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  1. I am in Cheektowaga, near the Buffalo airport. I also travel a bit throught the state for work and might be able to meet someone for drop off. Mac
  2. Like new. With large flags. Also have the optional keel rudder for slower speed operation. $150 you pick up - $175 I ship to US address.
  3. I just sent you a message - I'll buy them. Thanks. Mac
  4. How can I order one? Nevermind - just saw the website where - thanks!
  5. Sorry i thought there was a photo hang tight
  6. I posted a photo of them with the listing???
  7. I have 10 Traxtech 45 degree T-mounts for their tacks. Most Lunds use a 45 degree mount in their SportTrak, but some are a different degree. Anyway, these sell for $40 USD a pair. I will sell mine for half price and this includes shipping in the continental US (Canada will be slightly more). Paypal only please. Please note that one of them had the small threaded locking T on the mount break. I used a die and recut new threads and it appears that it will work but you may wish to replace this small piece. You can buy these directly from Traxtech as a replacement part but you have to contact them direct as it is not listed on their website in the list of standard replacement parts. $100 for all ten.
  8. Shoot - I live in Buffalo, NY Will you ship
  9. These are in pretty decent shape. The one base was repaired with JB Weld and is very strong. The clutches work as they should. The line on them is quite old so I would suggest the new owner replace the line just to be safe. $150 for the pair or BO. Includes shipping anywhere in the US. Or you can pick them up for $125 for the pair - I live near the Buffalo, NY airport. I will take cash or PayPal. No checks please. Text me at (716) 861-7538 Mac
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