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  1. I can't Thank Jerry enough for selling me some spare rod holder posts he had laying around!!! A very fair price and offered to ship them but he went out of his way and dropped them off....You don't find or me people like Jerry anymore!

  2. Great info!! Following along for the same info as I'm trying to do the same for Walleye. This site rocks!
  3. I am looking for just the posts for Cannon Rear Dual Rod Holders. Mine are mount on the fron tg as nd want to convert min ed to rears.
  4. For Sale are (2) brand new never used Standard Mounting bases for large-body Cannon's: 2011 to present electric Cannon downriggers: - Magnum 5 ST - Magnum 10 STX - Magnum 10 STX-TS - DT5 - DT5 TS - DT10 - DT10 TS 2013 to present manual downriggers: - Uni-Troll 10 STX - Uni-Troll 10 STX-TS - Uni-Troll 5 ST - Easi-Troll ST $50.00 / both or $30.00 / ea. Buyer pays shipping which will be around $8.00 for USPS Flat Rate.
  5. I had these years ago and loved them!!! We can only wish they are still around.
  6. I'm in Lockport, what do you have left?
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