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  1. Motor is still for sale. Motor is for sale because I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger platform. The entire boat is for sale. I'm not in a hurry but would like to move the entire rig buy late summer. Thanks.
  2. Honda 9.9 long shaft electric start tiller Bought new in January of 2016. Runs excellent. Electric start long shaft. Oil and filter was just recently changed and I also have a new quart of lower unit oil. I do not have a remote tank but i still have the connector. Average retail on this motor is $2500. I will take the first $1800.
  3. Thanks guys. Les, I never really went south at all today. Had such a good bite in the bait we just kept turning back through. What a difference in water quality from last week. 3 out of the 4 bows today came on laker rigs down 70. I have actually caught a large number of lakers this year with recent hook injuries. Caught one today that had a fresh wound on the opposite side of its mouth from the single hook.
  4. Canandaigua 9/10 with some great kids Got a little bit of a late start due to the road being closed for a race. Started fishing just before 8. Water was much clearer as compared to last weekend. Only had two rods out and we lost the first one. Pretty steady fishing right to the end at noon with a total of 4 bows and 12 lakers. The 2 biggest bows we got right at the end and are not in the pics. The biggest one took a gambler rig on a turn off the rigger 75ft over 150. Ten color produced well as did the wires and rigs. Very nice day with the wind gradually picking up. Bait was stacked up North and the fish were on them. Fleas were non existent today.
  5. So I posted the pics without the motor just to show the layout. This was when the boat arrived at Seager Marine 8/15.
  6. 2016 Lund 2000 Sport Angler Pre-listing this boat here that I will be selling in October for anyone that may be looking for a boat in this configuration. I bought the boat new in late 2015. Hour meter currently reads 80.5 hrs on the Honda 150. 9.9 kicker was added new in the spring of 2016. I included a picture of the NADA value which does not include the kicker, seat upgrades, trailer upgrade. Sale includes the following.... 2016 Lund 20ft 6" 97" beam Honda 150hp 3 blade stainless and 4 blade aluminum prop / Troll control installed but never used Galvanized tandem axel bunk trailer with brakes Side facing seats with storage underneath 9.9 Honda kicker tied into steering ( no remote throttle) 2 4 ft traxtech rail with 6 standard rod holders and 2 berts ratcheting rod holders Minn kota 80lb terrova with I-pilot Wash down Humminbird 849 with Navonics chip Full premium enclosure 2 Cannon mag10's Bow cover Dual batteries with perko switch in rear Dual batteries with on board dual bank charger aftermarket travel cover Hydraulic steering Added spare tire to trailer (galvanized matching rim and tire) Raised chrome Lund lettering VHF radio with antenna I'm adding some pictured I had on hand and will add several detailed photos this weekend. Asking $42,500
  7. Canandaigua 6/10

    Canandaigua 6/10 Had a group of three book a full day trip for the Derby on Saturday. Picked up at 7am and started dropping lines about 7:15 about mid lake. Ran a mix of cores, divers and riggers down deep. Ten color was hot right of the start. Took a bunch of cookie cutter lakers in the 3 lb range when the ten color took off peeling some line. One jump about 200ft behind the boat and I was thinking maybe 5lbs. Luckily I was wrong and that fish held for 3rd at 6.4. Picked through a bunch of small lakers after that for about a mile when the down rigger pounded down. This fish held its ground pretty good and stayed deep for quite some time and even pulled a little line. Got it in the net and made the call to run in quick and weigh. The laker weighed in at 10.0 and started in third grand prize and got knocked to first in the laker division later that day and held there through the end. Congrats to those guys for keeping the fish buttoned and everyone else that placed. We ended with a little over 20 fish and had a steady bite all day. Ran out with one other guy this morning and found some very active fish right under a floating mass of vegetation. After an hour and a half of battling the weeds and the wind we called it a day with 4 lakers and a Brown.
  8. New rifle..... 7mm 08......

    This is the model 11/111. 11 is the short action synthetic stock, blued barrel with the Nikon 3-9 scope. Accu trigger is standard. Available pretty much everywhere and I bought mine at dicks for $499 as apposed to my Kimber at $1200 without scope and they shoot about identical. Just saw the model 16 advertised at Cabela's this week for just a bit more if you want the stainless.
  9. New rifle..... 7mm 08......

    I have several rifles in 7-08 and love them all. I have a Kimber select classic and several Savages. Can't beat the Savage hunter topped with a Nikon for $500. I handload 139 hornadys for myself and 120's for my daughter who has a Savage Axis II with the weaver scope $400. All are sub MOA. I have shot deer out to 300 yards with zero issues. The last doe I shot was the farthest at just over 300 and part of her heart was actually hanging out of the exit wound but she did run about seventy yards. Everyone has a preference but this is by far my favorite deer cartridge. Very easy to handload for and if you buy a Hornady press you get everything you need minus powder primers and you get 500 free bullets. Fun cartridge and you can definately really reduce the recoil loading your own.
  10. Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017

    Got another red last night with the .17 wsm. Clean exit wound visible on this one and the shot was about 80 yards. Between the cats, hawks and feral cats they have pretty much cleaned out my pile and the only thing coming in is foxes.
  11. Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017

    The .17 wsm was built on a 27cal nail gun blank. Twice the energy of a .22mag. All my bait pile shot are just inside of 100yds so I was hoping I could use the gun for both coyotes and foxes. On paper the gun shoots great however i have choked on two coyote shots so far. First was a clean miss under the green light. 2nd was hit but by the blood trail and lack of recovery I think possibly a high hit just over the shoulder below the spine. I tracked it for about 250 yds with a steady trail that just dried up. Circled out for quite a period of time and never found another drop of blood. Very frustrated with that one. I know with the way they were jumping the light I was rushing the shots. They have not been in since I switched to the red light so hopefully soon.
  12. Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017

    This guy came to the pile at about 11:30 last night. Switched to the red led for the light. I know a couple people criticized the cyclops but this light shoots a better beam than my million candle power hand held. This is my first with .17 WSM. Pretty good knock down power and didn't even wake my daughter!
  13. Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017

    Whaler, Please allow me to pic your brain for a second. This thread really got me going on this at the end of last year. I have a bait pile, motion sensor and everything in place. I had a handheld spotlight that I have used in the past for calling but I just put a cyclops light on my rifle. The other night my motion sensor goes off and I look out at the pile and a giant yote is there I can easily see without the (green) light. I then flip the light on and as soon as I hit the yote he bolts. Should I switch to the red? I haven't had any problems with the green on foxes. Also thinking about switching to the ATN night vision scope. Thanks, Paul
  14. 375 H+H

    I just saw one today at Kinton Guns on route 332 in Farmington. Had a nice piece of wood on it and I cant remember the make. Not sure if he has it on his facebook page?
  15. 1st time trolling Canandaigua

    "junk lines" is just a term used for added lines outside of the riggers be it lead cores, wire divers, coppers etc. Pretty much anything added to your spread.