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  1. You'll likely never know without trying. But, again, make sure you knock on some doors, there is not a lot of public land down there, or talk to the ranger in charge for info if you are looking at NYS Forest lands.
  2. Same amount comes out as goes in! Does not matter whether it goes into the plant or over the falls, it all ends up in the Big O!
  3. Burnham Point closed, the launch north of town is listed as open.
  4. Cape Vincent DEC Closes Public Facilities at the Cape Vincent Fisheries Station High Water Levels Causing Flooding Due to high water levels on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has closed the aquarium, fishing access site, and overnight dockage at the Cape Vincent Fisheries Station until further notice. The picnic area will remain open. However, visitors are advised to use caution and remain a safe distance away from docking areas.
  5. 2014 yearling population was very low and 2015 yearling was nearly non-existent in the trawls. These would be the preferred size for salmonid predators now,( Literature says 2+ and older are the preferred food size for salmonids) but they are not there in any significant numbers. It would be logical then that salmonids, especially smaller ones like Brown trout, would turn to the yearlings from the 2016 hatch, which would be small now (2-3"). The 2016 hatch was better in the trawls, not record breaking but healthier. The literature also says they are a fragile fish, so conditions out on the lake this year with prolonged turbidity, high water, and fluctuating temperatures cold be inducing some mortality. The lake was rough enough to exacerbate the flooding on Saturday, maybe that knocked some of the little ones around. Or if you are seeing large (6-8") ones on top, that could just be natural mortality, they don't live forever, maximum recorded age is 9 years.
  6. There is also a risk that if you killed all the mussels at once, this would start a massive outbreak of Type E. Botulism, with repercussions all through the food chain of the lake. And there is also the issue of cost.
  7. Lake trout stocking is low this year due to more Federal Hatchery problems.
  8. Post spawn four year old that has not put on any weight yet?
  9. I'll see what I can do.
  10. Do I need boots? Buckets? Thanks for the instructions. Hope to get out there.
  11. Information on where to park and how to get to the pier in light of the flooding would be helpful.
  12. Outflow has increased by 43% over the last couple of days.
  13. Navigation Law for I Bay was modified some years ago to a 200' from shore no wake zone as has been done on a lot of lakes in NYS. There are some steep bluffs that are subject to a lot of slope toe erosion from boat wakes in a normal year, with the high water this year there is water right up to the doors of many properties in German Village and other shore side hamlets. If you need to get from the south end to the outlet, troll, the browns are in the bay as well as the lake! As another here said, much more negligence in caring for the shore properties by boaters, they could just close the bay to motorized traffic. I have a strong suspicion that it is not fishermen running like this, but if they close it everyone suffers.
  14. Nice link, thx!
  15. You do have quotable sources for those allegations, right? I've seen nothing on any press anywhere to indicate any of this, maybe the Russians have all the evidence? According to the USACE daily reports, Superior is 5" higher than long term average, Michigan/Huron is 11" over long term average, Lake St Clair and Erie are 20" long term average, and Ontario is 32" over long term average. In February, Ontario was ~8" over long term average, in March ~14" over long term average. Where did they store that 3 feet of water they held back last summer when the lake was so low last fall? I know it is difficult for people who need to place blame to consider science and facts, but this is clearly charted as a result of the extremely high rainfall we've received in the last month and a half, almost as much rainfall as they have received over the drainage area of Montreal. How many Power stations are generating? I thought it was one, Moses Saunders. What is its capacity, can it generate unlimited energy with more water? Plants of which I am aware have maximum capacities, in some, more water means no generation. A lot of the damaged property is built right on the water, a lot of the affected people didn't bother to carry flood insurance. My old Spanish friends have a saying, when you mess with the bull, sometimes you get the horns. Huge areas of Montreal are as much as 4 feet deep as reported by Adam Choduk last week.