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  1. Anyone been catching kings in the bay or pond yet? We got a couple cabins in the park next weekend for my bachelor party weekend. Its definitely not the traditional weekend, so I want to try and make sure the guys still have fun.
  2. Got a baby king yesterday morning on a chicken wing. Nothing else for the rest of the morning. Gave up and caught a couple small lakers on gambler rigs. Took a keeper laker on a mixed veggie on 7 colors first thing this morning. Got a small, but edible, king a little later on a wonderbread on the rigger about 50 foot down. Last fish of the day was a barely legal steelie 5 colors down on a green frog. Everything came in about 230 foot of water. We zig and zagged between 200 and 300. The encon survey kids said we had one of the better days they've heard from anyone else. I sincerely hope that's not true. Anyone else get anything worth talking about today? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G850A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Tried buckets

    Thats exactly why I edited my post. Didn't want to mislead anyone. Now I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm personally working on a very tight budget. After spending thousands on restoring a boat and upgrading to big water equipment, those higher quality bags are just not part of the plan.
  4. Tried buckets

    I'm also trying to stay on a tight budget. I found a few different choices on amazon. These are going to cost a little more than a couple of buckets, but they're still very affordable. Edit: As I'm shopping around and doing my own research, I've come to realize that the bags in the link might not hold up as well as the amish outfitters or papa bags. Might be better than buckets, though.
  5. What do you do for good luck?

    A shot of Jameson for every fish. As I'm becoming a better fisherman, its becoming dangerous. If I'm having a dry spell, I always decide to kill the time by eating breakfast. of course, it gets ruined every time by a rod popping. So I guess I can't complain too much.
  6. Help with spoon selection?

    Thanks for the advise, guys. Some good advise here. I have a good idea about the stuff I'm going to get before this year's trip. And of course, I always make daily trips to Screwy Louie's whenever I'm in town.
  7. Help with spoon selection?

    Thats the problem. I've walked through the marinas and I've seen hundreds of spoons hanging in the cockpits of boats. Problem is, one or two trips a year don't really warrant that kind of spending. My regular spot is Lake George and I have the gear to catch lakers and atlantics all day while hopping on one foot, with an arm tied behind my back. My local tackle shop is nearly as good as any place I've been to out there and they have a full selection of Stingers. I guess I'll stick with them until I can branch out and learn a little bit more.
  8. Help with spoon selection?

    Yeah, running through the old reports, the NBK is definitely the most successful pattern I found. Others on my list are patterns like green dolphin and wonderbread. The reports list those, and a few others as being most successful for my situation. But the question is more about all the other particulars. These are all offered by different brands. Each of them offer different sizes and finishes. Some offer UV paint. Some offer glow paint. Those are the questions and I'm only buying a relatively small amount of spoons for this trip.
  9. If you could only buy a dozen or so spoons, what would they be? I'm going to be targeting kings and steelies out of Fair Haven on Memorial Day weekend, and I've been pouring over reports from the last few years, so I know which patterns I'm going to buy. But those reports don't really mention any other specifics. I notice that different makers are putting out similarly named patterns. Which brands do you guys prefer the most? Obviously, they offer slightly different paints and shapes in their spoons. What about sizes? UV, glow, or plain? I'm starting my collection of big water equipment from scratch, and I'm really trying to keep within a budget, for now. That will change in the future.
  10. I've been here for a couple years, but its time for me to start posting every now and then. After fishing with my dad on his boat for the last few years, I'm working on restoring my own first boat, a brand new 1979 19' Manatee cuddy. I've learned plenty just from following the site, but there are some things that just can't be learned from the search function. I'd love to contribute my own tips and tricks, but my expertise isn't quite there yet. I'm mostly a question kind of guy at this point. If anyone ever needed a tip on small ADK trout ponds, I've got a more secrets to share than I know what to do with. I'm also fairly handy and tend to be a do it yourself guy as much as possible. I'm looking forward to sharing my projects as they get done. This is helpful, since She is keeping me on a tight lease with my budget I live and fish in Lake George, but I head out to Ontario once or twice a year and stay in either Fair Haven or Oswego.