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  1. was honest with you and told you everything about engine. If i wasn't how did you know all about everything that was wrong with boat. Go away your crazy
  2. Sorry didn’t realize the time my bad on that but stay off post if no longer interested don’t want to bicker back and forth. It would make good package for someone and is priced to sell.
  3. Wow angry today. Was going to send you pics of the cowling but have not had a chance to get out to boat. You never said you were going to buy it for sure so why so angry. It leaks a little around where splash guard is on transom but boat is far from shot you also just bought another engine. I think $800 is good deal for all. Was not trying to be shady at all. Told you I would rather get rid of as package.
  4. i have not started in over 5 yrs sat in my barn. Has all new wiring on engine. Ran well when put away. Floor need work has a hole in it
  5. i have a 90 hp 1987 mercury. call me 315 224 4438.
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