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  1. Fisherman72

    Chaumount opener

    We caught 15 Saturday
  2. Fisherman72

    Looking for 30-06 semi

    Try gunbroker.com
  3. Fisherman72

    Trap line 2016

    A skunk smell lure
  4. Fisherman72

    Trap line 2016

    Beaver meat or venison is best to use to fisher ether with a cubby set leaning pole or dirt hole set , they are easy to trap. Use a good skunky call lure too, but being on location is always the key
  5. Fisherman72

    big ice pike and big top water pike

    Nice pike, they sure r fun to fish
  6. Fisherman72

    Found one

    Nice fish, always a pleasure to hear of people releasing the big ones
  7. Fisherman72

    Lure name?

    Yes that's the name of it ... Thanks
  8. Fisherman72

    Lure name?

    No, it's got a dressed hook like a buck tail jig and it doesn't have the weight on the front of the spinner like the eerie deerie has .
  9. Fisherman72

    Lure name?

    Looking for the name of this walleyw lure, it's kinda like a inline spinner with a buck tail on it with a single hook....I've seen a pic of them posted either on this websight or another one ... Just seem to not be able to come up with the name of it ... Thanks for any help
  10. Were those pike on the black River? Or is the tourney open boundaries?
  11. Fisherman72

    Protecting SLR walleyes

    If the state doesn't come up with idea, then they won't take anyone's idea..
  12. Fisherman72

    SLR Bass

    My son fished in a youth tournament this weekend out of Clayton , it was a good experience for him since he never fished the st Laurent river before... Caught a few bass and. Lost a few , mostly by skipping docks, and drop shotting. The river was busy this weekend with boat traffic,and the poker run boats !!
  13. Fisherman72


    Probably both sizes , the sire is a 13" and mother alittle over 13". Father is braziers ranger (a dog from Canada ) and mother is a trapper granger ****. Goes back to Doyle's old breeding , striker .... Located outside Watertown ny in upstate my
  14. Fisherman72


    I have a litter now, but they are not ready to go yet... Only 1 week old right now ..
  15. Fisherman72

    1000 islands walleye and bass

    There is a flw tournament in Clayton this weekend plus a kids tourney , Clayton will b busy !!!