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  1. You can use one battery for both like jimski2 stated above get a dual use battery. See how much you are actually using the boat and then decide if the plan is not working. As long as the motor has a pull start on it, you can still get in.
  2. This bill is stuffed with pork but is an example of the bloat in the federal government by both parties over the years. Change will never come because it is difficult to remove an incumbent because the cost for someone to run is in the millions. Incumbents continually are campaigning. In this bill is like $50 million for the Kennedy Center(they honor four or five artists each year among other things) some built in extra dollars for congressional costs. They wanted to tag the Green New Deal stuff with it, fortunately not much got in it. Many Americans don't vote at all, or cannot name their representatives from President on down. Don't believe me, ask some of your friends to recite the names or your kids and see what you get. It is sad and the sadder part is that there should be an incentive for buying things later this year, companies buying equipment, trucks etc to get the economy moving and I doubt that will happen. Took us years to recover from the Great Depression in 1929, the recession of 1982(interest rates at 20%) or the Great Recession of 2008. This is not like a TV episode that gets wrapped up in 60 minutes. 3.3 million jobs lost last week alone!
  3. Effectively shutting the economy just like after 9/11. Once the snowball starts hard to get the economy up again. Interest rates at record lows, last four or five years have been great for the auto makers so no backlog of old vehicles on the road like there was then. Plus the direct costs of the illness.
  4. Sea Nymphs of the 1980's were a plywood floor.
  5. 1996 was in the era of the OMC boat group, Sea Nymph, Lowe and Grumman were basically producing the same boat at that time but labeled as one of the three. So much like a Sea Nymph, which if you have been on here for any length of time is a loved boat by those who have a 19, this is obviously just smaller. Flooring and transom is the thing to look at in a boat from that era.
  6. I classify this truck as a I would the Ford Ranger that Ford made unchanged for years, til 2011. And you see all kinds of vehicles going down the road pulling things they probably shouldn't be. In any case, I did not look it up but I would guess its max tow rating is about 5000-5500 lbs. Throw in some gear in the boat, in the truck, some passengers etc. and it is a loaded truck at its max. It is one thing if you are going 5 miles twice a year, quite another if you are pulling it all over. The Nissan has not been updated since 2004 or 2005, not that it is bad but it doesn't have the enhancements that have come in the past decade. Pickups are ridiculously expensive both new and used I just think there are better options to pull that type of weight.
  7. You won't need any bracket to mount the motor. It will work hanging off the back on the transom like the previous owner had. On a 16ft, you could go down as far as 6 hp if one appeared.
  8. November 10, 1975, a deep low pressure system sets off gales on all the Great Lakes and the Edmund Fitzgerald sinks in Lake Superior with all 29 crew members lost.
  9. MCF


    With the decline in the number of Johnson and Evinrude dealers post the OMC bankruptcy, some that just wont work on old outboards period, and it being the middle of October, my advice would be to get in line somewhere and hope they can fit you in. If someone is not busy this time of year, I would ask why not or at least think about it. I had a problem with my Evinrude in August and expected when I made the phone call that I would have to wait, which I did ten days.
  10. One of the 16 or 17 aluminum Crestliner, StarCraft, Smokercraft, Lund, Sea Nymph etc. Aluminum, Outboard. If a 19 will fit in your garage by all means go for it. You won't regret that choice. In the marketplace, if you don't want to go full windshield, side or center consoles can be found for a little less money. The other choice is a 17 fiberglass center console or a fish and ski/open bow. You will be getting a boat with a better ride than aluminum. I have had a couple of both so send me a PM if you have any questions, or post it here.
  11. MCF

    17' too small??

    Pick your days, keep an eye on the weather and you will be fine. Sea Nymphs are great boats. I concur that if it is too rough for a 17ft, it is either already too rough for a bigger boat or it will be very shortly.
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