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  1. Just figured out how to add a pic Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Left Arnie's about 3:00 after the fog lifted and it took about 35 min to get out into the lake because the whole bay is a no wake zone. Started setting up in 50 fow and rode the waves east toward the bluffs. 2 sticks off one board and a 3 color of the other. Spoon down 6 ft on rigger, another spoon down 15 on another rigger and a flasher/ fly on a third hugging the bottom. Trolled for 90 min into 20 fow without a release. Picked up n moved out to 150 fow. Put out the 3 color off a board, 180 dipsey with f/f , spoon on rigger 50 down, and a green flasher n mirage fly 100 down off rigger. Started seeing some fish on the bottom in 130 fow, thought they were lakers so I lowered the f/f to 120 and it popped. Turned out to be a 16 lb King. Fished till 7:00 and didn't move another rod. Good luck to everyone fishing this weekend! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. X2 on diawa rods n reels, also the 10 lb. cannon balls are too light, go with at least 12 lb. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. X4
  5. Don't feel bad, Sodus sucked too! I fished from 6:00 till noon and had 3 releases. The charter boats were fishing 120-140 fow so I did too, 100-120 down. West wind was ok but the 3 footers didn't make it fun.
  6. We fished fri. from 3:00 till 8:30. Went west and started in 100 fow and trolled out to 200, spending most of the time between 110 and 150 fow. Ended up with 4 lakers 8 to 12 lb's and a 2 lb king. All the fish came from 120 to 140 fow with the lakers caught right on the bottom on flasher/fly. The small king caught on 65 rigger on a spoon. Had 50 deg down 80. No thermalcline yet.
  7. Does it make sense to run a 3 color and a 4 color leadcore off the same board. If so which one would be closest to the boat? I'm assuming that they would both be at the same angle with one obviously longer and deeper.
  8. Arney's marina on Sodus bay is top notch. They have a lot of Pennsylvanians there and also have afew spots available to park a camper for the wknd.
  9. It was a beautiful day and the lake was calm, at least you got out and had some fun.
  10. Vital Signs and Graphic's. They will sit down with you and custom design what ever you like. They are on Empire Blvd in Webster though.
  11. pop your rod free before cranking up the ball.
  12. sorry for any confusion tom. yea there a lot of inconsiderate guys out there. Hope you have a good season!
  13. hey tom, I think I saw you out there sunday. I was in the red top penn yan that you cut in front of, Im still trying to figure that one out. I saw you getting close so I turned right and you did too, I turned right again and again you follow me when you had your whole left side open to you, I finally turned right at you and went behind you, Ya gotta give guys room out there, we are pulling some long lines and getting tangled is not fun.
  14. I change mine every spring. I average 250 - 300 hrs a year and its not that hard or expensive to do. I dock my boat and don't want to have to pull it out if there is a problem. This way its done and I don't have to worry about it.