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  1. Update pics of work in progress. A combination of the rainy Spring and the C19 Pandemic has slowed the rebuild. My fishing buddy has been instrumental in the whole process as this guy has proven himself invaluable with his skills, tools, and the time that he has put into the project. I highly recommend the Kingspan R10 insulation - foam board from Lowes. It’s absolutely choice. I purchased 6 total sheets which is, probably overkill. Sandwiching the slabs vertically is ingenious and the 401 on how to. My Buddy is the foam ninja slice’n and dice’n, No wasted foam, finding a spot for everything. As you can see in the pics, we went heavy with the Gluvit and chose not to sand or paint the inside of the hull below the deck line. It saved us time and I like the way the Gluvit covered the seams, thick, impenetrable.
  2. Check out this brand new Garelick kicker motor bracket I purchased off Craigslist for $75. It can hold up to 30HP and 180lbs. It looks like it’s a heavy duty-top of the line unit made for 4 stroke motors.
  3. Harbor Freight 6x 4in rollers 1000 grit 1200 grit
  4. These are pics with the first coat after the primer. We are planning to sand and repaint with about 2 or 3 more coats. If you look close, there is some “Orange Peel” effect, but it’s minimal after the first coat. I’m really pretty happy with it. I was originally thinking of having the Boat professionally painted, but a couple guys suggested that it would cost (even after we did all the prep). One garage didn’t even want to be bothered.
  5. Update,... I had wanted to use Top Secret Paint Co from Northern New Jersey, but the Covid-19 virus shut the factory down. I had my order in and was waiting for delivery, total bummer. I had also wanted to do a Clear coat finish over metal flake. It turns out trying to find a good clear coat is more difficult than expected. My head was spinning looking at all the brands and prices. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for,... I decided to use Rustoleum Gloss Black Professional. In my opinion, the choice of colors is very limited for Bottom paint on an Aluminum boat. Although this paint is not advertised as a Marine paint, Rustoleum quality is legendary in my book, and I am willing to bet on it lasting as long as anything else. See Pic,...
  6. Yes, Beautiful ! My question is,... Does your taxidermy require the Fish itself, or do you do this from just pictures ?
  7. More Pics of the A+++ Primer Job by my Fishing Buddy. We still need some more Spray cans of Primer for the interior. I have our 7.5HP Johnson 4 Stroke kicker at the Marina for a tune up. Some of the Stainless Steel Hardware purchased for the Transom and side walls.
  8. Update, Covid-19, social distancing, getting parts in the mail, and the need for supplies has caused us some delays. I think we used about 10-12 cans of Rust-Oleum Self Etching Primer on all the Aluminum exterior of the hull, the console, and some other misc. painted parts. Just waiting for the Top Secret Paint from North Brunswick NJ. I was told there was a plant shut down due to the Corona virus. I hope everyone takes care and stays safe, it’s a very difficult time. Pics attached:
  9. I have a top notch pro helping with the rebuild, thanks to his help ! Patching holes with the Rivet tool. POW, POW POW 💥 💥 💥! This boat had a row of snap rivets for the original cover. We decided to remove and replace them.
  10. Wire wheel sanding the outside of the Boat. In the last pic, it looks like the previous owner had drilled holes for a Transducer. Work in progress patching these holes with new rivets.
  11. We decided to sand and paint the exterior of the Boat before we do the interior. The bottom of the boat looks good, no major dents, loose rivets, or leaks.
  12. We bought all the Trailer hardware at Home Depot and Lowes. I bought the best quality we could get, Grade 5. We replaced all the old Stainless Steel stuff. I wish I had known McMaster Carr online. But then again, the big reason why we are running back in forth is because I can’t count, hardware failure from the junk that came with the item, or we didn’t take into consideration the next stop in the project. In my opinion, there is always a reason to go to the Hardware shop, lol. Can it be said, a bad day at Home Depot is better than a good day at work, lol ? Or maybe that’s just another fishing quote. I think we have purchased about 10 of those 4.5” wire wheels at Harbor Freight for sanding the Trailer and the Boat so far. The Boat had 2 little spots where we had punched the dock (above the waterline). We used J-B Weld, $8.99, to patch. To be continued,...
  13. More Pics of Work in Progress,... My friend’s son is interested in the boat, so we got him involved mounting the spare tires. He likes to be helpful and really seemed to enjoy participating. We wanted 2 spare tires so we can be fearless, go the distance, and visit Seneca, Cayuga, Ontario and the Hudson. Completely Sanded, Shop Vac’ed, and Power washed. Professional A++ job. So clean, we could brew an IPA in there - Largemouth Lager. Gluvit, 1 Gallon size, applied thick like warm Maple syrup in mid March! We are ready to primer the inside. I checked around for someone to Paint the exterior. I received an estimate of $800-$1,000. Another garage had no interest in the job and couldn’t recommend anyone else in the local area who would be interested. At this point, I think we’re going to give it a go ourselves. To be Continued,...
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