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  1. Cabelas in Cheektowaga has 2 of them on the rack. I was looking at them a week or so before Xmas.
  2. No thank you. Thanks for responding so quickly. Mac
  3. I'll give you $12 for the 12 orange planer board releases.
  4. I want under not over i have an HDS8 Gen2 I want to Ethernet with the 10. so I have a unit to use while I’m searching for this 10. i have nothing but time if it happens......... thanks!!
  5. There are a few on eBay and other sites for $600-$750+ I'm looking for deal. Something that works for under $500 Don't need the transducer. Only the head unit, bracket and knobs, cover, and maybe even the power cord. My boat is in winter hibernation, so I can wait. Just thought I would put this out there to group to see if someone had one laying around and wanted to turn it into some quick cash. Thanks. Mac
  6. What is the poly board dimensions. Width and length of just one of the boards (just the board, not the assembly). Thanks.
  7. Cheektowaga i don’t see power cords coming out of them? Do they function? What about the auto stop feature when the ball comes out of the water?
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