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  1. The agreement between the Town and the prior marina operator required the marina to maintain the "channel." He did what he could but had some problems. As you and others have pointed out in the past, this is not an established channel that is marked on navigation charts.
  2. It is a cutterhead type dredge and pump system. The pipe carries the sand slurry back to the breakwall. According to the project manager for USACE, who I spoke with yesterday, the dredging will be completed by July 1 if they can maintain schedule. They will still be working on completion of the breakwalls, and the on completion of an area of emergent marsh being built where there has especially bad damage to the marsh. The they are done. Maintenance of the project and "channel" is Town of Greece responsibility after construction completion.
  3. Lucky13

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    I got most of my information from a Regional Fisheries Manager. He emphasized that brined bait or salted has to come from a commercial dealer to insure adequate treatment, and that it is the concern for disease that led to the regulations. But I am sure you are right, these guys have nothing better to do than sit around at night and deviously think up regulations just to make your life miserable! I travelled to Quebec to fish for red trout in 1976. It was not legal to sell minnows or transport bait in that Province then, and you had to buy an additional license to catch your minnows in the lake where you used them. So it is not new, just new here. Introduction of pickeral to Kayuta Lake in the upper Black River nearly wiped out the Brook trout, and introduction of Pike into the Fulton Chain has put a dent in the trout and Atlantic Salmon fisheries there,IMO. Gobies were banned as bait in an attempt to stop their spread into non-connected waterbodies. It was known that they would spread to Cayuga once they were in Lake Ontario, but if it was legal to catch and use them for bait, they would likely be in Lamoka and Waneta and down the Susquehenna by now, because someone would know better than DEC. Ring any bells? I have an idea on where you could keep your receipt, but I don't want to get the Moderators going.
  4. Lucky13

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    You might sing a different tune if a disease gets into the system you like to fish and wipes out your favorite target. One bait bucket can wipe out a brook trout pond, a few pike in a trout lake and you can often kiss that good trout fishing goodbye. Underbrined bait that has some disease that kills pacific salmon, maybe you can kiss that fishery goodbye. Thank you for you concern for the fishery and your fine sense of sportsmanship! You might want to consider that ENCON reads these websites, so bait checks on boats might be more common in the future. I'd keep that mythical receipt.
  5. Lucky13

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout
  6. Lucky13

    Oneida Lake cabin rental

    Many NYS Counties have requirements for renting property, and a special tax collected as well. People that rent their property generally do it as a business, not "for a few days at a time."
  7. Lucky13

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    I do it using a Lake Clear Wabbler for extra flash up in the Adirondacks for Land Locked Salmon, and used to do it in Hemlock until they stopped stocking them there. Andy Todd from OMNR told me that a lot of Canadians jig for Kings, much the way FL guys go after Lakers. Be careful with the beers, though, the Coast Guard may be watching. The guy who taught me to night fish for rainbows would not allow beer on his boat, said drinkers spent too much time leaning over the side. As Archie Bunker once said, "You can't buy beer, you can only rent it!"
  8. You are all fine, until you are not fine, and that has not happened yet, PTL!. I know I hear all kinds of noise on this site about the astounding and impeccable accuracy of the weather forecasters. I have a friend who sails his 14 foot canoe out on the Lake every month of the year, and I've gone out of the Genesee and out to Braddock's in a 13 foot whaler and returned with a slightly green coworker just in time to beat the really bad chop (for work), but I've also been out in the deep water on an 18 foot deep V Starcraft and been looking up at water in every direction in a mess that took about 20 minutes to brew up, and I'm staying on land unless it is wide and deep (and many of the boats mentioned look a lot wider and deeper than the Silvan) and longer than 15 feet. I know all those guys out there for early Browns were in boats longer than 21', because there were no photos posted back in those February and March reports where anyone had on a PFD, either!
  9. Lucky13

    Bass ripped off the beds

    The ONLY fish that are legal to target in the off season, catch and release or not, are black bass in those counties where the C+R season has been established. You see someone using big baits or walleye rigs, get the boat numbers and report them, that will have more effect than just whining on the internet, although I know that in Region 8, the ECO's watch all these social media " hero shout" sites, too. Social Media Post Leads to Tickets - Monroe County On the morning of May 4, ECOs Spencer Noyes and Evan McFee patrolled a section of the Genesee River in Rochester after receiving a tip from a social media post that claimed people had been keeping smallmouth bass in recent days, well before the opening of the season. Images from the post showed individuals posing with numerous bass lined up on the shoreline. The ECOs positioned themselves to watch fishing activity in the river and noticed one individual with a white five-gallon bucket with a large fish tail sticking out. The fisherman made his way back to the parking area with the bucket. ECOs Noyes and McFee approached the man and discovered he had caught and kept both a large bass and a northern pike, both out of season. The fisherman claimed he didn't know the rules and that he had never "caught one so big," with the bass weighing in at just over six pounds and measuring 22 inches in length. The subject said he was going to take his chances breaking the law, as he planned to get the trophy bass mounted. The individual turned out to be one of the fisherman in the internet photos. He was issued two tickets for taking fish out of season, returnable to the City of Rochester Court.
  10. Lucky13

    Bass ripped off the beds

    We have these guys who work for ENCON, they are called biologists, and they generally set the seasons, and apparently did not see any harm in C+R for Black Bass in most of the State. When a Regulation gets changed, there is also a public comment period, so I would guess that most of the public that commented favored the C+R rule. So it is not just a question of "get rid of C+R", maybe it is that simple on your side of the pond, but I think that except in the four counties where C+R is not allowed, the "majority" favored the C+R season, a sort of Yankee way to do things, vote and all. Also, the original poster did say " ...a continued problem with anglers coming to the Thousand Islands region before the bass season and taking fish off the beds. I see it every year and they are often out of state boats..", no different than your out of province poachers. But I emphasize that the ECO's are happy to do their part if they are made aware of the problem. As an example, here in Rochester, they recently saw a Facebook post of smallmouths kept in the Genesee River, and made a little trip to the river a day or so later, and caught the poster with a Northern Pike the day before the season opened, and a 6 lb smallmouth that would have been perfectly legal to catch, but was not supposed to be in the guy's bucket. And someone called them to let them know about the original Facebook post. The DEC Website link I put above takes you to a page where you can fill out a report with boat numbers, pictures, all the rest, to assist in "discouraging" this kind of behavior.
  11. Lucky13

    Bass ripped off the beds

    And how is all that going to fix the problem here? Sounds like you have the same problem in Ontario, but at least you called your ENCON. We have the same thing in NYS, No fishing for out of season fish, but C+R bass fishing was legalized in many parts of the state. Just not the part where all this is happening. As to the Tournaments, call your regional DEC office and complain, and make sure the tournament organizers even bothered to register with NYSDEC and get permitted for the tournament. I have to wonder about the kayak circuit, they start early, run all summer, and I wonder if NYSDEC even knows they are doing it.
  12. Lucky13

    Bass ripped off the beds Region 5 roster Region 6 roster IF no one picks up, or call Albany: Call the DEC Division of Law Enforcement hotline at 1-844-DEC-ECOS (1-844-332-3267). Never put yourself at risk - gather what information you can without trespassing or exposing yourself to harmful materials or situations.
  13. Lucky13

    Bass ripped off the beds

    I know that reading is becoming a lost skill, but please check your regulations guide. While C+R is legal in some counties, this is not the case in the Islands, and part of the 'daks. It is clearly stated: "Fishing for black bass (including catch & release) is prohibited outside of the open season." Lets see now, that "stand a chance" "logic" can be used to justify salmon snagging and lining, baiting waterfowl, jacking deer, etc, etc, etc...... Another problem I see here is expecting DEC to catch these morons without assistance. The St Lawrence is a big place for a couple of ECO's in a small boat. Drop a dime to the local officer's and there is a better chance of them getting there and catching them. None has mentioned trying that.
  14. And if the water gets real rough quickly, as LO can and does do all the time, Chapter three may be written by someone else, like the Coast Guard. I would think that in a tub that small, with the low water temperatures out there, you'd at least be wearing the vests.
  15. Lucky13

    Cobleskill SUNY article

    It seems to me that most of the research Cobleskill is doing is either creating a "frankenfish" for aquaculture, or fixing problems that were caused by introducing fish that weren't there to begin with. So how are walleye, a warmer water fish, supposed to do in one of the deepest coldest freshwater oligotrophic lakes on the planet? And why aren't they there already, if the habitat is right, they could certainly get there through the canal system? And of course, what will that do to the trout and salmon fishery, the native species of the lake, DEC has reported that they do not see walleye and trout as compatible in other Finger Lakes?