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  1. Then perhaps don’t call me at 10pm because I embarrassed you on here if you don’t want to bicker . You saw it earlier , wait till 10? Why? Been brewing all night or what? You are that dude that is every honost dealers nightmare . You are the reason we can’t Just look someone in the eyes and shake hands and know they are telling the truth . .. the reason we have to ask a million questions , research , test and finger bang everything before buying .. because word of mouth has been ruined . the boat price who knows I’m not saying it’s not a good deal or decent or bad , I don’t care. Its not someone I have any interest in , It’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay . Just advertise it correctly and disclose everything you know . It’s funny how many negative facts people “forget” ,, but they’ll never forget the good stuff like new parts . If you look at your post history you’ll see your first post .. the day you created your account on here was you approaching me trying to sell me a motor . Which led to phone conversation . Which led nowhere . Big deal . No sweat, ... then I saw your post on here ( post #2 after new account ) which contradicts everything you said to me . Stay with me TEACH ... this isnt craigslist ? This is the type of place you do a deal and can still look them in the eye a month later when you see them at the dock . so angry ? No? Upset i didn’t buy your motor that YOU approached ME about ?? No ... just calling it what it is ,, feel that’s the least I could do for the folks on here .
  2. Not angry, but now I am certainly annoyed because I received a 10pm phone call from you asking why I blew you in on here and if I was still interested in the motor . Sorry when I’m sitting relaxing in bed with the wife I don’t want to bicker or measure manhood . For being some sort of teacher your lacking common sense . You saw the post when I posted it . But thanks for calling at 10pm. Call me during business hours when I’m not half asleep and I’ll explain my annoyance with flipping stories .
  3. Being a mechanic and tower fan I was interested in the motor . Deal didn’t happen no big deal . That’s whatever . But to have a phone conversation with the dude and have him explain everything to me , and our last contact was me asking for photos of under the cowling .. then I see this posted on here .. now cmon .. which story is it .. I really enjoy the classifieds on here and have purchased 2 boats and tons of gear off folks on here and made friends. To see someone just sign up to be shady on here is irritating .
  4. Hey thanks for those pics and wasting my time. Appreciate it bud . Good luck with your sale . You said the boat was shot and leaked around the transom .As well as the motor was leaking water out of the gaskets . In your words you’d make more selling the motor and trailer seperate as the boat was spent . Glad to see you signed up here on the forums just to post this . But I think the seedy type belong over on Craigslist.
  5. thanks everyone I bought one last night . Always interested in rebuild projects though so don’t be afraid to shoot me a pm if you have a complete but sad motor .
  6. NY is real simple , dump boat in water , bring empty trailer to local dump site and get a weight slip. Fill out a couple forms at DMV they give you a new vin and it becomes a “2019 homemade” . Nice looking boat !
  7. Thanks guys , it all depends on price point . This is a play project so not looking to get super invested . Emergency - I’ll pass on the complete boat . My wife would probably start setting boats on fire if I brought another home . cinnamon - that’s the idea I’m after , again it all depends what your looking to get out of it . chas - price ?
  8. I launch 21’ Penn Yan and 24’ Thompson there . No worries . Just gotta pay attention.
  9. I’ve sent you a message duckman . rolmops thanks for the heads up about the forums . I used to be real deep in classic boats but past few years have dumped all resources into fishing machines . Pulled a project off the back burner and trying to get it finished up this year .
  10. figured someone might have one tucked in the back of a barn or on the back of a soggy boat .. I’ve got a little mess around project and I’m looking for a 70-150hp outboard . I’d really like to get my hands on a classic Mercury “tower of power” but I’m open to anything in that power range .. needs to have power tilt . Doesn’t need to be turn key. Doesn’t need to run , just needs to not be smoked . As long as I can jump the starter and check compression I don’t care as long as it’s complete . Not looking to spend an arm and a leg , this is just a fun little project with my kids , a cool old classic boat.
  11. Updated pics , updated price $2800 bucks as it sits . It’s out of storage and hosed down , started, quarter tank of fresh fuel . Could use a good scrubbing but Ready to be outfitted and used! .
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