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  1. That’s cool! I was wondering if they got worse till the end or died off for the fall weather.
  2. I was thinking about asking the same thing..
  3. I have only been fishing the lake for 3 years. Seems to me like the wind is constant. It’s tough to get out. Fished the Sodus pro am and that was by far the worst weather I’ve ever been out in!! Loved every minute though. Fishing wasn’t bad the few times I made it out this year for me. Let’s hope next year Mother Nature stops acting a fool.
  4. I think your wife and my wife need to talk haha. She’d kill me!
  5. All that gas money might’ve bought you a fish hawk😂 I hear ya though. Glad you got on some fish!
  6. You may want to troll across current if you don’t have a FishHawk. It’s kinda tough to keep correct downspeed going with/into the currents. Typical spread each day is flasher/fly and spoons fast 2.2-2.8 mph from sunrise to 10am. Switch to a slow rolled 1.7-2.0 meat rig spread at 10am or when the morning bite dies. Without knowing the down speed or temp that’s what I would do. Fish from 50’ to 100’ down…
  7. Last week was 150-250' for the most part. A lot of spoon bites in uv greens and black colors. Had an oddly good day on purple as well. Only took a few fish on flasher flies... Like hawk said- don't be afraid to burn the speed from time to time. We got most of our fish headed straight out or straight in. 40-90' down
  8. That’s rough! It’s a tough game. Went 10/10 on Monday. The same spots and marks Tuesday morning 1/1. Temps changed, still marked schools in the same spots. Not biting. Gotta love it!
  9. Generally speaking in the summer where would one start to catch a laker? I tried 150-200’ bouncing cow bells and wasn’t successful. Ive always thought they were easy😂
  10. It’ll be one of the stories told every outing for the next 20 years! Sounds like a good fishing day to say the least. They’re all addicted now🤞🏻
  11. With how much FishHawk charges you’d think they could perfect them. I had issues with mine and called them. Great customer service. Completely replaced my power cables on the unit itself.
  12. Those are really cool! I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the explanation/picture.
  13. Do you guys run them with. Rubber bands or clips? I’ve always just done a slider but would like to try fixing it.
  14. How do you keep it feom tangling? I tried it once and ended with a nice rats nest...
  15. Anyone interested in getting the ball rolling? I’d be glad to help out. Just don’t know where to start
  16. Maybe!! Not a bad idea. Or we could get loud and have a island party with unplugged 12ga. All dead birds could be ground up and made into pellets for our hatcherys to feed.... saved money will give our wonderful politicians more money to give themselves anyway.. win win
  17. How do we get the ball rolling? Can we all meet with the dnr? Anyone know?
  18. The one major thing I know everyone agrees with.... cormorants. They literally eat all the stock fish coming out of the tanks. The numbers have exploded. Early duck season every year will prove this. Ran by a flock feeding on a bait ball last weekend. Had to be 200-300 birds. All diving and eating. Every population needs control. Canada figured it out.
  19. Right. I know what you mean. The more boats pounding one school the more schools you can find and keep to yourself. Sometimes it’s worth burning a few gallons of gas. Almost had a charter captain cut my fish off yesterday. Had 2 miles of open lake on either side and came within 100 yards when I had 550’ out on a screaming drag. Luckily the fish stayed deep enough
  20. Why not? The amount of boats is shutting the schools down. Long coppers produce shy fish. People need to give others a little space. It’s a big lake.
  21. I think a lot of them are laying on the bottom. They’re around. The west side of the lake seems to have so much bait from 60-120’ and the kings are coming from fishing right above the bottom.
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