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  1. Thanks for the great report, we fished out there for a couple weeks and had a lot of fun. Your report give us detail to apply in any fishing effort in that you have to grind it out consistently and results will come.
  2. All of those listed above are great, but I would also add Joe Czyrny and Paul Schirmer to the list. These guys do an awesome job for their clients.
  3. Buck Naked runs a little deeper than Blood Run. Blood Run is a little softer and easier to work with... I use both and I don’t think you can go wrong with either just like the other guys said.
  4. Let’s all catch some fish this year! I think everyone that offered their thoughts covered many viewpoints and let’s respect the post, everyone’s opinion or thoughts and move on. It’s obvious that his last post clearly expressed his intentions and he did offer some clarification. Also, I believe if anyone messaged him he would help. As for Yankee Troller, I have never met the man, but I can tell you he is extremely respected and everything he offers to the fishing community is valued.
  5. Of course these are great pictures and I don’t think anyone indicated that this post was advertised as or expected to provide every detail about how to catch fish. I can certainly respect any person to reach more people to expand the customer demographic exposure to increase business.There are several very successful charter captains who have FB and You Tube videos to reach more customers. However, I think in my small opinion the information would be well received on a different platform like FB. Again, that is ONLY my opinion and I appreciate when the fishermen have helped me with questions or just by researching old posts. There is a lot of knowledge in this group and very much appreciated.
  6. I will preface this as I believe Lake Ontario United is a resource for fishermen to ask questions and help each other catch fish. There are many great Captains who could flood this site with advertisements and links, but is that what we are really looking for? Most of us who use this site are not looking to book a trip, we are trying to utilize the resource to educate ourselves to produce results on the water. Lake Ontario United is a great site with awesome members, hopefully it doesn’t become a marketplace.
  7. 2019 Lund 1775 Adventure Excellent Condition 115HP Mercury $36,500
  8. All of the above are great options, however I wouldn’t overlook Joe Czyrny. He is one most talented fisherman on the lake and competes at the highest level of fishing. Captain Joe Czyrny Anglers Obsession Charters Check him out on FB
  9. We really like the YETI 160, plenty of room for ice and limit of Salmon.
  10. I agree with Yankee Troller, the River should be off limits September 1st. This would help increase natural reproduction and help get the fish to the hatchery safely.
  11. We have never fished Sodus, but hear that it is excellent. Usually we launch out of Mexico for Browns in the Spring, Oswego during the summer for Kings and work our way East towards the Salmon River as the season wears on.
  12. Thanks for looking at and responding. I will look at it and possible options to make sturdier.
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