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  1. Left pm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Look closer Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Don’t know but pulled north end week ago Wednesday Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Looks like your partner had a great time. Fish fry for dinner
  5. Have 8 hp Honda electric start. Runs around 2100 rpm pushing 20 ft alum 2.2-2.5 mph. Honda has high charging output keeps batteries topped. Like to keep rpms up for charging. Also would never buy electric start without a pull cord
  6. South end launch is very shallow north end is much better this time of year
  7. Low baller starting setting lines at 6 -6:15 first laker of rigger at 60 -120fow sutton 44. First and last fish in boat. Lost small laker off dipsey no silver and blue set a 55 over 140 fow. Multiple trips. Slowed speed didn’t help. Most mark right on bottom or just off bottom fished 120 fow to 160 fow off water temp 42 70-110 Didn’t chase after real deep fish. Had 2 and 4 color out off boards dipsey and riggers from 40-110. Still a great morning with my dad and brother. Dad grow up on lake fishing out of row boat with Seth green rig so was a lot fun listening to stories. Called it quits at 10 getting hot
  8. Went month ago limited in 2 hrs right in front of state park launch black and silver rapala was hot. Am heading tomorrow morning to fish with my dad will report on how we do
  9. Have garmin units has detailed map of north east lakes. As for autopilot installed this year no regrets able to fish solo and maintain boat control
  10. Wow thank you for massive amount of info a lot to digest
  11. Don’t feel bad Gill t. Left sbh looking for open water eyes about 35 miles and 7 hours called it quits
  12. I do the same only I run 2 and 4 color with snap weights and line counter reels to gain depth. Use fish hawk td to confirm depths. It helps keep rod count in boat down
  13. Hb2. I too fish alone a lot. I did buy self inflating pfd. Wear all day long don’t know you have it on
  14. rvan


    Live 10 minutes away never have seen that many boats on Honeoye for walleye. Not the numbers there was 10 years ago but is close to home Weeds are already getting dense Bosco not missing much
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