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  1. Which should I get first?

    The red squiggly lines near the bottom are fish. Since it is a scrolling graph representing a basically stationary object, the fish "arches" get stretched out into those red lines. Perch for sure. In terms of cost, they vary. That one is mine, I paid $200 on an end of season closeout two years ago. I found another one just like it for a buddy on ebay for $150. The vast majority of the prices for the combo units are mid 200s to mid 300s. If you get just the 4x(no GPS), they will be about 100 less. Hope that helps, and good luck. Matt
  2. Which should I get first?

    If you are asking about the thick yellow band on the bottom, I am not sure why it was doing it that day, but that is the bottom. For some reason, I was getting a double bottom reading. You can see the correlation to the graph and the flasher as the jig moves up and down to touch the bottom.
  3. Which should I get first?

    Just a short video showing what they do in real life. Matt lowrance flasher.3gp
  4. Which should I get first?

    Can I make a recommendation? I agree with the flasher over a camera to start with, but take a serious look at the Lowrance Ice Machines. They will act as a flasher, can be a fishfinder and have the ability to be your chart too. I use one as a flasher for ice, mark my spots, have a chip in the GPS so I can set up right on the contour I want, and use it in the summer for perch fishing just as if I were ice fishing. Also, you could use it a stand alone GPS on your boat too if you wanted to while trolling, etc.
  5. Wanted WTB Boat

    There's a Baha listed in the classifieds section on this forum.
  6. New boat.

    Just be sure you are getting trolling bags, and not drift bags. That boat your running is going to tug hard enough to shred a pair of drift bags in short order. Trolling bags are way heavier duty(more costly too), but are designed to take the constant tugging of big boats. Popular trolling bags are Amish Outfitters, Big Papa Sportfishing, and some fabric shops can make them for you. Good luck and enjoy the new boat. Matt.
  7. Missing Fisherman Found Dead

    I think I know this story. Glad it worked out for them in the end. Matt
  8. Planner boards

    The amount of line from the pole tip to the board or clip only depends on how far away from the boat you prefer that particular line to run. Same as before, whether you are running inlines or big boards will dictate how to answer your question. While both systems accomplish the same thing in the end, they each have different nuances to running them effectively and efficiently. I do both, not simultaneously obviously, depending on the boat I am on and the situation. Inlines, or big boards?
  9. Planner boards

    Inline, or big boards? Before or after the board or clip is put on? Need more info. Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Wingers

    We run four riggers without ever tangling the cables. The outer two have the wingers on them. The wingers go below your clip and above the ball. They pull the rigs out to the sides very effectively. You do have to take that into consideration when calculating down depth, but worth it. If you want to run 3 or more riggers, I would say they would be a necessity to prevent tangles and to put together a better pattern.
  11. LakeO EYES

    Don't even bother wasting the fuel chasing those darned things. There aren't enough walleye in the east end to bother with. Go to Erie, go to Oneida. Better fishing there.
  12. Diesel Vs Gasoline Engines [Boats]

    The only diesel powered boats I have been on are gigantic cruise ships, and Gene Bolton's 26' JC. The only drawback I see is the exhaust fumes. When running or trolling in a following sea or wind, the fumes are a factor, but not totally unbearable. Then again, they effect everyone differently. I will say, in my limited time in small diesel boats, we were able to troll down to speeds almost unreachable with a gas engine by itself, bags or no bags. Kicker maybe. Gene's boat is very stable, but that is a function of the hull shape, not the diesel engine sitting midship. If I had my way, I would be running a diesel all the way. We have diesel pumps nearby, and my dad is a career diesel mechanic. His labor costs would be all the fishing he wants.
  13. I heard the trench was really warm too, FWIW. Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Video of Waterspout on Lake Ontario

    The video from newzjunky was taken by a buddy of mine running a charter for a local business. They came in early, safe and sound, only to witness another spout make landfall near shore after they put the boat away. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  15. Sold / Closed 2302 Trophy

    I had this same hull, just the 21'er. That cutout for the outboard is so far above the waterline, I would not worry about a following sea splashing water up into the cockpit. Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app