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  1. http://www.ifish.net/board/showthread.php?t=149894 http://fishermansheadquarters.com/Reel_Schematics.htm http://alantani.com/index.php Try these links
  2. Nick, still Available? What is your location? Does it work? Bill
  3. Watch out for them Lake O guys calling waves.. Erie waves and Ontario waves are different.. I fished a scotty a few years ago out of wilson and they called 25-40 west wind 3 footers... Always ask what size boat there fishing out of... A 20fter boat. will tell you 5-7 fters. and 40fter boat will say 2ft. or less MM
  4. Still have the air stream 4 sale? Bill
  5. Selling my saber, 5.0 merc. alfa 1. 24ft. New floor, new touchscreen garmin gps with card, new honda kicker 4 stroke with remote throttle, soft top down 2 years ago. Trailer has 3 year old tires, brakes, brake lines, lites and wires. $8000.. 814-434-7346 Bill
  6. I liked mine... till.... it went to the bottom...Seemed to lose its signal if cable was over 100ft. out..The new units might have a transducer... The depth reading was off also.. MM
  7. Don't put all your lures at the same depth. BIG mistake. Fish the bait in the fall not the temp,one on the bottom in skinny water. You will get some big ones. First light MM
  8. Water color looks good. Wonder whats happening at st. catherines in the scotty? This heat should start sending them over. MM
  9. WOW , nice fish I wish I would of run to the bar now.. The water was so flat it would of only took 40 min. to get there... I never fished it before you are fishing a ledge or self right.. the red can is that a light house or something? MM
  10. Glad to here you got some fish Reel Deal . Some of the guys at the campground did very well at the bar also. Wish I could change motheroose to mothermoose here.. lol not a very good on the puter yet MM
  11. Thanks guys for all the advise here are some off the big ones. All where caught with mountaindew S/D with hammer fly 50ft. off the ball 2.4 mph at the ball ,between 50deg-51deg temp 450fow-520fow. 21,22 and 24lbs. MM
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