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  1. Hi everyone. I have had a 277gle for about a year now. It has a 350 MPI inboard in it. I have to run 4000 rpm to get the boat going 20mph on a calm flat day. It has an 18rx17 prop on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on if I should re prop the boat or know of a good place to talk to about props? I would like to lower my cruising rpm’s and maintain 20mph around 3600 rpm if that’s possible.
  2. Would you be willing to ship just board's?
  3. The commander is great if you only fish smooth days. I owned a 2050 handled big water but I thought ride was sub par. I felt it was rough riding even with a smooth moves seat.
  4. Take a ride in 2 footers before you drop any cash down.
  5. I’m looking to upgrade my electronics on my boat over winter. It has an older ray marine C80 that I use for sonar and an older lowrance 7” unit that’s used for mapping. I troll both shallow for walleye and Deep for trout. I’m looking to possibly get 7” unit for running depth charts on that will be mounted in my hard top and then mounting a larger unit on the helm. Does anyone have any recommendations of units that network together easily? I’m also looking for something that’s capable of adding radar to also if I decide to do so. Thanks.
  6. Henderson Harbor area. I’m willing to ship the rods for repair.
  7. Any recommendations on a good rod repair person?
  8. I have a few Tolora rods that got knocked around by the kiddos on the boat this year. They lost the ceramic inserts on the last eyelet. Short of cutting end of rod off what’s my options for repair? Are there any guys that do rod repair?
  9. Thanks. I’ll keep trying to get maintenance records of the boat
  10. Does anyone know in general how many hours a mercury 8.1 horizon motor is good for before needing any major overhaul? It has 2700 hours on it most are trolling. Will the 8.1’s last to 4000 trolling hours before needing major work?
  11. I’m looking for a larger boat then my current one. Seems like they are not listed online or hard to find. Looking for 2000 or newer Inboard motor or motors. 26-30 feet with at least a 9.5’ beam. Ideally rot free construction. Baha, SportCraft, Pursuit. Fuel injection is a must. Fresh water only. Anyone have any leads or know of any in there local harbors. Thanks.
  12. I’m guessing the term flower pot is not a good thing. I’m keeping my eyes open to all options. Just looking for a solid boat for the family. I know no matter how new or old they are problems arise.
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