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  1. Lucky13

    LL Salmon stocking in 2019- bad news...

    The Northerns up in the Fulton Chain will be a little skinnier!
  2. Lucky13

    Hemlock hemlock or cayuga

    Also 17' or under except for canoes.
  3. Lucky13

    Lake Sturgeon Restoration

    It might be appropriate to remind people that the success of this program is dependent on survival and return of these fish, which have been stocked in limited numbers ( <1000 in 2017, 4th or 5th time in the ~15 years), which is hindered by catching them on hook and line. Also, because they are a threatened species with no open season, targeting them is not legal, even if "catch and release." I know that Dr. Dittman of USGS BRD at Tunison Lab would be very appreciative of these fish being left alone as much as possible. Looking at the size of the big one, the males are waiting and only have a couple of years to go before the females should come back, and maybe they can spawn successfully.
  4. It is all in the reports, but you would have to take the time to read them.
  5. See FAQ section at You just need to "expand all" and the answers are.there. But you knew that!
  6. The only dredging associated with this project is obtaining sand from the channel area to the west of the stone Headlands barriers, which will open up the navigation channel and will be used to cover the stone and support vegetative plantings. Here, for the umpteenth time, is the link to the USACE project information page. I believe it is posted in this thread already, so I have to wonder if it makes any sense to repost, as reading skills are apparently in very short supply lately. But just in case:
  7. Lucky13

    Laker with worms around stomach?

    Did these worms squirm a lot? Did you isolate them from the Stomach and intestines? If no, it sounds like it may have been the Pyloric Cecae, which are worm like projections of the intestines that throw folks off when they are first cleaning fish.
  8. Lucky13

    Daily Limits Between Two Countries

    Yes, you could tie up all the ECO's with questions, or you could just read the book, which clearly spells out that you are not allowed to be in possession of more than the daily NYS limit while you are on the waters of the State. If you don't trust the regulations guide, you could go right to the actual Codes, Rules, and Regulations , which is where the NYS Law sends you on this issue, and what the ECO will be working from. To quote from NYSCRR (6-CRR NY 10.2) Boundary Waters (my bold added) : "10.2 Boundary water fishing regulations. (a) Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Niagara River and St. Lawrence River. (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 10.1 of this Part and in accordance with Table A in paragraph (2) of this subdivision, no person, when fishing in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Niagara River and St. Lawrence River and their tributaries upstream to the first barrier impassable to fish except tributaries to the St. Lawrence River in Franklin County and Clinton County which are exempt from regulations in this section, shall take or possess on these waters or the shores thereof fish of the species listed: (i) other than during the open season specified for such species; (ii) of a size less than that specified for such species; and (iii) in excess of the daily limit specified for such species." and excerpted from (2): Walleye First Saturday of May through March 15 18″ 3
  9. No, I had the greydog for getting from Binghamton to Rochester.
  10. Lucky13

    Daily Limits Between Two Countries

    The regulations guide states: A person may not have in possession, or intentionally kill or injure fish other than the sizes specified and allowed for that species on a given water. A person may not possess, kill or unnecessarily injure fish in excess of the daily limit for that species Does not say anything about "except if caught in another country, state" etc.. You would be in possession of one fish over your NYS limit returning to port in New York State. Maybe an ECO would cut you the slack, but do you really want to risk it for one set of fillets? Also, remember that on the Canadian side they play hardball with violations and could confiscate your boat if you are over one of their "lines."
  12. When I was in college, I had to get home the day after classes ended so I could start work the following Monday, and I stopped working on the Friday before classes started, the good old days LOL! But there may be something going at NYS launches around Mexico Bay or on Oneida, although it might be run by someone else like CNY Regional Planning or TNC (who did some of the knotweed work on the Salmon River) around Syracuse.
  13. Could it also be possible that a number of the ones stocked in Kueka head down the outlet for "the Ocean," which turns out to be Seneca?
  14. You list Carthage as home, if there is a site they are doing nearby, he likely has a better chance