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  1. Don’t feel bad Gill t. Left sbh looking for open water eyes about 35 miles and 7 hours called it quits
  2. I do the same only I run 2 and 4 color with snap weights and line counter reels to gain depth. Use fish hawk td to confirm depths. It helps keep rod count in boat down
  3. Hb2. I too fish alone a lot. I did buy self inflating pfd. Wear all day long don’t know you have it on
  4. rvan


    Live 10 minutes away never have seen that many boats on Honeoye for walleye. Not the numbers there was 10 years ago but is close to home Weeds are already getting dense Bosco not missing much
  5. Justin tried those swim baits on Honeoye last night slow fishing one 12” walleye inhaled 4” swim bait entirely 4 bass one over 5 lbs thanks for the heads up on baits
  6. Starting bleeding all fish last year in live well then to ice quality very apparent should have done years ago
  7. Just got home from Honeoye trolled for an hour nothing no bites stopped and throw black and silver rapala for a hour caught 2 walleye one 17 one 12 and 4 lb bass
  8. Rule on my boat everyone wears pfd. But everyone can make their own choice
  9. Very impressive mount and base
  10. Get a heart traps baited with the dog food you will be able to get a good shot of then, they will be waiting for you
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