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  1. Can you still catch Walleyes casting or is everything done trolling at this point?
  2. What about St lawrence river? Same? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Awesome catfish, but I've been catching catfish and Striped Bass for the last two months on the Delaware River here in Pa, we would definitely like to go for Walleye, LT Salmon or Steelies. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Guide help... I'm not sure this is the appropriate place for this post but.....I am interested in possibly taking out a guide for a day the week of JUNE 10-17....We are staying in Cape Vincent and planned on fishing for Pike and Walleye however we stay right where the St lawrence meets Lake Ontario and would love to get into some of the other beauties that Lake Ontario has to offer. We wouldn't even mind getting into a mixed bag maybe some Walleye, some Salmon, LT, Steelies whatever. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks PaP, we are quite familiar with the area been coming up there for about 10 years now, however we have learned our lesson the hard way to stay off the main lake when that wind starts to blow more than 15 MPH. I appreciate it.... Pap do you know a good Walleye guide up there I would love to learn the ropes up there about catching walleyes. Thanks
  6. Three mile bay I have never fished... I may need to try that.... ThAnks guys
  7. Only problem with Lake of the isles is getting in there, the St Lawrence turns into a wash machine with high winds. We are heading to Cape Vincent tonight for a week, then up to Black lake for the opening of Bass next week. I hate to lose Sunday and Monday because of the wind, that is why i wanted to reach out and see if anyone had advice for getting shelter from the wind. French Creek Bay looks like we could get shelter there....I know Chaumont bay and Black River Bay are out, been there done that in the wind.
  8. staying in the Cape Vincent area for a week, looks like some pretty windy days coming, any suggestions for getting out of the heavy wind? We usually fish both the lake and the river. Fishing out of a 19 foot Deep V Targa. Mainly fishing for Pike, but set up with Rod Holders to slow troll for Walleyes. We did it last year and came up with a blank. We have had very good success fishing Pike, but no way will we be able to fish our normal spots with 20 MPH winds.....any suggestions would be appreciated....thanks PS i got this nice pike last year throwing a deep Diving shadow Rap.
  9. WE Trolled Henderson with Rattlin Rogues but didn't get a bite....that was when we went to Sacketts and caught a bunch of Pickerel. We Trolled all around Cherry island in Chaumont Bay as well, we tried the drop off near the island which is like 18 feet, then we went 30 plus feet and not a sniff.
  10. The only bait we used that could even be considered a bass bait was a swarming hornet which I believe your referring too. One of the best damn Pike baits you will ever throw!!! I've never thrown a Senko in my life, draggin a worm is not my style of fishing. The baits of choice were Shadow Raps and glass raps. But hey you have the answers.
  11. Well, we trolled (yes with a bass boat)(you can get rod holders for a bass boat) trying to pick up a few Walleyes, no go, so we went casting...yep casting in 6-10 feet of water....yes imagine doing that and NOT targeting bass, yes even with a bass boat. Because damn Pike are fun to catch!!! But, instead we caught several more nice pickerel.
  12. It's ridiculous....We caught 4 more pickerel today, this time in Guffin bay.....That makes 11 pickerel in 4 days for us....Now let me put this in perspective for you, we have been coming up here since 2005, and have NEVER caught a single one, this year already caught 11. Also the pickerel have been huge, the size of Walleye. Averaging around 3 1/2 pounds but as large as 4 1/2.
  13. Heavy Winds chased us off BRB yesterday....we did manage a few nice Chain pickeral, and a few of those fish your not allowed to be targeting hit our Lures....then we snapped the prop off the trolling motor and had to fly down to Shumerhorn and throw a new one on. We got it done. We were disappointed that we did not get any walleye or Pike on BR or BRB.
  14. After catching tons of Chain Pickeral the last few days Finally I hooked into a Pike, and boy did I ever!!! A meal shy of 10 Pounds this beast Drilled my medium Diving Shadow rap (perch) and did she ever give me a battle! Absolutely loved it! I got this nice picture, and watched her swim away to be caught yet another day.
  15. First started over in Henderson but was deadsville there.....tons of bullhead catfish everywhere and we did see some bass doing their business but we didn't see any pike and that was what we were after....So we took a quick ride over to Sacketts and we caught some huge pickerel today, quite a few of them. All went back in the water to be caught another day. We found it pathetic that this Jerk in Fox Creek would not let us launch there because we have a bass boat, wouldn't even talk to us....So if your an owner of a Bass boat you can't fish for any other species??? Talk about being stereotyped! We fish for Walleyes every bit as much as we fish for Bass back home in PA. Probably fish Walleye more! We come up to NY for 3 weeks every june....We do a full week of Pike/Walleye fishing in St Lawrence and Lake O, than 2 weeks of Bass/Pike fishing at Black Lake/Oswegatchie and Indian rivers. We spend a lot of our hard earned money here, it's a shame that your judged by the boat you own. From what we hear there has been a huge battle up here about bass season, and having catch and release. We must have been asked 5 or 6 times already if we are pre fishing for next week....then when you say your fishing for pike you get the "yeah ok, sure you are".....A guy at the marina said that to us today and i said hey Bud, not a single Bait caster on this boat, not a plastic worm or Jig on any of these rods, and even had steel leaders on some of our smaller profile baits, most rods rigged with stick baits, not exactly Bass baits now are they? Frustrating....anyway the Pickerel fishing was phenomenal today....Tomorrow we are gonna give black river bay a shot, going after Walleyes.
  16. Can anyone tell me if you can fish Dexter Marsh with a 19 ft boat? I hear there is pretty solid pike fishing there. I don't feel like getting beached though with my boat...
  17. I have been using Nanofil since it came out, and i have never had a problem at all. I absolutely love the stuff, it is phenomenal for pulling bass through heavy weeds etc. I am shocked that anyone has a problem with knots, i do not get that at all. That tells me your tying a poor knot, http://www.animatedknots.com/palomar/index.php?Categ=fishing that is the knot you all should be tying, and if you are doing it correctly you will not have a problem. IMO this line casts better than any fishing line i have ever used. It is super strong, so strong that if you get a brutal snag you may have to wrap it around one of the cleats on the boat to get it to pull off. You can pull in the biggest of fish with ease with this stuff.
  18. I feel I can offer quite a bit of information on this subject. We go up to Cape Vincent the second week of June every year. Years ago when gas prices were cheap we just fired up the bass boat and ripped across the St Lawrence River...Now, we launch and trailer every day. It's cheaper on gas by far, most places have a free launch or $10 or less to launch ramp. EEL Bay is a fantastic spot as some have already said....and with the cold water this year do not be shocked to see a 40 pound Musky swimming in the shallows yet. A guy that was in a cabin next to us last year boated a Monster Musky in EEL Bay in June which is a bit unusual. Lots of largemouth Bass as well. Buck Bay on the rock ledge side is great for Smallmouth bass, as you get deep into Buck Bay it gets weedy and there are nice Laregmouth in those Weeds along with Pike. Lake of the Isles I love for throwing frogs, the Pike tear up the frogs as do the bass. Chipewa Bay is a sensational spot for Pike and Bass, the water is very clear up there and you can site fish in many areas. The launch in Alexandria Bay coming out the water is extremely clear and you can see fish down 15 feet easily. However, there you launch your boat and walk a long long way to get back down to your boat, because their trailer parking is far away. We love fishing Lake Ontario as well. Chaumont Bay is one of our favorite spots. Find the grass and the the rocks and you find the fish, really quite simple. The smallmouth here are on Steroids, so hold on! Stony Creek and Stony Creek Pond offer phenomenal plastic worm/Frog and Jig fishing. Lots of Pickeral in here as well as pike. Carleton Island on the Side facing the USA is one of my favorite BIG PIKE spots. Cast toward shore and make a full pass from point to point....if nothing or not much drop back to 15-17 ft of water, you will see the drop off on your depth finder....Cast out and troll a stick bait let about 200 feet or so of line and they will slam it. We catch large pike here consistently every year in June. We will be up in two weeks. Can't wait!
  19. Try using a bait runner reel or opening up your drag....very possible the fish is picking up your bait, feeling tension and dropping it. If your not using Bait runner reels just loosen your drag so it's easy to peel line....the fish will pick the bait up and not feel any tension, then they will be less inclined to drop it.
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