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  1. Floor replacement on aluminum boats has been a periodic topic here over the years. I don't know if you can sort on the topic floor or not to get to them.
  2. They have been doing things through the mail all along. From what I understand is that each county is handling things differently and some have been open for several weeks. The ones in my backyard just opened for appointments this week.
  3. Might be more going on behind the scenes in the owners life than just the robbery.
  4. Curfew in Buffalo all week 8pm to 5am. Protestors not following it, were on the street last night til after 11 pm. Bail reform in NY puts just about anyone out on the street quickly thanks to our one party control of branches of government in NYS. Emotions are running high on both sides and like any other profession there are a few bad actors which is unfortunate. As long as laws aren't broken, feel free to protest however long you want. Our law enforcement community is in a tough spot right now.
  5. You should check those livewell lines, after 35 years there may be a crack or an issue at the connections
  6. Location: Dunkirk NY 14048 Blown powerhead. Good trim unit, mid section, lower unit and other parts attached to the motor. No controls. $650.00 or best offer
  7. I think you are going to want to re-think the whole idea. I have a 20 ft Pursuit so similar to the DC in terms of weight, does not have an electric on it but I have had an electric on lighter boats, like the one mentioned above. I think you will be spending a lot of money and not achieve a minimum of performance.
  8. Many if not all scammers on Craigslist have a gmail account or a phone number area code listed that isn't close to the area code of the address. Yes people can move but it is a flag. I got into it on a transaction that I ended quickly when the woman couldn't come up with a good explanation for the area code matter and kept changing a story.
  9. Effective immediately BRP is discontinuing the Evinrude line and moving in other directions in the marine industry. At this point they have no plans to sell the brand or technology. They plan on continuing the availability of parts and service. My own comments are this. I have two E-TEC's which I think are great. After the OMC bankruptcy and the bad product that was put out there, the dealer network shrunk and I am sure market sure also shrunk. BRP shutdown Johnson a number of years ago and I am sure tried to increase market share. Their statement yesterday alluded to the fact that there have been concerns for a while and have nothing to do with the COVID-19 situation.
  10. There are videos on You Tube but sounds like a relay which may be as simple as disconnecting and cleaning the connections.
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