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  1. Bradddock Bay Weed Pull VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO PULL WATER CHESTNUTS FROM BRADDOCK BAY July 22 and August 19 at 9 a.m. Meet at the public fish and kayak area in the loop at Braddock Bay Marina, 105 E. Manitou Rd. Call June Summers, with Genesee Valley Audubon Society if you have questions (585) 355-1824 (Please forward to others that might be interested) So bring your kayak, canoe, or bass boat and pole. We will be pulling weeds out of the water, putting them in plastic trash bags or in the boats and taking them to shore. It is work but, a great day on the water. Dress for the weather and to get wet, NO cotton clothing please, quick drying synthetics are good. Bring your own kayak, canoe or boat and life preservers. Bring some water we wills supply extra, and lunch. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen bring it.
  2. IF you want to really go after the responsible party for this year, you should have the rally in a church. Water levels were right where they were last year until the rains in March and April.
  3. Full moon was Sunday, but it has been bright for a week now.
  4. 'Nanas don't go with beer, anyway!
  5. Look at report 9.2 on Page 176. Andy Todd had some very interesting slides of this at the SOL meetings last spring, as well. SUNY Brockport did some work on this, way back, as well, for migration around the Lake. 17.01.pdf
  6. The information that the Canadians have been gathering on salmon migration around the lake, using telemetering equipment, says that the fish could basically be on one side of the Lake on Monday and the other end on Tuesday. Are you suggesting that Canadian fish stay in Canada and NY fish stay in New York?
  7. Too early for that data, they are basically just finishing up spawning.
  8. At least in the City, the permission to trim comes with the easement. I've been told they have 10 feet on either side of the tree, looks like the remainder of your tree was outside that. With mine last year, they left 50% and it is in the 10 feet, I've got a surgeon coming to tell me if I should hassle the power company or just suck it up. You are responsible for removing the wood, in my case it is balancing the remainder of the tree, which is heading toward the house. The Company (not going to say it), said they trusted we would find their crews very efficient, they were, just like Sherman going through Atlanta, or Grant through Richmond!
  9. If there is a place to use clamps on the rail somewhere, Downeast makes great portable rod holders, got mine from Cabella's.|/pc/104793480/c/104720580/sc/104538780/down-east-single-clamp-rod-holder/699614.uts They have gotten little pricier since I bought mine!
  10. I'll have to admit to a great deal of surprise reading about the use of copper and leadcore nowadays, I thought it was still mainly riggers for LO. I've been using the wire lines for a long time up in the 'daks, but riggers are a lot less useful in smaller lakes with very rough bottom structures, and you can adjust rapidly pulling wire. There is almost nothing like hanging a downrigger ball on a granite ledge in 80 feet of water!
  11. I fish the western 'daks in August. We find the landlocks right on top on calm mornings, generally using Lake Clear wabblers with a 30 inch leader and a two hook gang and minnow. You want to be on the water with the lights on the boat, well before legal sunrise, and we quit as soon as the skiers start, or the fog lifts, unless the fish are still showing here and there.
  12. Let's just please remember that that 7 lbs of Coho growth in a few months was in the presence of an uncontrolled, massive bait base. It is a very different situation out in LO right now than the upper GL in 1966. Even with the preliminary bait data indicating a better alewife year class last year, the size structure still says there is a 2 year "hole" in the population that will really start impacting adult kings next year and afterward for a while, so the ice on which we are skating is still a bit on the thin side. But please post the rest of it, Jerry, as this whole discussion will be coming up again very shortly, only about two months until egg take time, so the target numbers discussion is looming.
  13. Sutton 44's also work great anywhere that Mooselooks are used.
  14. Here is what DEC reported in 2013. My bold added. Skaneateles Lake There are no alewives or rainbow smelt in Skaneateles Lake. The main forage base is yellow perch (young of year). Other important prey species are emerald shiner, sculpin, freshwater shrimp and Ephemeroptera (mayflies). Ephemerptera create a unique fishery in early-summer, as they are abundant with most species of fish feeding on them. Lake trout fishery is maintained entirely by natural reproduction (no stocking). The 2012 Skaneateles Lake stocking was 5,000 Finger Lakes Strain Wild (FLW) and 15,000 Finger Lakes Hybrid (FLW X domestic) rainbow trout, and 9000 Atlantic salmon stocked. Cisco numbers appear to be down in Skaneateles Lake. During the 1989 Standard Gang Netting 152 cisco were captured, only eight in 2008, and zero in 2012. VHS (Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia) was found in the lake in 2006 and may be a possible cause. 2012 angler diary cooperator legal fish/trip was 1.32 lake trout, 0.34 rainbow trout, 0.01 Atlantic salmon. Lengths of harvested salmonids by angler diary cooperators have increased in last few years, as have smallmouth bass lengths. Owasco Lake The 2012 Owasco Lake stocking was 25,000 rainbow trout, 10,000 brown trout and 10,500 lake trout. Lake trout stocking has seen long term reductions. The significant walleye stockings occurred from 1996 to 2006. The Owasco Lake Anglers Association stocked from 1996-2001 and DEC from 2002-2006. Angler diary cooperator trips dropped below 250 in 2008 and has remained low since. Good mix of lake trout, rainbow trout and brown trout (including some real trophies) throughout the 1990s. Lake trout angler catch rates increased through early 2000s despite the population declining since the mid to late 1990s. The sharp declines in the brown trout and rainbow trout fisheries in the early 2000s coincided with the emergence of walleye in the fishery. Walleye and lake trout are both long lived and prey on stocked trout (and themselves!) and the effects of stocking changes take time. We maintained viable fisheries for brown trout and rainbow trout during and following peak lake trout abundance. The timing of the emergence of walleye in the fishery make them prime suspects contributing to the disappearance of the fisheries for brown trout and rainbow trout. So far we have taken steps in an attempt to recover the fisheries for brown trout and rainbow trout. The loss of these fisheries was not discussed as an acceptable consequence of the walleye program. Have not stocked walleye since 2006. Reduced lake trout stocking over the long term. Continued stocking brown trout and rainbow trout. We need to determine if this is the desirable direction (preferred by most) to take the fishery. Some anglers prefer walleye over trout, while other anglers prefer trout over walleye. We will not continue to manage the lake for both. We are doing a survey in 2013 to assess angler desires. "Bucket Biologists" stocking their idea of a desirable fish into lakes where they are not found have ruined a huge number of fisheries in New York State, and should be discouraged whenever encountered.
  15. Gill nets are only legal in the Finger Lakes, and not all of them. The only legal net in Lake Ontario is a seine, maximum of 36 feet square, or a minnow trap, and I don't know that alewifes would go into a minnow trap.