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  1. I was at the wheel and heard it start to rumble and act weird, and then start slapping the hull. Mind you, this was all at 2.2 knots. I hit neutral quick and knew what happened. I tried to reverse it out, and that was useless and shut her down. I carry a good mask just in case. I think it took me longer to decide I was going in, than it did to actually unwrap it. Quick action on the gear shift and the mask were key.
  2. Put it this way, I had one of my tow lines break, and sucked the Amish bag into my straight inboard prop. I got the boat into neutral fairly quick, swam under the boat and unwrapped it. Didn’t even rip, cut or crease the bag. Tough as hell, pull like mad.
  3. I bought a used X4D from the classifieds on this forum a couple years ago. It hasn’t ever worked right. I have tried everything short of sending the probe back. Finally I just gave up on the whole thing part way through this season. Lo and behold, my catch rate went up. I think that is due to just paying better attention to my rigs and fishing my program by using common sense and what I am seeing on the graph. I agree, if I was fishing temp in several hundred FOW all the time, a FH would be useful. Fishing structure in 160 FOW or less, the FH is just overkill and something else to distract me. Moral of the story? Be prepared to fiddle with it and be distracted by it, and ask yourself if you really need it. If so, great tool. If not….
  4. I believe this boat has a motor box midship, in the middle of the fishing area, not on the transom. Usually nicely padded and a great place to put the cheeseboard, rod-watchers and some fishing gear.
  5. PowerPro or steel. Mono will stretch too much. I have been using 65# power pro and it doesn’t seem to wad up fleas any worse than steel.
  6. If you're running Scottie riggers, you don't need any of that stuff. Depress the green "up" button until your weight is at the water surface, then lift hand over hand on the boom. The weight and release will lift and swing right to you allowing you to clip your line in. Slowly lower the boom back to the water and you're ready to send your bait to your desired depth. If you're on Cannons, that's a different story.
  7. Tough to say if it’s worth the drive for one person or another. Some days they are in close, some days anglers are running far and wide to get them. This is a big fishery with lots of places to hide. Just depends on the day, the weather, your boat and how much gas you’re willing to burn.
  8. I loved my Trophy with an outboard, but boy did they make some design flaws on those boats. Bilge pumps buried where they can't be worked on, fish box rain collectors, etc. Good luck. You may have to leave it and relocate with a new set up, or pull the engine.
  9. I am in Watertown and pretty sure I have one on a cannon spool. It’s yours. I will be in Chaumont for the weekend. Let me check tonight to make sure I still have it, if you’re interested.
  10. I know several/most guides out of Henderson do not regularly catch their limit in addition to their clients, of whatever species they are fishing for that day. As for myself, never intentionally. The only time I do, is if we take a fish before I can get all the baits out of the water immediately following a limit for my clients. If I feel I can throw it back and have that fish survive, I do. If not, then I add it to my clients cooler at the end of the day.
  11. Totally agree. The surface speed from the hawk is negligible, especially where you are fishing, which I assume is mostly the Larry. Where you will find you like the hawk is the repeatability in your presentations. As I am sure you aware, the river has lots of swirls, eddys, breaks, upriver, downriver, etc. You will be amazed at what the probe tells you about your presentations down there. When they bite, try to repeat what the probe is telling you. If you have the X4D, even better. You will get the actual depth of your probe/bait and the temp it is sitting in.
  12. I’ll take the two Coldwater 203’s, if you’ll ship to 13601.
  13. This may be a dumb question. What rotation is it, and where are you located? Matt
  14. Honestly, I would guess unplugging the batteries after each use is not necessary. My X4D probe has been attached, cap screwed on tightly all season and it is going strong.
  15. All Seasons in Pulaski had a pile of them hanging. I bought two, just in case. Thanks everyone for the help. I know I’ll get some eye rolls for saying this, but they really are the best mass produced ‘riggers. I especially like the softer stop upon retrieval. My terminal tackle hanging the FishHawk probe does too. This counter is the only problem I have had with them. However, I bought them used a few seasons ago, so doubtful Scotty will send me a new counter. Matt
  16. Looking for part #2134 digital line counter for Scotty HP 2116 downriggers. I've called all over and nobody has one. It had some condensation all summer, and finally went bad. Matt.
  17. Frequently, 110 outlets are used for downrigger power. They are cheap, easily installed and replaced, as well as the plug ends too. My guess, two being present, would be downrigger power. Chances are, they were poorly installed and directly to a battery/batteries and then the wiring was removed hastily at one time.
  18. Not a cheap option, but the Scottie 2116’s have a lighted digital counter. It is faint blue backlight so to not negate night vision. Other than that, I can’t think of a cheap option. What about a cheap clamp on bench light? Likely kinda overkill though.
  19. Never used a shoot thru, but have used plenty thru hull ‘ducers. It is a really easy job that looks bigger than it is. I’d say two days max out of the water if you are fully prepared with all your materials. Day one is prep and install. Day two is letting the 4200(not 5200) cure and routing the wire. Two days and you’re on the water getting great images at just about all the speeds you’ll need. You’ll be glad you made the leap.
  20. They are def bigger on your boat, but the simplicity and reliability is unmatched. The 1106’s and 1116’s draw hardly amps on the way up so they can be ideal on smaller boats that are not carrying 2-3 batteries.
  21. One word will cure all your Cannon ills: Scottie. The 1116’s are “slow” enough to where they don’t jerk the cable at all. Up or down. The 2116’s are wicked fast, but have a gentle stop at the top and can be set up to stop with the gear anywhere below the surface to make it even less abrupt. Are they expensive? Yes. Are they bigger? Yes. Do they just flat out work day after day, up, down all day long no questions asked? Yes. Are they simple to operate and replace seldom needed parts? Yes. Have I just left my ‘Hawk on all season and just run it day after day on my 2116’s? Yes. With that said, I terminated with the Scottie Surestop Pro’s on my winger riggers to make my stopper bead permanent. Made a huge difference not using the stopper beads on the wingers.
  22. For safety and comfort, I would recommend mounting your riggers just forward of the vents in the gunnels. This will allow you to set them and get to a bite easily and safely. Then I would recommend mounting your rod holders(3-4) forward of the riggers, but not so far forward that they hinder getting on/off the boat, but forward enough to not hinder rotating the riggers, etc. Track is nice, but not a necessity. Track only allows for less drilling into your boat and easy removal/modifications, etc. I included a pic of mine that works really well. I have Scottie riggers now, but you get the idea. Dipsys go in the forward Cannon holder and occasionally a rigger rod in the aft Bert’s. The middle plastic Bert’s holders only hold planer board rods.
  23. In my experience, a very fast ship out too. Thank you.
  24. Igloo makes a huge “marine” one. People buy the big yetis and such. I just can’t see dropping the coin to fill one with fish water and slime.
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