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  1. Any Finger Lake guys into Crazy Ivan spoons? I picked up a fistful of them this fall in my favorite Ontario patterns. I'm hoping to get those into the mix.
  2. I give streamers a chance every now and then for a number of species. Never seems to work for me. Flutter spoons are always somewhere in my game plan. I don't have a lot of Suttons, but a whole box full of Hinckleys. They're made locally, so they're a lot easier to find than Suttons.
  3. Thanks for the tips, guys. Lots of good ideas here. The main forage here is smelt. Not sure if that might change anything. We also have ciscos, but they seem to be a little much for the salmon. The lakers love them though. In fact, we target them while jigging, just so we can put them on our tipups. A lot of the lakes north of here and some of the smaller ones to the south are freezing and fishable. The perch grounds in the bays on George were almost ready to go before this thaw, but it takes a lot to get the main lake to freeze. We need a few nights of sub zero and windless nights to make it happen. We have plenty of years where it doesn't come together right and the ice just doesn't happen. Even in a perfect world, theres still a month until the main lake freezes. And I had no idea about rainbow stocking. I guess its been a few years since I've looked at the stocking lists. I've heard about extremely rare cases where people have caught rainbows while trolling for salmon, but I guess I just assumed they were getting washed in from the stocked streams. Looking at the lists, most of them seem to be pretty small and probably become food pretty quick. We're still waiting on the forecast to figure out when we're hitting the lake, but I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Next weekend, I'll be be going for my first winter salmon trip. I've come up with a pretty decent summer program, but that might not won't work right now. We won't be in the Finger Lakes, but we'll be in Lake George, instead. I figure there are enough similarities that any tips I can get here might at least get me pointed in the right direction. First, the basics. My instincts are telling me to use stickbaits and smaller spoons in the top 10 feet of the water column. Probably slow, maybe less that 2.0 mph. Does that sound right? What about colors? The water will be clear and the skies will be over cast. The bigger question is what type of water am I looking for? I could stay relatively shallow with structure and stream deltas. Or I could fish over deep water, out in the open or I could be in 150' fow within 100' of shore in some areas.What kind of habitat would they hang out in this time of the year? Any suggestions would be helpful. The salmon fishery in Lake George has just started to come back a few years ago, and its hard to get anyone around here to spill any information. Thanks.
  5. I'm just going by what she said, not something that I know for fact. But it definitely didn't seem like a number that she was just guessing at. I believe they do it to control the flow of the river for the hydroelectric dams and/or for the shipping lanes.
  6. On Saturday afternoon, a park manager was at the launch and asked a few people what could be done to make things easier for when the water level comes up another 11 inches. We told her that they'll need a some kind of ramp to step from the launch ramp onto the floating dock. The whole conversation gave me the impression that they're planning on keeping the launch open and want to be ready for it.
  7. Are there any public fish cleaning stations in town? We have to check out of our cabin by 11 tomorrow and plan on fishing up until the last minute. I'd rather not wait until I get home tomorrow night to take care of any fish we get in the morning. Sent from my SM-G892A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Might be a good time to stop into Walmart. I just picked up 5 of them for 7 bucks apiece last weekend on the clearance rack. All the stores around here had a lot of fishing gear on clearance, so its worth a try.
  9. 30" carp on a stickbait outside the piers in Fair Haven and a 4" walleye in the Oswego River while fishing for kings.
  10. True. That Rebel crayfish always has a spot in my spread on my favorite Adirondack pond. Other than a wobbler and worm, its my best producer.
  11. Spoons. Wonderbread and a Michigan Stinger alewife.
  12. We got into town Friday afternoon for browns. Got onto the water immediately because we weren't sure what the weather was going to let us do for the rest of the weekend. We put one 8.5 lb brown in the boat right off the bat. And then it was a rookie troller's turn and he couldn't get the rod out of the rod holder, so we went 0 for 3 the rest of the afternoon. We got a hot tip from the neighbors who were hitting them pretty good all week and headed out early Saturday morning. We headed East out of the chute with a lot of optimism. after going a slow 2 for 2 after about two hours of trolling, we noticed another boat spending a lot of time fighting a fish a little farther out. We moved out to 30 feet and started pulling spoons at 15-25 feet down. Within 5 minutes, a 13 lb king hit a Stinger alwife four colors down. Obviously, we were happy with the move. But before I could get everything set again, the rigger set at 25 feet popped on a DW wonderbread. Turned out to be a 16.5 lb king. After one more decent brown, on the same wonderbread, things started slowing down. We kept going until around 11 and decided to pull our gear in and go in for lunch. We had been towing a 16" steelie for who knows how long. Could have been hours. I was happy to see him take off right away. The weather held off for the afternoon, so we went back out. We figured that since the big game fish were hitting, that we would try out deep. Couldn't even mark a fish the rest of the day as we moved in closer to shore. We fished through a couple little showers, but the swells were starting to grow. The big rain and wind started as soon as we got the morning catch processed. And then Sunday was obviously a three coffee pot kind of morning.
  13. We put two in the boat this morning between Fair Haven and Oswego. The browns were slow this morning, so we moved out. 20 feet down in about 30 FOW was the key. The bite didn't last long though. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Twenty-something bucks a night for a campsite at the park is practically an afterthought when you factor in the rest of the cost of an overnight fishing trip.
  15. $100 for a refurbished Galaxy tablet, $10 for the app, and $15 for three mounts from Amazon so I can swap it between multiple boats. I'm a budget fisherman. Theres really no way to beat it. Its also handy to have the tablet on the dash for everything from music to the countless amount of fishing and boating apps.
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