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  1. Yeah man,... I tell ya, rebuilding this boat been a project. It seems like we always need something. I’m lucky to have a good fishing buddy who is willing to work for Cash on the side and paid Fishing / Camping trips. The boat rebuild has been slow, but we’ve been getting our fishing in.
  2. Pics show the installation of some clear 3/4” lights for inside the bow storage, rod locker, console area, and stern storage. I think I got the 12 pack for $10.00.
  3. Blue LED Boat Lights for the interior. I want to say that it’s for the Ambiance and Safety; maybe some practicality to see when night fishing ? It definitely looks COOL!
  4. Installation of the bilge pump, out flow, tubing, and live well pump,... still working on the floater switch.
  5. Front live well going back in,... straightened out the old hinges with a little touch up. The live well has a nice lip on it so that it can lay flush with the deck. No concerns about standing on the lid. It makes for a stable fishing platform.
  6. The boat had an undersized console area, so we decided to build an extension to reposition the steering wheel, make more room for a switch panel for lights and bilge switches. I think it’s difficult to see what exactly we are trying to do, but the before and after pics will put things in better perspective.
  7. Work in progress; Redesigning the Stern. We decided to shorten the rear deck while maintaining a fuel storage area underneath. I ordered some stainless steel vents off Amazon.
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