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  1. Best of luck in the morning! Can't wait to see some pictures.
  2. Congrats Slammin!
  3. Nice job putting dinner on the table!
  4. I've been a lurker on this thread for the last two years and I've got to say it would be a pleasure to spend time in the woods with any of you. This thread has been very informative and has taught me the patience to be able select what I would like to harvest even with the very limited time I have been able to spend in the woods over the last 4 years. It finally paid off last night and thought I would share a picture.
  5. Sent you a pm yesterday on rod holders
  6. I have a couple that the set screw sticks up on and also have a couple with a small rubber plug that pushes in to make contact with the set screw and sticks up so the cable makes contact. Some of the older ones were set up that way.
  7. Blue glitter salmon git-r
  8. Froggys pink eye Kermits Cluster FUV
  9. Looking for 4-6 okuma magda pro 20dx's and 7'6" medium light rods. Pm with price and what you have. Thanks
  10. Back up for sale still in same condition. Nobody every came through on purchase.
  11. So are you saying the cubic inch capacity of the reel does not play out correctly? I have fished copper many times in the past but am just now setting up some reels of my own and want to fully understand before spooling. For there to be 870 feet of backing difference between what theoretically and actually fits is a massive amount.
  12. So according to these calculations an okuma convector 55 with 520 yard capacity is 9.122 cu in. With 500 feet of 45 lb copper being 6.5 cu in and 970 feet of 50 lb braid being 2.62 a FULL reel should fit this. Does anybody run 500 feet of 45 lb and 900+ feet of braid on a cv-55l? Everyone seems to say 400-450 copper is max for this reel. Seems even if you dropped 200 feet of braid to safely spare .54 cu in on the reel and still had 700 feet of backer you might be safe? I'm not sure if I have been lucky but I've never had a fish take more than 350-400 feet of line in the lake. Thanks for any input on this.
  13. I purchased a fh x4d last July and right from the start it always had an erratic reading. I tried numerous adjustments until about a month ago when it completely stopped working. Probe was bad right from the start. Karen with fh had me do a test which seemed a little strange but very easily proved the probe was bad. If you wet your finger and put it across the two prongs on the front to activate the probe then press the top of the probe (next to where you would hook to cable, the small silver ring that's about the size of a nickel or so) against your jawbone you should feel a slight click or tingle in your throat. If you have a couple different people do that and nobody feels it the probe is most likely bad. Easy test to try to narrow it down.
  14. East end of Oneida Lake