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  1. Anyone have a Green Nuclear spindoctor they would part with?
  2. I paid 100 bucks to get a bored put in. Didn’t fix the issue. My solution was to sell the rigger for basically parts and switched over to 2 new Scotty High speed riggers.
  3. Sold the flush mounts. The two other are 20 dollars plus shipping
  4. Custom planer board mast adjustable up to 10’. Has Attwood seat base welded to bottom. $150. Local pickup between Watertown and Pulaski Ny.
  5. This is strictly for parts. Motor does work. No power cord no cable on drum. $50 as is. Pickup local only between Watertown and Pulaski NY.
  6. It took about 3weeks when I registered my boat that I bought. I dropped it in a drop box at the Pulaski DMV. Missed you signature on a form had to be mailed back to me and sent back to DMV. Hope it goes quicker for you. This check list helped me out know what I had to have. DMV_ProofWizard_Checklist.pdf
  7. Do you want them? If not I’ll move in to the next guy in line. Thanks
  8. 2 cannon Mag 10a. One works as it should. One stops every 10 feet bring up the ball. Had a new board put in it still does it. $200
  9. Looking to buy newer Cannon or Scotty riggers. Please let me know if you have any leads on any. Thanks.
  10. I dropped it off to the marina in Henderson Harbor. He is going to put a board in it. Hope to get it back by the weekend. I’ll let you know when I get it back.
  11. That would make the most sense with how it was acting.
  12. Ok. I have a parts one. I’ll try swapping it out.
  13. Just bought a boat that has older Mag 10a riggers. One runs fine the other stops every 10 feet or so like the motor goes out. Wait a few minutes it pulls up some more. Wire to the battery is good. Switch is good and the thermal is not tripping. Do you think the issue is the motor itself. Running 10# weight. Thanks.
  14. I just got my copy of Keating on Kings in the mail today.
  15. I’m in the same position. When you leader down the heavy line do you put say 200 feet of 12 pound in it if you were to be targeting browns or walleye or a shorter leader?
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