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  1. So does trolling speed have a big effect on the depth they run? I like to troll fast for Kings and was wonder if I need to let out more line to compensate for that.
  2. for sale : usa

    Pm sent on the mast
  3. where are you located
  4. Did you name any of them Rosie?
  5. rod holder and track is sold.
  6. rod holders and track still for sale
  7. I am going to be at Fair Haven State park starting Sunday for a week.
  8. Rod holder and track are still available
  9. yes it slide in to the track. Should note one holder does not move.
  10. seat sold pending payment
  11. $300 for track and rod holders $75 foe Chair. Will not ship I live near Canandaigua NY Bill 315-447-0746