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  1. Ahhh yeah good point. This winter is garbage!
  2. Does anyone know if the ramp is open or will be by the weekend? I’m guessing the ice is gonna be melted. Might bring the boat instead…
  3. Ohh gotcha. Never fished that one.
  4. Where is silver lake?
  5. Hopefully it builds enough to make it through next weeks warm up! I’m sure after this cold snap its pretty solid finally.
  6. Staying on Sodus next weekend. I was thinking onieda
  7. Hahah Yupp same here. I have a trip planned for Sodus 9-12. Hope it’s good after this cold snap.
  8. Just curious if there is ice anywhere? I’m sure it’s not safe but after the next week or so I’d expect it to be close. This winter sucks!
  9. If people don’t like people posting reports maybe they should stay off the forum?
  10. I’d do 200-300-400. When you decide to get more by the in between lengths 250-350-450(if you wanna get a workout)
  11. I’m switching from wire to braid. I’m thinking of switching to slick 8 instead of normal power pro. My reasoning is fleas may not stick to slick 8 with it’s coating. Anyone have experience trying it? I’ve had too many issues with wire. Lost a handful of dipsys too!
  12. That’s cool! I was wondering if they got worse till the end or died off for the fall weather.
  13. I was thinking about asking the same thing..
  14. I have only been fishing the lake for 3 years. Seems to me like the wind is constant. It’s tough to get out. Fished the Sodus pro am and that was by far the worst weather I’ve ever been out in!! Loved every minute though. Fishing wasn’t bad the few times I made it out this year for me. Let’s hope next year Mother Nature stops acting a fool.
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