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  1. JTowne

    Anyone use a tablet for navigation?

    Great info everyone thanks so much . Chowdaire that's exactly what I'm after . .. stoneam thanks for reporting your findings . I think i will start my search for a decent tablet with internal gps and give it a go . Surely it'll be cheaper then buying another unit just for more screens . LOL. I feel stupid complaining about switching screens or it's not big enough !! Technology spoils you !
  2. JTowne

    Anyone use a tablet for navigation?

    Would be great to hear your findings before I pull the trigger
  3. JTowne

    Anyone use a tablet for navigation?

    I also had navionics on my phone but wasn't sure if it worked because of my cell service, so not clear if a tablet would do the trick , so in theory as long as I purchase a tablet with an internal gps and download the offline maps I should be all set ?
  4. I don't want to keep flipping screens or splitting my screen this year , and seems kind of overkill to but another expensive unit . I have the lakemaps card for my humminbird and I love it . However I'd like to have something else so I can have one whole display of sonar and other of map/contours . Does anyone have any experience using any of the navigation apps on a tablet ? Was thinking a nice big tablet with a mount would do the trick . I wasn't sure how reliable or accurate this would be . Also would the tablet have to be on a active carrier to do the real time tracking ? Or Is this handled by some sort of internal gps device ? Thanks all for any insight
  5. JTowne


    Don't matter what boat , or water , be it canoe , bass or out on Ontario . Mines almost always with me . Although he is very trained and obedient! On hot days he will cuddle up on the floor of the cuddy where I have a fan going . Or he gets hit with the wash down . Make sure they have a way to drink ! . Mine wears a life jacket that has a pick up loop on the back and I tie him off to the boat with a 20' section of rope . So in the chance he ever found himself over I could reel him in . . Mines a great fishing companion , just hangs out and takes in the scenery . And he knows when action is happening to stay out of the way . Of course If your dog is hyper and won't listen I can see it being a miserable PITA
  6. Are those risers painted steel or aluminum ? Hard to tell from photo . If aluminum I will take
  7. JTowne

    braid downrigger cable

    Is there a benefit to braid on a rigger ?
  8. JTowne

    Magna 30 drag

    I understand. Out of all the reels on the boat these two magnas serve as backup or don't feel like re-tying reels . Didn't know if there was a way to remedy it . i have cheap convectors and daiwas that work fantastic .
  9. JTowne


    Thanks Sarah ... holy fish !!! What a riot that musta been . The excitement on deck
  10. JTowne


    i don't have Facebook asking me to log in ..:: can't believe the hogs on that list . I caught a 26 lb and about teared up lmao
  11. JTowne


    Man... 39lb leader . Anyone get a photo of this ? Is he on here ?
  12. There is still time left in the year to get your popeye arms before winter!! cash or trade offer .. i try to be realistic
  13. JTowne

    Magna 30 drag

    Magna 30 drag I have a couple magna pro 30dx reels on rigger rods . I really dislike these reels . The drag is like an off switch.. its either too hard or to weak and seems like a tiny threshold between . Is there something I can do to remedy this ? Also is there any mod to make the clicker louder ?
  14. I'd like a hookup on just plain frozen herring , then could experiment. Where's them guys on the crab boats get them gigantic blocks of frozen herring ? Lol . Certainly they aren't paying $16 for 6 fillets !!
  15. Your right . with a north wind should be decent. Good luck and take lots of pics !