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  1. Those 19 Sea Nymphs are great boats! Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  2. MCF


    In light of the lake effect event, how did things play out?
  3. No excuse not to exercise your rights. Especially with early voting opportunities.
  4. That is the correct path, I have seen the Critchfield product, was also into bass boats for a while.
  5. MCF

    Sold / Closed 2007 Lund Tyee 1850

    Seven years ago-read the date.
  6. I have never turned in trailer plates, I have a whole collection. My father didn't either and also had a collection. No need to turn in the plates to DMV.
  7. MCF

    OMC Cobra.

    When Outboard Marine Corp when bankrupt arround 2000 or 2001 they got out of the outdrive business and sold the Cobra business to Volvo, so the problem becomes time, the availability of parts and the availability of someone who can repair them. If you could I would move to the consideration of doing a Mercruiser change out if possible. The outboard bracket project would be interesting just becomes an unknown in terms of a template to accomplish it.
  8. From the pictures you have, I presume it is off a Penn Yan. If true you might want to include that on the headline of your post. Lots of guys with Penn Yans on here and I presume you are not the first looking for it.
  9. Sold 7/2/22 Minn Kota Power Drive 55 lb 12 volt bow mount electric motor. I have measured the shaft to be 45 inches as I don't recall what it was at the time of purchase. Bought it from someone on here and never have used it. Everything works, just tried it a couple days ago with a battery. Has the quick release mount system. $275.00 or best offer. Location Dunkirk NY.
  10. It is like talking boats, everyone has good and bad experiences. I would recommend Big Jon as a choice based upon my own experiences. Others would recommend Scotty.
  11. might want to try lake erie united as well. Lake Erie can be more of a bass anglers lake.
  12. Or because boat has spent more time effectively higher out of the water
  13. He went with a smaller four stroke. That was back in 2014 as he says because I bought his 2 stroke. So this is a new issue, now 8 years later.
  14. Lower bolt holes that mount the Yamaha? I would also check over the transom area to make sure you haven't missed any other possible causes. Inlet/outlet for well at the transom should be double checked. From the picture it appears that the splashwell joint is high enough above the water so that is likely not an issue.
  15. Had this same issue several years ago. Yes it is aging infrastructure but last time it was mismanagement as well. I don't get it. Chuck Schumer will have his face in front of a camera for anything. He should have brought the pork home on this one the last time this happened. Niagara Falls is a world wonder and should be treated with respect.
  16. I wish them much success. Very difficult to survive in the world of the internet.
  17. MCF

    Sold / Closed 1992 Crestliner Sabre

    I am not the owner, that is a two stroke out board. Owner has it posted on other sites, it is in Port Allegany PA
  18. On boats that size over the years I have seen 20-25 hp.
  19. When those 19 Sea Nymphs were sold new there were a lot of packages that had the 70 hp on it, instead of the 90. Boat was slow with that. The Crestliner will be proportionally slow with the 90 vs the 115 but if you are fishing solo a lot, that lightens obviously what is being pushed through the water. I had a 19 Sea Nymph that I put a 90hp four stroke on, so I know the boat. The Crestliner weighs more plus improvements over the years will make it ride better than the Sea Nymph. I have liked the Commander since they first introduced it several years ago, so I say if the deal can be made-go for it.
  20. Dawson Creek-whoever is the legislative body in your particular county. Could be called county legislator or board of supervisors. Your address will have someone representing you. Usually you can go the county website and get that information. I would wait til after 1/1/22 to make sure new reps weren't voted in and to make sure the site has been updated.
  21. I had those symptoms when I got the second shot last spring for 24 hours.
  22. Automakers want to move to full electric by 2030 or 2035, that is going from around 2% of all sales to 100%. I read the articles about taking an electric car across country now and the related issues. There were electric cars produced 100 years ago, before the internal combustion engine took the market. In my mind and being a car nut, the new F150 Lightning electric appears on the streets in 2022. An electric model of the most popular vehicle sales wise year end and year out. That to me has the potential of being a game changer. When the auto was first invented, there were a lot of companies trying for that market. There are more than a handful now trying to grasp the electric market. We will see how things unfold because the issue still is the batteries how much range, how to dispose etc. Read also the news clippings about containing a car fire in an electric car-thousands of gallons of water. We are headed in an electric direction, I just don't see clarity on the pathway yet.
  23. There are still Lone Stars of various sizes out there. Lone Star was bought by Chrysler in the late 1960's and became part of its boat group.
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