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  1. MCF

    for sale : usa STX 2050 Starcraft

    He has it listed on Rochester Craiglist at $58000.00
  2. It is 21 ft, probably 8 ft beam. Guessing in the 3500 lb range. I am not the owner but the length I know as a fact. You could also look up he specs on line if you are computer savy . Triumph boats, they were originally branded as logic boats.
  3. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Boston Whaler recommended bunk trailers only, even to the point of including it on their handout brochures you collected as a kid back then.
  4. MCF

    for sale : usa 2004 Trophy Pro 2052

    You need to add a price unless I missed it. You will be asked.
  5. It was also listed last summer/fall on Craigslist Rochester and that post was taken down last summer so I resume it sold then.
  6. Next year is an election year for the NYS Senate and Assembly. It would be interesting to find out how your individual legislators voted on this bill as that is how it gets to the Governor for signature. Until the past few years the Senate remained controlled by the Republican party, we need to turn some more upstate seats back to Republican control to get a majority back, not the ideal solution(would rather have more control than just the Senate) but at least it would allow some other voices to be heard.
  7. To keep things in perspective most of the plywood in a transom or on a floor has had minimal or no treatment coming from the factory, so in many cases this has lasted 25, 30 years or more unless there was some sort of breach, something spilled on it, or something drilled through and not sealed. Therefore as I mentioned above taking the minimal steps to improve things as part of the replacement is going to last perhaps 35 or 40 years. But again, a lot of material choices to ponder.
  8. That would be the standard and I would paint it on both sides. Then purchase vinyl for the floor covering. I am sure others will be adding their suggestions using other materials.
  9. There are car shippers out there and I don't mean the ones that tow car carriers full of cars from Florida to the north that belong to private owners.
  10. To find one east of the Mississippi is going to be difficult. I have only seen a handful in the past decade or so. My suggestion is to contact a broker such as rcryachts.com who actually brokered one this past spring. In this situation, a broker is a set of eyes and ears on the ground and they in particular cover Lake Erie and Ontario directly and the east coast indirectly.
  11. Very hard to find especially now that the newest of the Islanders, Sylvan Offshores, or Crestliners is now approaching twenty years old. I owned a 1990 Sylvan Offshore and I pondered purchasing a new outboard model of these in the mid 1990s and also in the early 2000s when Crestliner was going to stop making them and it was hard to find when they were new. Just offering insight.
  12. I had one of these under the shrink wrap on a boat several years ago. After debating if I was going to attempt it I decided to turn it over to the pros. As I recall it was a reasonable charge to have it handled. Or less of a sting than trying it myself.
  13. It has been several years but some of those aluminum parts used to be for sale on Ebay.
  14. It looks to me like the MR 21, that is the older narrower hull that was used on the older holiday 22 and Super Sport 22, and not the MR 22 which has the same hull as the Islander 22 and the Islander 19. That hull came out in 1979 as the V5 hull-deeper wider and a better ride with the full deep V
  15. MCF

    for sale : usa 1979 Sea Ray Boat Model SV300

    Sea Ray SRV 300 Weekender-a great boat.
  16. I don't know that there is anything in the Volvo outdrive that would prevent the usual process of winterizing like you would do any other outdrive. I would do some research on line to be sure if no one responds on here. There is probably a video on You Tube.
  17. Tohatsu website shows Trident plus two other dealerships in the Rochester region. I did not look up Nissan.
  18. You have to get to the right person at the DMV with all your information. Surprisingly in this situation they can be very helpful. If the trailer is under 1000 lbs in terms of weight it can be registered as homemade. If the boat is pre-title era, which i think is before 1988 or 1989 it will be a lot simpler process. VIN numbers are also very helpful.
  19. If you are not doing anything for several years you have plenty of time to do your research, go to boat shows and ask owners at marinas or boat ramps about how they feel about their particular boat. As alluded to in the above post, every year boats with low hours come up. Now that the market has sort of returned to normal, those used boats will start to appear again.
  20. It might help move all your postings if you put your location or put on location on your log in.
  21. Going to be hard to find a tandem trailer for a 19 islander. Not many out there with a GVW less than 3500 lbs which is really all that is needed at most. Seems to me that it would make more sense to become over-zealous on trailer maintenance, like switching out tires far far sooner than one normally would for your own piece of mind. Can do a lot of trailer maintenance for the cost of the switch out in terms of trailers. Just a thought. I speak from experience. I had a tire blow out on a tandem trailer as well. Scary at the time but now just a distance memory.
  22. Depending on the year- Robalo has been a name. Like many manufacturers it has gone through ownership changes over the years. Being a 23 footer I don't think deadrise should be an issue. The boat would be 8 or 8 1/2 feet wide. On a smaller boat, a 17-18 footer deadrise would be much more of a factor. I don't know the specs of a Grady off the top of my head but they usually have quite the V and there are plenty of those around.
  23. MCF

    for sale : usa Starcraft islander

    As it reads and I interpret it the boat was sold in 2019 to wrestlecoach-he then resold it because he decided to move up to a 25. It has been four years now so it all seems legit. The first poster should have closed this off.
  24. It was advertised on Craigslist at $5250.00
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