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  1. Yup,... if changing the Coils does not work, I will change the power pack next. The OEM Coils were less than $50 each, with parts and free shipping. It just bothers me that the part does not look exactly the same. I think the little post must be for a smaller connection on a smaller model motor. I’m confident a little TLC will get this motor running again. $300-400 is nothing compared to a new motor. I will update the post after the repair.
  2. Here are some pics of the old Coils currently on the motor. Anyone recognize the make ? These coils only have 1 post.
  3. Members, I am changing ignition coils in my 1982 Evinrude E70ELCNB and have a question; Does anyone know why the OEM replacement part has two posts ? See Pic. The larger post goes to Spark. What is the little post for ? There are unknown make/model coils currently installed on my motor. This 3 cylinder motor is sucking gas and won’t get up on plane. I changed the spark and for a short period of time I have full throttle, and then the motor suddenly slows, bogs down, can’t get the boat back up on plane like it’s not running on all 3 cylinders. I changed the plugs twice now, and both times it’s the same story,... I initially regain full throttle speed. Then, while running, drops out. So, I am trying to change coils. Anyone familiar with this situation ? If the motor is not running on all cyl, is sucking gas a symptom? Thanks, Jason
  4. I used the Minn Kota Mk3 mounting bracket. Makes it easy to remove the motor. I have heard guys complain that they always tear their boat cover on the electric motor - ‘The Spot’ where no cover fits.
  5. We just mounted a New Minn Kota Terrova 55/US2 Trolling Motor w/i-Pilot & Bluetooth - 12V-55lb-54" The unit has both the remote and the foot pedal. As seen in the pics attached; Cleaned up the gas cans with new hardware. I hope the tanks hold better pressure, no fuel leaks. Mounted the fire extinguisher under the dash to save space. I purchased 2 Used Hummingbird Units - a 535 and a 561 off a guy for $60. I have a 535 unit on my little boat. Now I can interchange; maybe put both 535’s on the Fishing Machine.
  6. This may be a dumb comment,... but, has anyone ever thought of or tried to use a 15’ outrigger arm mounted in a way as to run a planner board off one side of the boat with some type of reel mounted on the base of the outrigger arm? It would be like a hybrid between an outrigger and a planer board mast ? The reel would be something heavy duty like those found on a mast. Use a Downrigger weight retriever to pull your board line close enough to load your clip- fishing line. Let the force of the water pull your line out towards to board. Have 2-3 rod holders mounted on a tree behind the far outrigger arm ? Maybe the Outrigger arm wouldn’t need to be very long, say 6’ ? I don’t really like the concept of in-line planer boards. What say you ? Should I run to the patent office, lol ?
  7. I’m looking for Land for Sale along the Route 81 Corridor in NY. I’ld really like to find a location for a hunting / fishing camp. I think I would like to be near the Finger Lakes. Any suggestions on locations that you guys prefer or websites to search. Please Post !
  8. We had the Boat out fishing 2x in 50 degree weather. Nothing biting. We tested the 70 HP motor, top speed of 35mph. We need some help with throttle cable adjustment and motor tune up. The motor starts a bit rough, maybe the cold weather; Probably needs carbs cleaned. Slowest speed on the 70 seems a bit too fast for trolling. The pics are from before the mounting of the 9.9 Kicker.
  9. Updated,... I purchased a mid 80’s Evinrude Tracker 9.9 Long Shaft motor, electric start, as my kicker. I think it sits fairly well with the intake just below the water line. We can also raise it all the way up when running at high speed or in transport. I paid $400 from a guy on Craigslist. It’s an electric start, and I got a replacement impeller with it as well. I saw it start and run, no problem. I purchased a new electrical switch and start button off Amazon.
  10. Looking good,... almost ready to fish, lol. Just in time for Fall / Winter. To be continued.
  11. I have two types of Kicker Motor brackets. I posted picks off the other Garelick that I bought previously in this thread. Here is the other one. I am leaning towards using this one as the other unit may drop the kicker too low. This Garelick unit requires an 8” foot print and we have 9” available (same side as the big motors steering arm). I think it just might fit. I do like the idea of trolling silent with a remote control bow mount Electric as well.
  12. Cleaning up the Motor; Interior looks nice and clean. Connectivity grease, lubricant grease, check all connections.
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