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bill furdock

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  1. bill furdock

    for sale : usa Misc equipment

    where you located? I interested in the beads
  2. Center pin and rod for sale I have a sheffield S1002 Okuma and Berkley A. I R, IM7 rod for sale. Health reasons have limited my stream fishing. Great starter setup, make offer. Canandaigua area.
  3. bill furdock

    Dipsys for dummies

    So does trolling speed have a big effect on the depth they run? I like to troll fast for Kings and was wonder if I need to let out more line to compensate for that.
  4. bill furdock

    for sale : usa bimini top

    Pm sent on the mast
  5. Did you name any of them Rosie?
  6. rod holder and track is sold.