to age out or just go out of business at least in my part of the world. Or on older equipment they just tell you they don't want to tackle it(I am talking a twenty year old outboard). With how expensive new product has become, you would think things would be better but they never have been. Like everything else there are exceptions to that and you should frequent those dealers and businesses.
  8. Had a 17 Starcraft several years ago(late 90's boat)-aluminum came with the 55 as part of the factory package. Was more than adequate to handle things. But like everything else, no one ever complains about too much power, so take it from there.
  9. Those old V4 Evinrudes can run forever. I had a 19 Sea Nymph so I know the boat. If it isn't broken, save yourself some money and don't do anything now.
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