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  1. 17 HMR vs reds

    I got real pissed at some the other day so they met my benelli instead of my 17
  2. Hardwater report !!

    Was out on braddocks today... Had about 6 inches of ice in most spots but random spots of 4... Lots of spider webs in the ice... Was about 75 yards from open water. Perch bite was decent and missed our chances on pike... Anywhere within 20 yards of the docks has about an inch and a half of ice so stay away! After today its probably shot. Heres a pike from last weekend (not braddocks) First one through the ice ever!
  3. Ice thickness

    Thanks! Atleast if I go through there I can touch the bottom
  4. Ice thickness

    Can anybody give a report for either Braddocks or long today?
  5. Baitfish

    Perch Jerk, I know for 100% certain you can use them as long as they count towards your limit, you either got a not so nice game warden or one that just didn't know the rules... Ive cut up blow gill in front of one before... And thanks ifishy!
  6. Baitfish

    So before I email the DEC I figure ill try here... If I catch a bluegill in irondequoit and then take it to the river to catfish illegal? I know you cant transport between different bodies of water but aren't they both connected so I mean wouldn't that technically be the same body of water?
  7. Quinte monster

    .... That it is I had it mixed up with Chaumont bay... whoops
  8. Quinte monster

    Did you get it weighed on a certified scale? That's state record...
  9. New to predator hunting- advice needed

    For coyotes I really don't think you can beat something semi auto... Although a .17WSM will work for coyotes and keep the pelts in great condition
  10. Ice ice baby!

    DAng... I thought the ice would be bad after the rain earlier this week
  11. for sale : usa Rod Holders Sold

    I will take them! Where are you located? Could I pick then up? Sent from my Z797C using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. for sale : usa Rod Holders Sold

    Most likely will buy. I'll confirm tomorrow Sent from my Z797C using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Does anybody happen to have any strike king XD 8's they're looking to sell? Sent from my Z797C using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I bought some and used them for the first time today... No fish but it wasn't the lures fault... They cast a country mile in all weights using my 9ft mh gander mountain steelhead advantage rod Sent from my Z797C using Lake Ontario United mobile app