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  1. daiwa great lakes special downrigger rods Looking for great lakes special 8 foot 6 inch downrigger rods. Also looking for butt half of same rods. I have one tip.
  2. I have used the palomar knot for more than 50 years all over the world with no problems at all. I recommend you wet the line with water prior to tying the knot. The knot will pull down easier and result in a stronger knot. When running stick baits, use a good quality cross lock snap ( roscoes are good) to match the line weight you are using. The stick baits swim better than when they are direct tied .
  3. These are smaller in Diameter than the dipsey divers. Do you think they are running as deep as the dipsey with the same amount of line out ?
  4. Are these ready to use ? Do they have the releases ? Or would I have to buy additional parts to use them?
  5. I have an older( american made ) Penn 320 GTI used not abused. Very smooth, smooth drag. Has older style plastic torpedo handle knob. Includes Reel, original box, owners manual and schematic, and tube of grease. Asking $ 55.00 plus shipping. I will be at the LOTSA market place on Sunday. You can contact me here or call me at 814-432-7072, or you can call me on my cell phone Sunday 814-428-1948.
  6. I am looking for 8 1/2 ft. great lakes system down rigger rods. I am also interested in a butt section only ( I have a tip ).
  7. I am looking for some older down rigger rods Daiwa great Lakes special model SK786GL I am interested in complete rods or I am also in need of one Butt half. i am also looking for some older ( made in USA ) Penn 10 reels. I am looking for the ones with the plastic torpedo handles. If you have any of these please contact me at 814 4532 7072.
  8. I use these on my Walkers with auto stop you have to Rout out the opening on the inside of the pulley wheel with a dremel tool and then sand til smooth. Has worked flawlessly for 8 years
  9. Do these boards include the release clips, if so what are the releases ?
  10. I tie all my flies with 2 4/0 octopus hooks, works great, no treble hook cut offs . Here is a test to try with fluoro vs mono . Take equal pound test mono and fluoro, Use a 3 foot piece of each. Then saw the line over a square table edge count how many saws it takes to cause the line to abrade to failure then you decide which is best
  11. I only need 1 I already have 2. If you decide you might sell one, let me know and then we can make a deal.
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