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guffins fisherman

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  1. guffins fisherman

    Sold / Closed Rod holders

    The clamp on type looks to be an Anglers Pal.
  2. guffins fisherman

    Ice fishing Chaumont Bay

    Oh boy. Books could be written about targeting different species out there. Chaumont Bay can be very dangerous due to being so big allowing the wind to be a factor. Like and Follow Chaumont Hardware on FB. Greg posts daily once the season is on.
  3. guffins fisherman

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    I went from the 21' Trophy, year 2001 to a 1997 Proline. It is a much better built, better thought boat. The ride is not as good in my opinion, but everything else is that of a nicer boat.
  4. guffins fisherman

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    I went from the 21' Trophy, year 2001 to a 1997 Proline. It is a much better built, better thought boat. The ride is not as good in my opinion, but everything else is that of a nicer boat.
  5. guffins fisherman

    Sold / Closed 91 penn yan pro hunter

    Couple questions: 1. Where is it located? 2. Does that model have the doghouse for the IO's? 3. What are the chrome poles in the cabin? 4. The first pic looks as if something is standing on the swim platform. Is it permanent? What is it?
  6. guffins fisherman

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    I ran a 2001 Trophy walkaround for a few years out of Chaumont Bay. I really liked the ride and sturdiness of the boat in the chop and slop of eastern Lake Ontario. Yes, they are owned by Bayliner, but from what I understand, Trophy started making their own boats in '99 or '00, and they got a lot better in quality, but still mid tier. While I liked the ride, the stability and the fishability of it, there were a few things that pushed me to sell it. I had the 21' and it got small really quick with 3 adults on it. With an outboard, there is only a small hatch to get to the bilge, and you basically have to stand on your head to get just your arms down in to work on the pumps, etc. That particular year and model had pump out fishboxes in the floor that were prone to fill up with rain water at the slip, or in the driveway. They got swampy fast, and made the boat list to one side, or the other. While the boats are newer construction there was still plywood in the floor of the cuddy, but I could not see the bulkheads, stringers, etc to examine them. My particular model was under powered with a 125 Merc two stroke on it. Make sure you have enough power for your needs. We had to run that 125 full blast all the time to get 28 MPH out of it. Gas hog bad. Hope that helps. Good riding hulls, with poor layout.
  7. guffins fisherman

    First time on Lake Ontario

    I am assuming the 14th of October. By that time, the salmon fishing on the lake will be all but done. What are you targeting? Ontario is a massive fishery and in October your choices get a little more limited. The weather can be iffy too.
  8. guffins fisherman

    Henderson staging salmon

    No need to be sorry. I hope you found what you were looking for. The Bill Saiff is very knowledgeable in those parts and can be one of many great resources in the Henderson area.
  9. guffins fisherman

    Henderson staging salmon

    You guys are unreal. I click on this thread to see what is going on in the Trench, and you guys have hijacked this thread with old news, hear say and biased opinion. Get over it, or start your own thread.
  10. guffins fisherman

    2018 Targa V-18

    The access on his G3 was nonexistent. He was able to find some really big and stout pop-rivets. They seem to hold just fine as well if you cannot through bolt.
  11. guffins fisherman

    2018 Targa V-18

    A buddy of mine tried using the versa-track on his G3 for cannon high speed riggers. He bought the rigger mounts and used them once, and thought the whole rig was going for a swim. No amount of tightening the screws into the track helped. He bought Bert's track and through bolted it. Way more secure, and absolutely no bouncing around when the 12lb weights move up, down or stop at the top.
  12. guffins fisherman

    Chaumont Bay Mid September

    Mid sepetember, you'd have a hard time finding walleye in the bays. They are here, but you have to really, really work for em. Your best bet is deeper water outside Chaumont bay. Just about any shoal next to deep water is going to be holding walleyes.
  13. guffins fisherman

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Greg, I think I saw it at the Crescent Yacht Club(Bearup Marine) when you first got it. Loved it then, love it now. I would be looking at it, but the drive just went up in mine, so I have to take care of that right now.
  14. guffins fisherman

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Wait? Didn't you just get this boat a year or two ago? Didn't I see it at the CYC?
  15. guffins fisherman

    for sale : usa 1960 18hp Johnson $250

    I run a '55 Johnson 10 HP. These old motors are built better, have more torque and are easier to work on than modern motors. If someone is looking for a motor for your 14' tin boat this would make a great motor. I'd be willing to bet it would pull kids on a set of skis too. Good luck with the sale.