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  1. Thanks. I’ll keep trying to get maintenance records of the boat
  2. Does anyone know in general how many hours a mercury 8.1 horizon motor is good for before needing any major overhaul? It has 2700 hours on it most are trolling. Will the 8.1’s last to 4000 trolling hours before needing major work?
  3. I’m looking for a larger boat then my current one. Seems like they are not listed online or hard to find. Looking for 2000 or newer Inboard motor or motors. 26-30 feet with at least a 9.5’ beam. Ideally rot free construction. Baha, SportCraft, Pursuit. Fuel injection is a must. Fresh water only. Anyone have any leads or know of any in there local harbors. Thanks.
  4. I’m guessing the term flower pot is not a good thing. I’m keeping my eyes open to all options. Just looking for a solid boat for the family. I know no matter how new or old they are problems arise.
  5. Do you think there would be more fish in the Eastern Basin if your hopes come true?
  6. There is a 21’ kingfisher on walleye.com and a 1850 commander on marketplace in Syracuse NY
  7. The dome measures 16” across. Is that what you were asking?
  8. I will have to measure the dome on it. I’m in between Henderson and Mexico Bay
  9. Thanks for all the info. I’m not in a rush to buy anything so I’ll keep my eyes open for a nice fresh water boat. Sounds like it would be a better option. Thanks everyone.
  10. Thanks unreel. Do you have info on brokers? I have been looking boat trader but not much to be had for freshwater. It would be great to find one out of ABay since I live close to there
  11. Gambler any boat I buy I expect there to be unknown issues and repairs. Like you mentioned a survey will be a must have. Why do you think a salt boat will have more repairs? Thanks.
  12. I’m starting to look for bigger boats. I would really like a 30’ pursuit. Most seem to have spent some of there life in salt water. For those who have bought salt water boats have you had any issues like wiring corrosion, gel coat issues, hardware issues. Or just issues in general that you experienced? I have heard some say no big deal if it’s a closed cooling system, and I have been told to stay away from salt water boats.
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