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  1. Can you still catch Walleyes casting or is everything done trolling at this point?
  2. What about St lawrence river? Same? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Awesome catfish, but I've been catching catfish and Striped Bass for the last two months on the Delaware River here in Pa, we would definitely like to go for Walleye, LT Salmon or Steelies. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Guide help... I'm not sure this is the appropriate place for this post but.....I am interested in possibly taking out a guide for a day the week of JUNE 10-17....We are staying in Cape Vincent and planned on fishing for Pike and Walleye however we stay right where the St lawrence meets Lake Ontario and would love to get into some of the other beauties that Lake Ontario has to offer. We wouldn't even mind getting into a mixed bag maybe some Walleye, some Salmon, LT, Steelies whatever. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks PaP, we are quite familiar with the area been coming up there for about 10 years now, however we have learned our lesson the hard way to stay off the main lake when that wind starts to blow more than 15 MPH. I appreciate it.... Pap do you know a good Walleye guide up there I would love to learn the ropes up there about catching walleyes. Thanks
  6. Three mile bay I have never fished... I may need to try that.... ThAnks guys
  7. Only problem with Lake of the isles is getting in there, the St Lawrence turns into a wash machine with high winds. We are heading to Cape Vincent tonight for a week, then up to Black lake for the opening of Bass next week. I hate to lose Sunday and Monday because of the wind, that is why i wanted to reach out and see if anyone had advice for getting shelter from the wind. French Creek Bay looks like we could get shelter there....I know Chaumont bay and Black River Bay are out, been there done that in the wind.
  8. staying in the Cape Vincent area for a week, looks like some pretty windy days coming, any suggestions for getting out of the heavy wind? We usually fish both the lake and the river. Fishing out of a 19 foot Deep V Targa. Mainly fishing for Pike, but set up with Rod Holders to slow troll for Walleyes. We did it last year and came up with a blank. We have had very good success fishing Pike, but no way will we be able to fish our normal spots with 20 MPH winds.....any suggestions would be appreciated....thanks PS i got this nice pike last year throwing a deep Diving shadow Rap.
  9. WE Trolled Henderson with Rattlin Rogues but didn't get a bite....that was when we went to Sacketts and caught a bunch of Pickerel. We Trolled all around Cherry island in Chaumont Bay as well, we tried the drop off near the island which is like 18 feet, then we went 30 plus feet and not a sniff.
  10. The only bait we used that could even be considered a bass bait was a swarming hornet which I believe your referring too. One of the best damn Pike baits you will ever throw!!! I've never thrown a Senko in my life, draggin a worm is not my style of fishing. The baits of choice were Shadow Raps and glass raps. But hey you have the answers.
  11. Well, we trolled (yes with a bass boat)(you can get rod holders for a bass boat) trying to pick up a few Walleyes, no go, so we went casting...yep casting in 6-10 feet of water....yes imagine doing that and NOT targeting bass, yes even with a bass boat. Because damn Pike are fun to catch!!! But, instead we caught several more nice pickerel.
  12. It's ridiculous....We caught 4 more pickerel today, this time in Guffin bay.....That makes 11 pickerel in 4 days for us....Now let me put this in perspective for you, we have been coming up here since 2005, and have NEVER caught a single one, this year already caught 11. Also the pickerel have been huge, the size of Walleye. Averaging around 3 1/2 pounds but as large as 4 1/2.
  13. Heavy Winds chased us off BRB yesterday....we did manage a few nice Chain pickeral, and a few of those fish your not allowed to be targeting hit our Lures....then we snapped the prop off the trolling motor and had to fly down to Shumerhorn and throw a new one on. We got it done. We were disappointed that we did not get any walleye or Pike on BR or BRB.
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