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  1. Fished fh from 6-10 with only 1 nice brown. Ran 11” paddles and meat, flies, a few spoons and even a j plug! Only one down digger popped and tried from 100’-200’. Glad someone was hammering them!
  2. 20 pound king on a meat rig 175 feet 100 down.
  3. Same here. At 150 now off Sodus and 55.4 100 down
  4. Did the lake flatten out yet? Hoping to get out this afternoon.
  5. Absolutely not!! Never even took it on the boat during the trips. I have a quick release bracket. It’s kept in a garage unless it’s fishing in new York.
  6. Only reason I’m selling is because I saltwater fishing often and got a riptide model. Works 100% still under warranty.
  7. Yes 24v. Has I pilot and 60” shaft. For the pair I’m looking for $1000. I’ll be up in Sodus this Friday. And around Elmira Saturday.
  8. 2018 unit. With 2 bank on board charger. Comes with remote and plugs for boat/motor side. Works great.
  9. I have a 70 thrust power drive for sale. 24v. It was on my 18’ star weld. Has I pilot with the spot lockr. 60” shaft. Looking to get $1000 for both. It’s about a year old.
  10. I’d be interested to hear reports too. Heading up fish Friday.
  11. I’m interested in the same. Walleyes like weeds and cover. Not much of that around Sodus on the main lake. Weed edges, a little more stain on the water. Try trolling anything you can find. Walleyes aren’t too tough to figure out if you cover a lot of water. Spinner rigs are the easiest to locate hungry fish imo. 12-20fow mid way up in the water column for active feeders.
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