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  1. Quick question - since selling my boat, it's been a while since I fished on a few charters around Niagara, Wilson, and Olcott - looking for a few recommendations to that I can set up a trip in May - who's out there you would recommend in that area? Thanks!!!
  2. Good job! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I tried it several years ago on Lake O - and used a cut herring strip imitation that is to be used in the bait heads - I think it was Berkely - but don't remember - but never ever had a hit ever - I thought it would save the hassle of cut bait and could even be reused - but the experiment that I did on and off over various times and trials didn't work for me...I thing it could be done - I just didn't get it done!
  4. I personally have used the sub-troll for many years - and I bought it because I like to look at it from the back of the boat - and with the analog dial - it's very easy to read, I don't like having to process thr digital bumber - and with the other units they are hard to see from a distance...just my 2 cents worth.
  5. Years ago when I lived in the area - LOTSA seminars and networking with experienced fisherman made a big difference for me...I have been on many charters from Wilson to Mexico Bay - and knew alot - but it didn't translate equally to my boat...getting someone on your boat is a great idea - in fact - I wish I had thought of that so many years ago - would have been a huge step saver for me.
  6. Hey MM - yea, they were good fish... we actually trailered down to Fort Niagara - which is an 18 mile run down the road - there is a really nice launch there, and fish cleaning station. The launch after Labor Day is free - which we didn't know until we got there - so that was a nice bonus... The Red Can is a large buoy about 3.5 miles offshore - due North out of the Niagara River - it marks about the end of the shelf or 'bar' and sits in about 35-40 FOW give or take...then - about 1/4 mile further or North of that - is a large drop off that goes from about 40 FOW to over 200 FOW within a 1/2 mile - that is what is referred to as the 'Bar' Plus - as I understand is - it is a great place to also drift for walleye around that shallow shelf area - never done it, but we might try that next time It's a good place to fish - and we just trolled east and west in about 100 FOW 1/2 mile either side of the 'can' - they were stacked in there really good. Give is a try sometime, spring can be really hot there too... Here is a link to a bathymetry of Lake O - you can see the large shelf from the Niagara River and how far it goes into the lake...hope that helps! http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/image/ontario1280.jpg Jim AKA Reel Deal
  7. Thanks Bob - I didn't quite know that - that's interesting....I posted some pics on a separate report - but didn't include the coho - we had a GREAT time - looking forward to next year...tight lines... Jim AKA Reel Deal
  8. Went to Olcott for the annual fishing trip from Michigan... Tuesday - fished from 9:30 - 3:30 - lake was hot and flat - started in 100 FOW - trolled to the 28-29 line to try to pick at some steel - couldn't move a rod... went back out at 6:30 PM - fished till 8:30 - stayed in the 55-85 FOW - lots of fish - but only one big rip on the wire dipsey - called it a night... Regrouped Wed. morning set up at 6:45 AM in 95 FOW just east of the Red Can - and fished the Bar - went 3 for 7 - all matures - one went 28.5#...fish all came on mtn. dew spin dr. and green crinkle fly - 180-200 back on fireline dipsy...all fish were between 95-120 FOW - 1/2 mile either side of the can... Went back to the Bar Thurs. - set up at 10:45 AM (a late start) fished the same stretch of water - went 8 for 12 - fished till 7:30 PM - action was consistent - 1-2 rips per hour - all 3-4 year old fish - upto 27.5# - except 1 coho 12#...glad we fished the Bar - Olcott was not producing... Tried to fish the thin water Friday AM out of Olcott - but it was a bit rough for a couple of newbies - never moved a rod in 2 hours... Planned on fishing the Bar Saturday AM early - on the way back to Michigan - but the North wind and 2-3 footers had us decide to drive home today... It was a great week - planning on fishing Lake Mich. the next couple of weeks before ending the season - love those Lake O fish though - tough to beat em!
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