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  1. Underwater Pike strikes video
  2. I dont know , works when I click it on my laptop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbNM4x9e0MY here is just a plain link of it, might work better
  3. Underwater Walleye strikes video A video showing how walleyes bite and attack crank baits.
  4. Spring time brown trout
  5. Eagle took my fish, up close shot
  6. Big pike tips and locations
  7. Lamprey: Not an invasive species in Manitoba where I mostly fish there are 3 native species here but are very rare. Only feed on a host the last year of their lifeDo not kill the host fishThe question should be why wouldn't I throw it back ?? and filmed in Manitoba and we can use salamanders but idk if you can call that a salamander more of a blog of meat lol
  8. fish with a lamprey attached to it New video, caught my first fish with a lamprey on it and also got a 35 inch pike on a salamander.
  9. 25 lbs trophy pike
  10. thanks
  11. Big pike on tip ups got 3 big pike over 38 inches
  12. My 4 year old brothers first fish (26 inch Walleye) I took my brother fishing this weekend and he caught a beautiful 26 inch walleye. Then I do some more sight fishing for Tiger trout. here's the video :
  13. Sight fishing for big brown trout
  14. Hog deep water walleye
  15. TIGER TROUT such beautiful fish with amazing patterns