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  1. There are still Lone Stars of various sizes out there. Lone Star was bought by Chrysler in the late 1960's and became part of its boat group.
  2. The political corruption goes back to Liberal Republican Nelson Rockefeller in the early 60s and probably before that. Control of the Governors office and Assembly and Senate since 2020 for the first time in decades. Kathy Hochel moved from the center to the left when she became Lt. Governor, one woman or one man can not fix the ills oF Albany as a solo effort and that is the sad reality.
  3. I have trolled with multiple outboards going back to the 2 strokes of the early 80's. Evinrude and Mercury 115hp. With no issues. Where you will have problems is expecting it to idle at 700-800 rpms all day, that is just asking for it to load up so you want to be able to bump up your speed using a bag or whatever. I can remember being told decades ago by a Mercury dealer about the guy who trolled hundreds of hours per year trolling with a 115 straight six Mercury successfully. I also can concur with the discussion about the small kicker for trolling and as a back up. At the end of the day, everything boils down to $$$ and what you are comfortable with.
  4. SOLD 8/13/2021 Was for a mid 90's Mercury 90 hp. Redone by the former Davis Propeller in Erie PA and NEVER USED. A brief search brings up Davis as being closed, I apologize if they are still in business. 13 x 19 My research indicates that the 77346 in the part number has been replaced by 77345. This has a number of other applications in the Mercury/Mariner and perhaps Mercruiser lineup. $60.00 or best offer. Location Dunkirk, NY
  5. Location: Dunkirk, NY 2 Plastic Swivel seats with Pedestals and Cushions. They are like the Todd brand. Pedestals are 18 1/2 inches from where they would mount on the floor to the BOTTOM edge of the seat facing the floor. Swivel and move fore and aft. Condition 8.5-9 out of 10. Sellling only as the pair. $175.00 or best offer
  6. If you get it back and repaired, you then have time to look for a used one. And they appear for a boat of your size.
  7. I would be checking the bottom of any cross pieces and the spring shackle holders. If it has issues up front on the trailer, you need to make very sure there are not major issues in the back of it where it gets dunked.
  8. Have had several August fall derby trips that fell into the one or two shots at getting out.
  9. All Great Lakes are down from last year. New York and most of the rest of the Great Lake states have been down for the last six months in terms of rain snow so right now there is nothing to indicate an upward trend.
  10. Location-Dunkirk, NY SOLD, SOLD $30 or best offer
  11. I would want to hear it run. Doesn't need to be a sea trial but have it fired up to temperature and shift the gears at least-unless it is some type of project that you know what you are getting into.
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