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  1. That would make the most sense with how it was acting.
  2. Ok. I have a parts one. I’ll try swapping it out.
  3. Just bought a boat that has older Mag 10a riggers. One runs fine the other stops every 10 feet or so like the motor goes out. Wait a few minutes it pulls up some more. Wire to the battery is good. Switch is good and the thermal is not tripping. Do you think the issue is the motor itself. Running 10# weight. Thanks.
  4. I just got my copy of Keating on Kings in the mail today.
  5. I’m in the same position. When you leader down the heavy line do you put say 200 feet of 12 pound in it if you were to be targeting browns or walleye or a shorter leader?
  6. Thanks. Seems like I will have to look into a wire set up.
  7. Thanks. I don’t think I’ll end up with a wire set up this year.
  8. This will be my first season trolling on the Lake. Mostly will be fishing Henderson area. I was wondering if I could get by using the same rods and reels for Browns, Lakers, and Walleye if I was to get the right setup. I have just started to gather equipment up. I Plan on having down riggers, planers, and possibly dipsy divers depending on the amount I learn and pace that I learn. So far I have ordered Okuma Coldwaters in size 30. Any suggestions would be helpful thanks.
  9. Looking for a Fish Hawk X4 if anyone has one. Thanks.
  10. 2000 Logic 21 foot center console. The Boat comes with the following equipment. 1999 175 HP Yamaha 2 stroke 2- Walker tournament series downriggers with auto stop 2- 12 pound torpedo weights 2- 8 pound ball weights 2- Great Lakes Planers Vertical Stack track base rod holders Great lakes planer mast 2- otter boat planers 2- 18 inch Amish Outfitters Buggy Bag Drift Bags Custom made biminie top, console and seat covers Cobra VHF radio Humminbird 788c sonar and gps with navionics hot maps card 4 Coast Guard approved life jackets I am the second owner of this boat. I just do not have enough time to use this boat the way I planned on. I put all the trolling equipment on the boat when I bought it. Most of the gear on this boat has only been used about 5 times so its just like new. it has a lot of storage boxes molded into the floor. It also has a wash down pump and 30 gallon bait/live well under the two captain chairs. I am looking for $12,000. PM me if you are interested or would like more info.
  11. Thanks for the info b line. I'm going to look into bonding all the metal rails. I should be able to bond them to the transom through bolts that hold the out board on. I know logic boats have some unique issues but it gets me out on the water.
  12. Does anyone know how to reduce the static charge build up on Logic boats. When ever you grab something metal on the boat you get a unpleasant zap.
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