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  1. guffins fisherman

    96 trophy 2002 wa

    A' '96 Trophy is built by Bayliner. Later on, Trophy was making their own, but still owned by Bayliner. The quality was better, but not fantastic. Seaworthy? Yes. Mid to low range quality, build and craftsmanship? Yes. Affordable? Yes. Hold their value? No. I had an '01 2002WA. I loved how it rode and fished, hated how it was built. Killed a lot of walleyes in that boat, but it was constantly full of rainwater. Great starter boat, but get em cheap because you will have a hard time turning them over when it's time.
  2. guffins fisherman

    Where to take a captains license test

    Yes. SeaTech is a good place to get your license, as well as a few others. I went the online route, and it worked well for me, but was not any easier. I used Mariners Learning System. I had to study, study, study for the Rules of the Road portion. Once you complete the online portion, you have to sit for the USCG registered exam and pass every part with high marks. They don't let you scrape by. Yes, you must submit to, and pass a drug test. You must submit to and pass a physical. You must submit documentation of sea service time that is quite extensive. The type and location of service dictates what type of license you are eligible for. You must show current first aid and CPR. Have an affidavit of your identity notorized, get your TWIC card (background check). Once you have all your ducks in a row(about 30 pages worth), you send it all in and wait. Then wait some more. Then practice your patience skills. If there is anything amiss, they(USCG) will notify you in coded language, and ask to have it fixed. Be very diligent with your application. Everything must be perfect. I just went through the process at this time last year. I am thankful I did it, but it takes time, patience and some $$. I figure it cost me about $1000-1200 all told. Hope that helps.
  3. guffins fisherman

    Bone yard

    I have always wondered where old boats go. I have never seen or heard of a boat bone yard. I bet some of the finds in one would bring tears to our eyes.
  4. guffins fisherman

    Guides Boats

    Big CC's are really nice boats. Problem is, they don't really present well for the trolling game. The seating in shelter from the sun and rain just isn't there. If I were a jigging, or drifting guide, a big CC would be my choice. There are guys that do just that, and the room and ability to fish 360 degrees around the helm is ideal for them. For trolling, walk-arounds, pilot houses and enclosed helm areas(canvas or hard) are the way to go. There are so many styles of fishing, and so many styles of boats out there to match, we should all own one of each. I own a walk-around and like it for what I do right now. If I were to step up to the professional ranks, I would struggle with room, seating and shelter, and that dang motor box.
  5. guffins fisherman

    Inline Planer Boards

    This seems really weird that you can"t get them to move farther away. I have walleyes and 22's, and actually prefer the 22's, and am able to put weights on Reef Runner 800's and still get them to plane out there. There must be something simple going on here. Your line is secure in the clamp? The line is behind the pin at the stern of the board: You are putting the board on the proper side of the boat? You have the rod tips up and over the side of the boat? Sounds simple, I know.
  6. guffins fisherman

    Bass ripped off the beds

    You beat me to it, Kevin. Page 34 of the full guide. Jefferson County, NY has a Special Regulation on it for Black Bass(smallmouth bass). I should print a bunch off and take them out in my kayak. I heard there was website one could input boat registration numbers into as a way to report "fisherman" fishing illegally. Has anyone seen or used such a thing?
  7. guffins fisherman

    Guides Boats

    I would agree the Bahas, the Penn Yans, and even Tiaras are the most popular due to their layout. I think the biggest thing that makes them the most popular is the fact they are readily available, and are primarily inboards. Working the back of them, setting lines, maintaining the engine, and netting hundreds of fish over the transom of an inboard is just way easier, less inhibited by engine boxes, and outboard engines. For the weekender, one can make other styles work, but for day in-day out work the big, clear dance floor inboards really are the best.
  8. guffins fisherman

    Bass ripped off the beds

    Kevin, I have a place on Guffin Bay along Pillar point. Obviously a hot spot for bass. We see people clearly targeting bass all of May and early June. It really sets me off. I am not a huge bass guy, but still am weary of what this behavior does to the fishery. I spoke up to a guy that was close enough to shore. He intimated the rule for Jefferson County was changed last year. I have not had the chance to look it up, but that is beside the point. There is clear reasoning for waiting until after the spawning season for these fish, but these "fisherman" don't seem to care. Best part is, they will be the ones complaining about how the fishery is collapsing. Rant over. I too wish there was a greater presence of law enforcement.
  9. I am running a 25' Proline WA/Merc 5.7 and really like it. If I could choose any boat tomorrow, I would pick the 29' version of my boat with twin four strokes or Etecs. I like the versatility of the WA, and the fishability of the deck outback. Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. guffins fisherman

    Downrigger Ball depth

    I had problems with my Mag 10s last fall. Turns out, the gear on the spindle was broken, not the counters themselves. They are very cheap on Fish307. Only problem is, you have to take the rigger apart to get to them, including taking the wire off. I think it took me a few hours total to get them apart, wire off and all back together for two riggers. You can look down in there and see if the gear on the spindle is broken before you take them apart. As far as accurately knowing your depth at the ball, that is very speed dependent, current dependent and actual weight of the ball itself.
  11. guffins fisherman

    walleye flesh looks wrong

    Two meals for the price of one. Fresh caviar and fresh fish all in one neat little package.
  12. guffins fisherman

    Chaumont Area Report

    By all accounts, it has been very slow. There are guys getting them, but they always get them and keep it to themselves.
  13. guffins fisherman

    Boat name?

    Sorta related to pharmacy. "Doctors Orders."
  14. guffins fisherman

    Chamount bay walleye

    Rough as hell today. Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. guffins fisherman

    Wanted WTB Okuma rods w/reels

    https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/71437-Six-(6)-Medium-Light-Rods-with-Reels Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app