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  1. Don't be afraid to use snap weights either. If you run a 1 or 2 ounce. Depending on the size spread and what kind of planers you use. Typical 6 rod spread id run 100' out, clip on a 2 ounce and add 6-8' then attach board or clip. Closer line in 50' out and then a downrigger. Walleye/brown trout fishing this works pretty good.
  2. 2 color leadcore for your downrigger ball clip.
  3. Wow that’s crazy. We could all chip in and rent a hoe for the day. Dig it out while it’s down😂
  4. What about the town launch at Sodus? That’s where I normally go.
  5. Why is the water so low
  6. Didn’t know about bay bridge. Screwy louies is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks guys tight lines
  7. Who’s ready??! I was wondering if anyone knew a easy place to stay for a weekend trip? I always stay at Whittaker’s in Pulaski for fishing on the rivers. anything similar to that around Sodus or fairhaven?
  8. All good info. Much appreciated guys.
  9. Right right. That’s my spring brown lineup. Last year had the most luck with spoons. Was thinking of running red/orange dodgers and peanuts on the outside board line this spring. Either on 1-3 core, jet diver or snap weight. Might have to play with it. Being from Michigan Where the coho bite is insane at times makes me wonder why it’s not in Ontario?? No one fishes them or they’re not so populated?
  10. Yeah that’s the only way I’ve caught them. I know they like water armed than kings. Just looking to target them in general.
  11. Does anyone target spring coho? Been interested in them on ontario. Mostly fish around sodus and east. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. I lost a dream weaver ninja board two weeks ago out of fair haven! Fish broke the backer above the board. Fish took it under to never be seen again. With a 300’ copper as well. It’s always something!
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