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  1. Seats are in great shape. They came out of my 2013 Rebel XL 1650 Lund. The photo is of the one that I repaired the plastic base with an aluminum plate. Stronger than new now! The other seat was never used (no aluminum plate). No rips in either seats. No rot or fading. These seats cost tons if bought from Lund. $125 each or $250 for the pair. I will ship on your dime but prefer if you pick up. I live near the Buffalo airport. PM me or send me a text - (716) 861-7538 Mac
  2. Manual Cannons. Great shape. No bases, just the riggers as shown in the photos. $125 each or both for $250. I will ship on your dime but prefer if you could pick them up. I live next to the Buffalo Airport. PM me or send me a text - (716) 861-7538 Mac
  3. I'm back sooner than expected. Somebody asked for photos of it. So I went out to my place at the lake and retrieved the pedestal. As you can see, the pump comes with it. It's 11" high and the top tube looks like 2-3/4" diameter but it's actually closer to 2-7/8" diameter, which is standard. Thanks.
  4. I'm leaving Thursday for out of the country for 3 weeks. Back into town on 3/27. I will respond to anyone interested after that date. Thank you. Mac
  5. I'm leaving Thursday for out of the country for 3 weeks. Back into town on 3/27. I will respond to anyone interested after that date. Thank you. Mac
  6. Cabelas in Cheektowaga had 2 of them on the rack 2-3 weeks ago. $65 each I think
  7. BTW, I'm on the road throughout NY and PA a lot and could meet someone to help deliver and save shipping costs. I'm in Cheektowaga near the Buffalo Airport. I routinely travel to CNY and up to Watertown and Potsdam, NY. I even get out further east to Albany occasionally. So I'm sure that if someone lives out that way we could work something out. Thanks. Mac
  8. 390 lbs. Higher than the others when I bought these. One of the reasons I bought this particular pedestal. I weighed about 350 when I bought it. I did a lot of research and my buddy has Smooth Moves - They were way too springy - like a pogo stick you are bouncing all the time. (I was also always afraid I'd blow them out because they are only good too 300 lbs) These work to absorb the shock and then control the rebound; like shock absorbers on a car. They are adjustable 2 ways. For the weight and for the rebound. It comes with a small hand pump that works easy. Only takes a few pumps to make the needed adjustments. Once you fill the two bladders to where you like it you simply leave it alone. It took me a couple adjustments to find out the air pressures that I liked. Go to the website and look them over and be sure to watch the videos. There's a bunch of other videos on these units on YouTube too if you go there and do a search. This was $900 when I bought it. Expensive, but it works well. They way I looked at it, "What's my back worth?". I'm out on Lake Ontario and Erie a lot and it gets rough. My Lund used to pound and I got tired of my butt and my spine taking the beating. Here's the link to their website - AIRWAVES
  9. I have an Air Waves pedestal that was in my Lund. It was in the boat for only 2 yrs before I sold the boat last Fall. Excellent condition. $750 firm and you - now $700 pay shipping. I can take PayPal. http://airwavepedestal.com/
  10. Here they are mounted on my Lund (I'm keeping the mounting tracks and the dipsey rod holders - sorry, these are not for sale)
  11. These are great rod holders but I'm going a different route - I'm installing a rocket launcher system. Thanks. Mac
  12. A few people have asked for a photo. They are away in storage out at my summer place on Lake Erie. I will go out and get them when they are sold. But they look exactly like the ones on the Traxtech website. I copied a photo of them from there for you all.
  13. Like new. a pair $450 for the pair or B/O. (Now $400) These are $270.00 units - X2 = $540 (And I don't charge sales tax. lol) I can ship but you pay the shipping. Or you can pick up. I’m right near Buffalo Airport. I can take PayPal or cash. Mac
  14. Thanks. Yea, I bought the snubbers too from Frank.
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