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  1. This is great I will go thru stuff and drop off
  2. You will be amazed at how current effect down speed fish hawk and troll master are a must
  3. Tough for perch but there is a lot of lakers too bad they don’t taste better
  4. Well not a bad day of fishing better than working fished north of Parker rd 18-20 lots of small fish cleaned 12 couple of really nice guys gave us two nice perch have enough for couple of meals Bill lives on lake says fishing been slow water cold thanks for info gentlemen
  5. Will let you know will have full tank gas and willing to travel
  6. Never fished Cayuga tomorrow heading to state park to launch for perch looking at map was going to head north to start around old pilings not looking for any secrets but am I going right direction thanks
  7. I put flag kits on offshore boards will see how it works and let you know
  8. Thanks for your reply I’m in 19’ boat and use in line boards I’m going to give it a try
  9. Mr 580 and chowder I’m fairly new to Erie this will be 3rd season I was thinking of trying snap weights on say 5 color lead core to get down instead of 8 or 10 color ang thoughts
  10. rvan

    Honeoye lake

    It is not what it used to be they only stock fry now but you can catch some daytime bite is tough
  11. Have 3 garmin single tee connectors brand new 10.00 each
  12. Have 4 left Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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