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  1. monkeyman2269

    Oak Orchard Perch

    Got a couple on worms today to bad u can't get minnows anywhere around there
  2. monkeyman2269

    Prof T and I got pigs

    Do you ever fish down towards the ti bridge
  3. monkeyman2269

    Huge Pike on Carleton Island

    How deep were you trolling for them
  4. monkeyman2269

    Bulk 30 pound

    Were do you guys get your bulk fishing line and what kind should I look for
  5. monkeyman2269


    It's the kraken that eats the salmon
  6. monkeyman2269

    Dead Deer in a Bad Way

    I literally lived were they found the deer
  7. monkeyman2269

    Dead Deer in a Bad Way

    Any word on the deer
  8. monkeyman2269

    Interesting evening in my treestand-double on coyotes

    Jeeze that's crazy I saw my first coyote in the woods the other day makes you think. To bad he was about 60 yards away
  9. monkeyman2269

    Any rabbit hunters?

    Not specifically but I shoot them of I see one
  10. monkeyman2269

    Skinny Buck

    It's just like humans there is skinny people then there is fat people
  11. monkeyman2269

    fixed broad heads for a mathews?

    Holy crap that's a sword not a broadhead
  12. monkeyman2269

    Lake Ontario Parkway

    It's bad but it's peaceful
  13. monkeyman2269

    Tioughnioga River

    Holy cow
  14. monkeyman2269

    fixed broad heads for a mathews?

    Muzzy trocars
  15. monkeyman2269

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    U gonna shoot one of those bears