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  1. Fish USA has them in stock
  2. Ok thank you I’m about 50 miles east of Pittsburg I have manual big jobs now . Everything work as they should in them ? And would they need any new belts or wire ?
  3. Went out about 230pm fished till dark. Went 7/10 in 125/160 fow a lot of bait. fish came off wire dipsys with meat rig and riggers 55-70 down with orange crush spoon one nice steelhead and 5 salmon was a great day on the water
  4. I’m taking my gf to Niagara Falls this will be her first time also To do some adventuring around . I’m not hauling my boat up to have it sit somewhere . Can anyone lend a good lead on a charter boat I could take her out on in the Niagara to Ollcott direction. Thanks for the help
  5. Fished it Tuesday to Thursday hit kings and steelhead water temps were all over the place hit fish on spoons and flys was a real slow bite all three days . Had to constantly drop or raise to stay in right water temps
  6. Will be in olcott Tuesday am anyone have any ?
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