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  1. Ice status for Sodus Bay

    This was just posted: "Took a walk out of 3rd creek today. I found areas between shore and 20 feet to be in the 5 to 6 inch range of "good" ice. Lots of spider holes too and in areas where there were auger holes the ice was maybe 4 inches thick. This was echoed by a couple guys I met coming off the deeper section who said they found 1 area with 4 inches of ice. Conditions are changing." SPUD SPUD SPUD! Report to moderator Logged
  2. Penn Yan

    Possibly because of bad winter caused suppressed alewife populations not eating the perch fry.
  3. Ice status for Sodus Bay

    This was posted yesterday at dark on Ice Shanty. "End of the loop was open this afternoon few guys off hots point if you try maiden I'd let it harden back up third creek open at road few guys out yet this afternoon"
  4. Thoughts on the weather

    Let's hope they can get off OK. The next couple of days could be very treacherous as it is supposed to get cold at night, could lock up the shore enough for early risers to get on, but conditions could deteriorate enough for people to get very wet coming off. When you are making the decision as to whether it is too risky, please also consider the risks to the first responders who may have to haul you out, as happened down on Honeoye some years ago under similar thaw conditions.
  5. Florida school shooting

    One of the most dangerous things that could happen in our country, whether it is about fishing or the constitution, or anything else, is the idea that we should squelch debate and all "just get along." Jes' sayin'. I found Sk8man's point of view to be great reading, some of the others also. Maybe the site just needs a different place for this kind of thing, and then if someone doesn't want to be bothered by this kind of discussion, they can just stay out of that area.
  6. This link will let you look at today's snowpack all over the hill and the western 'daks, at least near the trails. A great deal of snow disappears without runoff when you get high wind combined with warmth, like yesterday, sublimation. I am sure there are places a lot deeper back in the woods, I've seen pockets of snow in late May up there. I know about the snow pack in Redfield and Lacona, but a lot of that has gone off in the previous melts, and is going off now. Here's the last 60 days on the North Branch of the Salmon, the gage is in Redfield. It is interesting how the same people who will completely dismiss model predictions that they don't agree with, will use other models as if they were gospel. Even a wet spring won't necessarily mean "record rain". And lets pray it doesn't for more reasons than Lake impacts, I know a lot of farmers that can't take another hit like last year.
  7. Hardwater report !!

    I remember fishing the north end when they were all that size! NICE!!
  8. "Normal" precipitation for March and April is ~7" ( if it all was snow it would be ~70 ices). Last year we had~14". The area of excessive precipitation extended way up into Canada so the "spate" in the Ottawa River was also high. We had bad flooding, but nowhere what Montreal got.
  9. Penn Yan

    Al unfortunately too true!!
  10. *If we get the rains like last year, yes. We have already lost a lot of the snowpack, even a lot of the snowmobile areas up on the Tug Hill are showing one to two feet along the trails, sometimes they have 8 feet on the ground. If they keep pumping it out under the ice in the St Lawrence, the Ottawa stays reasonable, and we have a more normal spring rainfall, it may be high but not record high like last year.
  11. new sled for shanty

    You believe everything you see on Television?!!!
  12. Penn Yan

    Actually, I'd say there has been a lot of good information on Kueka posted here, and Longspurs has been providing an illustrated guide to ice adventures all over WNY. Maybe Walk on Water is like the guys on Iceshanty that post twice and then expect to be told exactly where to set up their little TV, without actually reading back through the recent posts. Also, my sense is that the guys here are NOT fishing Kueka for 'gills, they are a little deeper looking for striped fish and skinny lakers.
  13. To be fair, dIscharge out the Saint Lawrence is higher now than last year at this time(somehow that is not on that chart) and if we get the rain in March and April this year that we got last year, even Donald Trump will have to consider global warming as being valid. The lake is higher than last year at this time, but we've had some pretty heavy snows with subsequent melt off. If they let too much water go, everyone will be clamoring for dredging so they can get their boats in the water! From the news report I saw this AM, it looks like most of the discussion focused on compensation from FEMA and others for damages.
  14. Thoughts on the weather

    This was posted yesterday on the Iceshanty Sandy Pond thread by New Old Guy, one of the more experienced and well spoken posters there. Looking at the forecast, I'd say it is pretty sage advice for anywhere in western and central NYS. "Yo Guys & Gals, Just a quick note here. Check your 10 day weather forecast for the coming week if you are making plans to hit the ice. Today and tomorrow look to be outstanding, after that the weatherman says we are not only turning warm, but the warmth will be coupled with some rain on Thursday and Friday. The warm weather will extend on into the week end. While we have been blessed with some great ice so far this season, the advent of warmer conditions and the oncoming spring like conditions will warrant a good look see before entering your favorite honey hole in your next week's traveling plans. Some accesses will be better than others, obviously. Remember, those creek flow areas are always the first to go. The gas holes which seemingly disappear with all the snow cover are still there and will be more visible in the coming week . The thinner ice will go first so don't forget to bring your spuds with you that you left home for the last 2 weeks. This is the time of winter we all have to be aware. Let's all stay safe and use good judgement. I want all my friends to be there next year so I can kibitz with them. In closing, I will again use the old admonition ..... SPUD SPUD SPUD"
  15. Cayuga 2/10

    That looks like a commercial tie of a Grey Ghost, a classic Carrie Stevens Maine fly for Salmon and Brook Trout. The NE flies are generally imitating smelt, or brightly colored, like the Mickey Finn: These flies are usually 4-5" long, Size six or four hooks.