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  1. There are usually three sides to every story. That being said unless the boat was driven to work and beat up and as long as there are no holes in the hull, there is a lot of value there. A tandem trailer alone has value. I don' t need any more boats or I would be looking. It also has the mercruiser as opposed to the Cobra. nothing wrong with the Cobra, just time has marched on from OMC.
  2. MCF

    carpet alternatives

    There is going to be a trade off as opposed to carpet. Nautolex is the vinyl that dominates the marine market-goes down easy and gives a professional result.
  3. There is the real possibility of the NYS senate which is currently controlled by the Republicans will be controlled by the Democrats after November due to a shift of a couple seats. The concern then would be one party controlling the Senate, the Assembly and the Governor's office.
  4. Had someone come and look last weekend and bad luck appeared as the motor sputtered, died etc. Not a good show for a sale. I took the motor to a shop for repair, had the carb cleaned out etc(motor has not been run in three years). It is now good to go , so this boat with this motor as a power option is available again.
  5. I still have the Mercury, just trying to sell it either way. Yes I would sell the 15 Johnson for $700.00
  6. location in Dunkirk NY. New information as of 10/10/18-new tires on the trailer, carb cleaned and fuel system checked on motor. 1983 Mirro Craft 14ft Deep Fisherman, 1984 Boyer Trailer, 1986 Johnson 15hp, electric motor, depthfinder, spare tire. Boat, motor, trailer in excellent condition. Boat does not leak. New tires on the trailer 10/18 $1350.00 or best offer